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loud airplane noise at night


What it means loud fan noise?

Hi there, I have a Imac G5 Rev2 and I read a lot of topics about loud fan noise. I bought an Imac about 4 months ago and the fan noise is a bit louder than when I just got it. What do all the users mean by "loud"? It is only once, when I was run

Laserjet Pro m177fw makes loud clicking noise and then is stuck initializing, won't print

Hi, Had this printer delivered today, it looks awesome, but when I turn it on, it has a loud clicking noise (like something trying to turn, but not grabbing a gear or something inside, this happens immediately upon turning it on, and then it's stuck

HP Laserjet P1005 printer makes a loud rasping noise as soon as it is turned on

My Laserjet P1005 printer makes a loud rasping noise as soon as it is turned on. The noise stops when the top cover is opened, but starts again when the cover is closed. The printer has been used sparingly at home and from a cursory inspection, the r

Mac Pro will not boot, constant loud fan noise and nothing else

hello, earlier tonight,i put my mac pro on sleep, then later on, when i wanted to take it off sleep and use it, it made the loud fan noise, which it always does but goes away, but this time it the fan wount slow down and the loud noise stays and i do

My 2008 Macbook Pro makes a loud fan noise.

Hello - I bought my 15" macbook pro back in October 2008. I was very happy with my purchase due to the machine's performance. But over the past year I have noticed an increase in the fan noise. It almost sounds like it's hitting against something at

Macbook pro retina start to make loud fan noise and work slow

I bought macbook pro retina display less than one years ago. For some reason my macbook pro has been making loud fan noise for about five mounth. Whenever macbook pro makes the noise, all the programs start to run slow. Typing, opening safari, and et

Loud clicking noise at startup

HP Officejet 4500 Wireless on Windows XP. My printer is pretty new. This noise started this week. Loud clicking noise fat startup for probably one minute and then the noise stops. I get no error messages and printing and copying work just fine. Need

Loud clicking noise right side of printer before print, but prints fine

Printer started making a loud clicking noise yesterday before each printed page. Extremely loud. I've searched and tried everything in the discussions. Cleaning, putting on its side, shaking it, banging it. Nothing works. Is it just trash now?Hi @Coa

Macbook makes a loud humming noise sometimes

Macbook makes loud buzzing noise and alt button broke off - i still have warranty. What do I do? what does it mean?It's under warranty?  Take it in for testing/servicing.Read other 2 answers

Why does the MacBook Pro make a loud heat noise?

So, when I was playing a game called "Modern Combat Domination" my MacBook Pro make a very loud heat noise? Does that mean I should stop playing the game? I worried. Thank You.That means your fan(s) sped up to dispose of the excess heat generate

My Deakjet 1660 printer makes a very loud clunking noise . Any ideas ?

my Deskjet 1660 printer makes a very loud clunking noise whilst trying to grab the paper. Any ideas ? A visual inspection does not show antthing obviously wrong. The paper and position are ok. thanks for any other ideas.  My wife is about to throw it

Loud fan noise-Macbook Pro

I'm due for a new battery and I was wondering if that was causing a loud fan noise. this is my activity monitor: Active Memory: 1.47 GB Free Memory: 1,012.1 MB Wired Memory: 608.8 MB Used Memory: 2.88 GB Inactive Memory: 835.2 MB Total VM: 132.11 GB

HT4993 My I phone 5 makes a loud pulsating noise, that hurts my ears.  I heard it's has something to do with the  noise canceling in the system. Can this be fixed?

My I phone 5 makes a loud pulsating noise, that hurts my ears, I have heard that it has something to do with the noise canceling system. Can this be fixed?See this thread... https://discussions.apple.com/message/19889243#19889243 And look at More Lik

Dual G5 2.0 hard drive makes loud clicking noises after installing Leopard

I installed Leopard on my Dual G5 2.0, did a clean install. Worked fine for a couple of days but now it is unusable, the hard drive makes loud clicking noises and the computer slows down, can't even properly shut it down. All worked perfectly with Ti

HELP! Really Loud Humming Noise. HELP!

PLEASE Help. All Day Today, My PB Has Been Making A Really Loud Humming Noise, Start Up Is Very Slow And Apps Keep Crashing. PLEASE Help Me. Any Ideas On What It Could Be? ThankYou.There is a very high probability that it is your hard drive. If you c

Updated to Mavericks and loud fan noise

Just done a clean install of Mac OS X Mavericks, updated fine, everything went well. however most of the time, my macbook pro fan noise would go really loud for 5-10mins even in idle or if im on the internet just browsing. this has not happened ever

Loud fan noise on mountain lion, Mac Pro early 2008

Hi there, I've recently installed mountain lion 10.8.5 lon my Mac Pro , early 2008, 2,8 GHz, 24 gb ram, 2x ATI Radeon 2800 XT. To give it a clean shot i clean installed it on a sep. Partition, no upgrade from my previous Snow Leopard. The Machine usu

Audio interference - loud ringing noise

While broadcasting to Livestream using FMLE and a Panasonic HVX200 camera i am getting some kind of interference in my audio. Its a loud ringing noise. This happens no matter what kind of microphone i use and only happens when i am in my office. I tr

I can record only loud white noise

i have tried to use both a digi 002r and m-audio fast track pro as audio i/o. when i try to enable the input button or record anything on a track i get only loud white noise. seems like a feedback loop in the record and playback but i am baffled. whe

Macbook Pro loud vibration/noise

Hi! Two days ago my macbook has started to do a loud vibration/noise like if te fan was stuck or something. The sound it's very hight and scary. I took my mac to a service center and after a couple of hours they check it and told me there was nothing