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How to return quotes with varchar2 value

Hello- I'm writing a function and need to add quotes to either side of a varchar2 db value i.e. column value is Financial Trx, I need it to be 'Financial Trx' I'd be grateful for any ideas on how to do this - Many thanks in advance- amandaJohn, good

Interactive Report Returns Misleading Data Because of ROWNUM Limit

Hi, We have been relying on widespread use of Interactive Reports for internal Business Intelligence in our company, and they have been very popular. However, a user found a data discrepancy when sorting a report because the ROWNUM limit of :APXWS_MA

Error 550, e-mails to hotmail are returned

Sending an e-mail to a customer at hotmail.com from web.de via Firefox. Such e-mails are returned quoting error 550. Has this to do with Add-ons?What is the exact error message?Read other 2 answers

Shell commands from JSP after Forms migration

During application migration from forms 9i to JSP & BC4J, I have to code the following Forms code into my JSP application.This is for a button pressed trigger. DECLARE RENAME_STRING VARCHAR2(120):= 'RENAME C:\BRC\PDATA' ||:DRAWING_ACCOUNTS.ACCOUNT_ID

ALV Grid Control -  Modifiy data in total and subtotal lines

Hello all, I´am creating a report using ALV Grid Control. This report calculates (using delivered and returned materials) for each vendor/material-combination the return quote. Using the totals and subtotals function for different characteristics I w

K8N Neo3 Issues (At the end of my rope)

The parts I have are as follows: 1x K8N Neo3 MOBO 1x Sapphire x1600 Radeon Video Card 512MB PCIE 1x AMD64 Sempron +3000 (Socket 754) 1x WD 100GB HDD 1x WD 250GB HDD 2x DRAM Master PC3200 DDR400 Memory Modules 1x DWL D-Link 11.0Mbps Wireless USB Adapt

How can I save a Numbers spreadsheet as a tab delimited file?

Okay, I would like to save a Numbers spreadsheet as a tab delimited file. But of course I can't do that, since Numbers only saves as a comma separated values file. Plan B: I can open up a CSV file created by Numbers in TextEdit, and I would like to F

Collect file count and add to CSV file.

I have this script efficiently crafted by Jacques Rioux and I now what to do a little more with it. What it currently does is look on my desktop at a select number of Folders on my desktop. It then looks at the keyword information and then returns th

String replaceall method

public static String removeSpecialCharacters4JavaScript(String text)           String result = null;           if (text != null)               Hashtable forbidenEntities = PortalHelper.getTocForbidenEntities();                Enumeration keys = forbi

Problem using extract function (PL/SQL) with "&#34"

Hi, When I use extract function (PL/SQL), it does not transform well "&#34". Insted of returning ' " ' , it returns ' &quot '. I know this works changing the code replacing xml.extract for SELECT extractvalue(xml,'//A/text()') into

Best way to use CSS in random text

Mick White recommended this script for displaying random text. Is there a way to mod this so that it's can show multiple CSS styles (one style for the quote and one for the name)? Or should I do this another way? (I'm not great with databases yet.) T

We got an error in deploying time

Hi got Error in share point The Web application at http://Test-2:555/sites/SiteCollection1 could not be found. Verify that you have typed the URL correctly. If the URL should be serving existing content, the system administrator may need to add a new

Ideas of how to deal with a non-conforming CSV file?!

Hi there folks, I've been given a CSV file of which I now wish to import into VizionDB -- unfortunately all of the text fields are not surrounded by quotation marks and there's some 9,000 records in total! Other than going back to my client, is there

CSV conversion problem

Hello, I'm looking for help solving the following problem. For my research I'm using a program that crawls the web, looking for particular information. The input for this program are CSV files, in which each keyword is enclosed in ' '. In Numbers thi

IWeb Publish Success - Finally

I have blasted my anger at Apple all over these boards and elsewhere over the debacle that iWeb has been everytime it is updated, and the continuing quality problems with the software. Upload has been a less than "it just works" experience, as i

Paste clipboard's contents to selected file's Get Info (Spotlight) comments

Hi, Could someone please help me in building an AppleScript that would paste the clipboard's current contents to the currently selected (in the Finder) file's Get Info (Spotlight) comments? I know this can be done with an Automator workflow or Folder

JSF problems

Hello all, I've got 2 .JSP pages: 1) getQuote.jsp has 1 input box (inputText1), 1 menu (selectOneMenu1), and one command button (commandButton1) 2) quote.jsp has 1 output box (outputText4) I'm trying to add events to the quote button, but am having s

Tool for converting to CSV.

Hi all, I want to convert my table EMP with 10Million rows to .csv or txt file. Can sqldeveloper be ablle to handle this big data? Or can you suggest of a better export to text tool? Thanks a lot, KinzN K wrote: Big ol' SQL*Plus! SQL> set linesize 25

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public void choosefile() {           JFileChooser fc = new JFileChooser();           int result = fc.showOpenDialog(null);                if (result == JFileChooser.CANCEL_OPTION)                JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Operation cancelle

I had a peek at Rock 'n Rollers birthdays and now I can't delete it.  It's all over my iCal and I can't delete it.

Just started using iCal with Mobile Me and just out of curiosity, I had a peek at Rock 'n Rollers birthdays and once it's opened, it goes into your calendar and I can't delete it. Can anyone help with this?  I've tried looking for the .ics file in my