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Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter for eMac ?

Hi, I use an Apple Mini DVI to VGA on my eMac to expand my monitor space, connect to an old Pinceton 15" lcd, both are on 1024 x 768 res in millions colors, and work fine. My question is I have plan to buy an Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter since som

Emac Fire Wire to RCA DV Converter

Is there a Converter out there like the "Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter" for the Emac?The same converter should also work on your eMac.Read other 2 answers

How the heck do I install windows on my eMac?

Okay, by the topic heading you all know I'm a serious newb when it comes to anything Mac-related, but I've been messing around in the PC environment for a long time. A friend donated this eMac so I can familiarize myself with how Macs operate, and al

Can emac installer discs be used to install OS 9.2.2 on Pismo G3?

I have a full set of original eMac installer discs, and want to use one set to install OS9.2.2 on an Apple Pismo G3. Can this be done? I've heard Apple OEM installer discs are "Mac machine specific", and can't be used to install OS software onto

Install OS 9.2.2 on eMac G4

I found a great eMac G4 800 MHz with system 10.4.6 at a yard sale. Unfortunately it came without software restore CD's. I would like to add system 9 to the eMac. I have all my iMac G3 500 MHz software restore CD's and the OS 9.2.2 install CD. When I

World of Warcraft on a 800mhz emac running - read -

Hi All I decided to put this on as i had searched around to see if this was possible but hadn't,t found really any answers. So hear it is. I installed WOW on my just purchased 800mhz emac 40gb H/Drive,CD ROM. 1GB RAM. Having only a cd rom i had to lo

I am using a 2003 eMac and am running on Mac OSX  vs 10.4.11. iTunes is not recognizing music I have purchased and when I try to connect when it request me to I get the following error message:  Cannot complete i Tunes Store request. A required iTunes com

I am using a 2003 eMac and am running on Mac OSX  vs 10.4.11. I amrunning iTunes 8.2.1 (6) and not able to upgrade iTunes on this computer. iTunes is not recognizing music I have purchased and when I try to connect when it request me to I get the fol

EMac vs. HDTV

I've been trying to get my eMac to display on a 2nd monitor (my HDTV) for a couple weeks now. I'm hoping that someone can lend me sme help here! The HDTV has both S-Video and Component (Y,Pr,Pb) inputs and supports 480i, 480p, and 1080i. It has a 16:

Using second display via eMac's mini-DVI to VGA adaptor

Hi, I've got a 19inch widescreen display from Acer, model no. AL1916W. I have apple's mini-DVI to VGA adaptor and have connected the second display to the point where it mirrors the screen on my eMac, however I don't want it to do this. What I had in

Emac with dead display

Hi guys. I was lucky enough to pick up a triplet of eMacs yesterday. one of them is a 700mhz model that was working until the power button tore off. The other two I was told were 1ghz models, but the CD tray reports 1.25ghz (woohoo!!) The one is in p

Using Video Adapter with eMac

I've searched all over and cannot find any information on this, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to send video from my eMac to my TV. I purchased the Apple Video Adapter and an RCA cable. I have the adapter plugged into the comp

Emac tried to start then stopped, finally after 3 attempts it started

After a hard drive failure i run my emac on an external hard drive through a fire wire. That worked OK till yesterday when it tried to start but after a few seconds of the normal fan noise and before the screen lit up, it stopped. I hit the switch ag

EMac to iMac - How do I transfer data when USB ports don't work?

I just bought a new iMac to replace my old eMac and I need to transfer the data from the eMac to the iMac - here's the problem - the USB ports on the eMac aren't working, the devices work fine like keyboard & mouse but the USB ports are dead. I can't

Where can I get an eMac install DVD from?

I've just been given an eMac that was destined for the skip. It came with no install DVD's and the administrator password is unknown. Whoever cleaned it out before parting company with it put in an administrators name as "apple" but didn't clear

I have a netgear router that I am trying to hook up to my emac and I keep on getting connection errors messages on the emac. why?

I recently received an eMac as a gift from a friend. I am having some problems setting it up. First, for some reason, I cannot get my osX disks to install onto my eMac. the eMac tells me the install disk is not bootable. Why would that be? So, I have

Frequent Kernel Panics on eMac OSX 10.3.9

Hi, Sorry about the long post but am having a bit of a disaster so I'm providing as much information as possible, and have posted the panic log file as well: This morning I installed the Billion BiPac 3012G Wireless USB adaptor and the related Mac 10

EMac can't get past starting up screen

Hi all, My eMac G4 had Tiger (10.4.10?) and I attempted to upgrade to 10.4.11. No go. I kept encountering problems in the Installer. So I rebooted to use Disk Utility and it found some drive problems that I fixed. Clean bill of health on permissions

EMac Freezes in Normal Start Up - OK under Safe Boot 10.3.9 or 10.4.11

In helping a charter school get its eMacs back running, one of these eMacs [(ATI Graphics w/32Mb VRAM), 1.25GHz G4, 37GB HD, 1Gb RAM, and whose SN = G8429CDSQJ8] is displaying very unusual symptoms. It simply has to be software or a very weird RAM or

Help-eMac froze during software update and is now stuck on Grey Screen!

So I recently moved, and was updating the software on my eMac. While it was updating, I was looking through some photos(probably my first mistake). When I tried opening one torwards the end of the update, my computer froze up. I waited a few minutes

Printer Sharing with eMac, iMac, and iBook not working

Hello, everyone. I hope you guys can help me out with this: I have an Epson Stylus CX4600 hooked up to my eMac via USB. My eMac prints fine with it. The eMac is getting its internet via an Ethernet wire going downstairs into my Linksys Router, which