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lucene get document by id


A problem with Lucene In a J2EE project

Hi everyone: I am newer for Lucene which is used to build a search eigneer in my J2EE project. But I can hardly understand how it works because of my poor English. So I need you help: * TxtFileIndexer.java * Created on 2006�N12��8��, ����3:46 * To ch

Why does reindex documents at Server in the Configuration Manager break the help system?

Background: So, I have a nice hosted help system on Server 9. I'm using the Access database since it's a light load project. It works OK. All admin features work OK (except groups and users bug, unrelated), including reports on search and usage. So,

Search text in PDF and MS Word document

Can any body tell me how search text in PDF and MS Word document through Java code, any body has code or any suggestion to give Thank You AdnanCan any body tell me how search text in PDF and MS Word document through Java code, any body has code or an

To upload pdf and ms word document in VA01 header menu -TEXT tab

I want to upload local file (PDF and Word) in R/3-VA01-Text Header.. Can any one tell me the solution for that.Can any body tell me how search text in PDF and MS Word document through Java code, any body has code or any suggestion to giveYes. First,

Using Jdev to scan files to a document management system

hello all, i am working on jdev, and i was asked by my manager, to find a way on jdev, to create a small application which allows us to use a scanner, to acquire physical documents and scan them into Tif files and import them to a document

Lucene - searching for a specific part of engine for my science work

Hello all. First of all, a short introduction: I`m performing science work in my university that are connected with symbol processing using Markov productions. I give you an example of it: AB -> BC It`s a production that means replace all ocurence of

XQuery performance vs. Lucene

I'm trying to tune some databases for better query performance. I'm using the BDB XML Java API. The queries I'm trying to tune all return counts, i.e. count(...). Presently a query might take about 500ms to execute, but ideally it would take 50-100ms

Lucene import statements not working

I'm new to Tomcat, Lucene, and JSP, so bare with me... I just installed all three and Tomcat and JSP are working and Lucene is working. Now I'm trying to get them working together but I don't know where my issue is. I have a sample page I found and i

Keyword search over XML documents

there are many open source native XML databases,and search engines that support XQuery and XPath and many of them also support full text search. such as: 1- TPOX 2- Timber 3- DBXML 4 - http://exist.sourceforge.net/kwic.html [http://exist.sourceforge.

Lucene Highlighter linkage Error

Hello! I am working with Tomcat. I have put the Lucene highlighter.jar in the folder lib. And I have created an extra css, where I say that the background color has to be yellow. The searchword has to be highlighted know. I have got a dataTable in wh

Apache Lucene in Struts application

I am developing an web based application(developed in Struts) which allows users to upload lot of documents. We need to provide a search engine for the application. MS SQL Server 2005 is the database. All the document related data (like document type

Adding title search using Lucene

I am using Lucene index for my program. I have added the following code for the 'Text search' in the files. But now i also want to add 'Title search' in this. public static void indexer()         throws IOException         Object request = null;     

How do i search for a keyword in a document inside CMS?

I have several documents uploaded into CMS. At runtime, how do i search for a particular keyword in a document which is present inside CMS? Any idea would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -Nach.If you're talking about searching based on the content of

Creating web app to search multiple document types

I don't know that this is a Servelt API question but Im not sure where to ask it. I needto write a wb app that enables users to search through multiple files, foldes and document types for particular strings within a faculty intranet. I don't know if

Error while resetting a cleared document

Hi everyone, I am getting an error while resetting a cleared invoicing document 'Document xxxxxxxxxxx with origin R4 can not be reversed'. Please guide me how can we reset the clearing of this document. Thanks and RegardsHi, You need to reset all cle

Filename in document

Hi all, Just new to Mac so I've to learn a lot. How can I insert the filename (semi)automaticly into the document. I have a template document and save this as .... I want the filename to appear in the document. Is this possible?? If yes HOWAs far as

I can't save downloads to documents folder, only to desktop...

Only desktop saves are allowed.  The message states, "Word cannot save or create this file.  This disk may be full or write protected..." The disk isn't full, so I'm not sure what to do.  I'm having to save everything to the desktop and then mov

Downloads to documents folder fail due to parallel upload

Hi, mobile documents is a great tool that I use to replicate all business relevant documents to mobile clients. However there is one great disadvantage for me. When you download a file that is a bit larger (>1 MB), during the download the client will

How do I use the Japanese fonts in Font Book in a Pages document?

How does one use the Japanese fonts in Font Book in a Pages document. Pages has its own fonts but I cannot get the Japanese fonts into it.To type japanese on a computer you change the keyboard, not the font.  Go to system prefs/keyboard/input sources

7515 ios 8 scanning doesn't function using document feeder

My AiO remote updated on my iPad today and i have issues scanning from the scanner. The printer and tablet functions properly when scanning using the glass however when using the document feeder, AiO remote scans the sheets then before saving it says