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Is there a way to lock transparent pixels for more than one layer at a time?

I've tried selecting multiple layers to modify but the lock transparent pixels box becomes greyed out once I've selected more than one layer. Apologies in advance if this is deemed to be a stupid question but it would be greatly appreciated if someon

Locking transparent pixels like in phothoshop?

Hello, I am new to A.I ( I have the cs5 version I think) is it possible to lock transparent pixels of a layer like in phothoshop in A.I? Thank's in advanced. Best regardsUse a mask. Either a clipping mask or an opacity mask. In Illustrator CS5: draw

Photoshop opens dialog box when trying to fill a layer with transparent pixels locked

This script should set the layer to lock transparent pixels, and then fill the layer with a color. It does that, except when it gets to the fill stage, it opens the fill dialog box, and you have to hit okay. If you omit the transparent pixel line, it

RAW as Smart Objects - Lock Edge Pixel Opacity During Resize

I'm a professional fine art printer.  I prepare images for large format printing, often starting from the original RAW files.  Since the feature to open RAW files as Smart Objects in Camera Raw was introduced, I've been doing that, as it allows me to

I want to delete all transparent pixels, how can I? CS6

I would like to delete all transparent pixels surrounding my irregularly (non-square) image.  The TRIM function only trims to a square surrounding my image and not to the edge of the image itself.  Is there a work around for this?  I have looked arou

How to edit transparency pixels in a FilterPlugin?

I want develop a fiter plugin of photoshop. while i am not clearly about some issues: (1) how does the photoshop provide the transparency data ( blank data ) to me ? in other words, i want obtain the "alpha" channel data, is this provided by the

Why are my transparent pixels becoming opaque (grey)?

I have PSE 6, and am using it for digital scrapbooking. Some of the elements have transparent pixels, which allows you to see the background and layers beneath the elements. For some reason, when I drag one of these elements onto a background or anot

PS CS6 Shows Transparent Pixels Over Image When Zooming Past 50%

I'm not sure why, but Photoshop just started doing this after I converted my files to a smart object. When I try to zoom in past 50%, it displays these transparent pixel squares over the entire image. I tried rasterizing and flatting the image back,

Ctrl + click doesn't select ALL non-transparent pixels

Hello. How can I select ALL non-transparent pixels from a layer? - Ctrl + click doesn't work (it seems to have a 50% tolerance - my opacity 7% and 40% pixels don't get selected); - The magic wand tool with 0% tolerance does work (when I click on a tr

How do i stop PS from deleting transparent Pixels on layers?

Hello community, i have a problem concering the place-function of Photoshop CS6. I want to include hundreds of png files in a psd file and i want them to keep their original size. Unfortinatly they have transparent borders and PS deletes these border

Trim Transparent Pixels while placing PSD

Hi Would like to know is there any way of trimming the PSD files when placing them on to InDesign? The PSD is of 4000px x 2500px whereas the actual product is only 1200x800px and when i fit the image proportionately, its calculating the transparent p

Crop document by transparent pixels

Hi, I have a question on you. I need crop document by transparent pixels. But I don't know, how to do it. Document has function crop but it need width and height. Do you know function with transparent pixels?? Than you DomaneniHere is an example. app

About sprite3D with fully transparent pixels

I have a image with fully transparent pixels. want to use in a sprite3D object. But all of fully transparent pixels is rendered as white. There is no transparent at all. How can I do it or if the Sprite3D is not support transparent? best regards and

Trim Transparent Pixels

I cropped the photo to 16x20. With this crop I ended up with some transparent pixels on the right and left edges. I used the Trim tool to remove the transparent pixels. Question - after removing the transparent pixels with the Trim tool do I still ha

Preserving Transparency from Photoshop CS3 to Illustrator CS3

Hello all, I'm trying to figure out how to preserve an image's transparency between Photoshop and Illustrator. Both apps are CS3. In the broader design context, I'm trying to move an isolated wine bottle from Photoshop into an Illustrator document. I

How to color overlay on non-transparent pixels only?

So I need help to make a layer that is a solid color that overlays over everything underneath it but only applies to non-transparent pixels. Is there any way to do this?Well see, there's a lot of layers underneath it and the things that I want the co

Pixelated Photoshop

Hi i'm new to photshop cs4 but i have a problem. everytime i open a picture and go to edit it the screen becomes pixelated in certain areas Below are some pictures that will hopefully explain my problem Can anyone tell me how to fix my problem if pos

How do you eliminate transparent pixels caused by glare coming from a painting and still retain org.

How do you eliminate transparent pixels caused by glare from the sun coming off a painting and still retain orginal color and composition?You'll need to post the image for us to give advice. In general, the glare cannot be removed.  You can clone ove

Find bounds of contiguous transparent pixels

I have the need to find the largest rectangle of ONLY transparent pixels in a transparent PNG. The transparent region is non-rectangular, so getColorBoundsRect returns a rectangle that also contains non-transparent pixels. Is there a way I can check

Cookie Cutter and removing transparent pixels

Unlike crop, when I used the cookie cutter, the transparent pixels remained after I accepted the cut.  Doing a Ctrl-click in the Layers panel > Image menu > Crop, only did a crop rectangle delimited by the x/y max of the shape. Is there an easy way