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Prompt users to download air sdk from a location other than Android Market

Hi, I am developing a android app using adobe air sdk for a device that DOESN'T have Android Market. Is there a way for my app to prompt a user to download the air sdk from a location other than Android Market? Thanks, KaiWell your in luck, If the ap

How to get Current Location in a Android Emulator using Flex

Hi In the following code I am able to plot the Location using Latitude and Longitude but the requirement is in an Android Emulator on launch of the application I need google map to display the users current location, How can this be achieved ??? I tr

GPS stopped working! (unending "search for location" prompt since Android 5.0.1)

Shortly after getting the Android update my GPS stopped working all together. I have tried everything i could think of. Uninstalled all recent apps, hard reboot, GPS testing app, full phone diagnostic apps, finally COMPLETE phone wipe re-installing e

Can't use Glympse the way android and ios can use

I'm on Z10STL100-1/ bbm Can't send my location the way android and ios can. When an android or ios user sends me glimpse message I can open it in bbm. But when I send a Glympse message to android or ios then they get a link to g

Xperia Z3 Compact with Android 5.0.2 will not connect to Smartwatch 3

I am trying to connect my smartwatch 3  swr50 via NFC or Bluetooth, with no success. I am performing a bluetooth search, but the watch is not being found. After several attempts, I did a bluetooth search from another phone running Android 4, and the

Android - StageWebView with Geolocation

I'm creating a cross-platform app using Flash CS6 targeted at AIR I setup a StageWebView and load a URL which uses geolocation via Google's JS API. I've ported my code from a working IOS implementation into Android. The code worked 100% f

How to locate OS 2.0 Beta release?

Can you help me locate (if available) the Playbook OS 2.0 beta release and any document(s) that tell how to backup the current OS and steps to restore it in the unlikely event that 2.0 is too unstable? Solved! Go to Solution.Information is located in

Je-android-x.y.z.jar is missing?

I've download je-4.1.7.zip and wanted to try to use Berkeley DB on android phone. I've found a great helloworld tutorial in this archive. But there is one inconsistency. It says Locate the je-android-x.y.z.jar file in the JE_HOME/lib directory of the

Where does "Save to Gallery" put images when there is no Gallery app?

My phone is an Xperia SP with Android 4.3 ICS. Sony removed Gallery and It looks like it was replaced with Album.I can't find a file with a name like the name of the project I saved on either the internal storage or the SD card. Does anyone know the

Where is my downloads :( ! I can't find my files that downloaded with firefox !

where is the default download location in firefox android. stock browser save the file in : sdcard/downloads after download complete i have delete notifications and now i can't find my donwloaded files :( anyone can help me ?dear! i know that if my f

No sound in V Cast Tones

i downloaded V Cast Tones & went to look through the ringtones.  when i wanted to listen to it before buying them i couldn't hear it being played. is there some setting i am missing? my media volume is all the way up. HELP! lolPower the device off, a

Where is the file download location on android tab...

I have seen multible forum answers to this question for windows, but not for android tablets. I have an android tablet with the skype app.  Friend sent me some files which i accepted, however i can not find the location on my tablet they downloaded t

AIR for Android app location

I am developing an AIR for Android app. When the app is published, does anyone know where on the phone the app is stored? It would be on the internal memory as the app is never moved to the sd card. I need to know this as the app exports a pdf file.

Android, default install location does not have any effect

I have Just5 Spacer 2 phone running Android 4.4.2 and since I can not root it (the only application I found was supposed to support it was SRS Root, but I only managed to get partial root through it) I thought I'd at least be able to set default inst

Getting Firefox Mobile from a location other than the android market

I love firefox and would like to use it on my android tablet a Viewsonic VB730. I realize this is not in the supported device list but would like to give it a try anyway. The issue is that the VB730 does not have the Android Market app on it. Is ther

I can locate no toolbar in FireFox on my android tablet. I did manage to get sync to work but, no toolbar

There is no toolbar. I have no options button. no home buttonOnly Honeycomb tablets (Android 3.x) have the tablet interface. If you have an Android 2.3 or a small screen tablet the phone interface will be used. https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/ge

Anyone know where the project files for Proto in Android is located?

I Purchased the Android version sometime last year, I purchased a new device and my purchases were transfered. I can not sign into the creative cloud since my device updated to Jelly Bean. I would like to know if there is a way that I can get the upd

What is the Dir location of the "Firefox or Android" APK on Android Phones? I can see most of the installed APK's with a different file mgr but not Firefox.

I am not sure where the installation dir is for "Firefox for Android" on my Motorola ATRIX HD phone. Most of the the APK's can be found but I can't find where Firefox is installed. I am trying to put a previous version on but the one installed t

Firefox for Android: cannot locate server and the URL trying to reach includes a colon character

Trying to reach a URL like this: http://myserver123:1009/home.aspx I've already disabled the firefox adding the "www" and ".com" to the URL which was definitely an issue originally, but it still does not resolve properly. The error pag

Can anybody tell me how do I change the download location on the firefox for android browser. The download are filling my tablets memory? Every browser should

Every browser should have a download directory. And no I do not want to use dolphin or any other browser.I tried this and it didn't work. There was no setting in \about:config for "browser.download.dir" so I added it as a string and set it to my