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Which to use - Sy-index or sy-tabix ??

This is what i found out about SY-INDEX and SY-TABIX but which one to use when i want to delete a line of data from an internal table ? I tried both sy-index and sy-tabix and both works fine and returning the expected output for me but which one is b

Index's on cubes or Aggregates on infoobjects

Hello, Please tell me if it is possible to put index's on cubes; are they automatically added or is this something I put on them? I do not understand index's are they like aggregates? Need to find info that explains this. Thanks for the hlep. NewbieI

LIKE, LIKEC and Index usage

I've table that contains about 20 million rows, and I've created index for varchar2(100) column. It works well if I do SELECT * FROM MY_TABLE WHERE MY_COL LIKE 'FOO%'; But if I change query to use LIKEC (to make unicode escaped strings work): SELECT

Index with "or" clause (BUG still exists?)

The change log for 2.3.10 mentions "Fixed a bug that caused incorrect query plans to be generated for predicates that used the "or" operator in conjunction with indexes [#15328]." But looks like the Bug still exists. I am listing the s


Hi, Can some body explain the CLEAR difference between Sy-index and Sy-tabix. And one or two small examples. I am little bit confused. Thanx.Hi, SY-INDEX In a DO or WHILE loop, SY-INDEX contains the number of loop passes including the current pass. S

What is" LINE-COL2 = SY-INDEX ** 2."

can u explain what is '' ** " FIELD-SYMBOLS <FS> LIKE LINE OF ITAB. DO 4 TIMES.   LINE-COL1 = SY-INDEX.   LINE-COL2 = SY-INDEX ** 2.  "what this will do   APPEND LINE TO ITAB. ENDDO.Hi sunil, 1 **   means "To the power of" 2. eg.

Regarding sy-index

Hi all, I am trying to get loop count by using sy-index. But I am not able get exact expected out put. I am gettig all zeros instead of loop number. I am sending my code here. DATA: lv_diff(10) TYPE c,         lv_erdat1 LIKE sy-datum,         lv_erda


Dear Guru's,                  I have a requirement where i have to move the values to variable when control break (AT END OF) process. So i want to move the values according to the end of Vendor so for that  i want to know is there any sy-index avail

What is the diffrence betweensy-tabix and sy-index

hi can any one suggest me what is the diffrence betweensy-tabix and sy-index Thanks & Regards kalyan.Hi Kalyan, This question has been answered many times on SCN. Please make a search before posting a thread. Read the Rules of Engagement. Happy Posti

ABAP-- diff between sy-sy-tabix and sy-index

Hi Guru's, Pleae can anybody expalins me what is the difference between sy-tabix and sy-index(Loop Index) ? Because in one case i am Modifyimg the internal table inside the do loop by giving sy-index ((Index of Internal Tables)(MODIFY scarr_tab INDEX

What is difference between sy-tabix and sy-index.

SAP Seniors, Can you please let me know what is difference between sy-index and sy-tabix. I read the SAP help, it is confusing for me. it looks like both are same from help. please help me. Thank you Anitha.HI,     Here is a brief description of diff

What is diff b/w sy-index and sy-tabix

Hi all, Can u plz give me the diff b/w sy-index and sy-tabix exactly and how it works. Thanks & Regards VenkatHi Venkat, <b>1.SY-INDEX</b> <b>-></b>Current loop pass <b>-></b>In a DO or WHILE loop, SY-INDEX co

Difference between sy-tabix and sy-index?

tell me about sy-tabix and sy-index?what is the difference between sy-tabix and sy-index? Moderator Message: Please search before posting. Read the [Forum Rules Of Engagement |https://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/display/HOME/RulesofEngagement] for further

What is difference between sy-index and sy-tabix and where both are using ?

what is difference between sy-index and sy-tabix and where both are using ?hi nagaraju sy-tabix is in Internal table, current line index. So it can only be used while looping at the internal table. sy-index is in Loops, number of current pass. This y