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Shell commands from JSP after Forms migration

During application migration from forms 9i to JSP & BC4J, I have to code the following Forms code into my JSP application.This is for a button pressed trigger. DECLARE RENAME_STRING VARCHAR2(120):= 'RENAME C:\BRC\PDATA' ||:DRAWING_ACCOUNTS.ACCOUNT_ID

ALV Grid Control -  Modifiy data in total and subtotal lines

Hello all, I´am creating a report using ALV Grid Control. This report calculates (using delivered and returned materials) for each vendor/material-combination the return quote. Using the totals and subtotals function for different characteristics I w

K8N Neo3 Issues (At the end of my rope)

The parts I have are as follows: 1x K8N Neo3 MOBO 1x Sapphire x1600 Radeon Video Card 512MB PCIE 1x AMD64 Sempron +3000 (Socket 754) 1x WD 100GB HDD 1x WD 250GB HDD 2x DRAM Master PC3200 DDR400 Memory Modules 1x DWL D-Link 11.0Mbps Wireless USB Adapt