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HT3748 since upgrading to Mountain Lion, my Mac Mail no longer works well w/exchange email; so, I have had to switch back to outlook. Now, how can I use outlook for mac's calendar and contacts with icloud?

Since uprgading to Mountain Lion, my mac mail no longer works with my exchange email properly. I finally gave up and moved back to outlook for mac, but now my new issue is using outlook calendar and contacts with icloud; possible?Sorry but I'm really

Add a note to a Calendar event that was created from Mac Mail

When I create a Calendar event by clicking on a date within a Mac Mail message (you hover over a date in an email it draws a dashed box around the date and gives an option to create a Calendar event).  It creates an Event in my Calendar with the foll

ToDo App with Mac Mail integration

Hi, any recommendations on a proper todo applications on mac and iOS, which allows integration from mac mail (i.e. create todo's from an email (through automator or others)). Losing too much time creating todo's from scratch? Thanks! TomI found the r

Why switch from Gmail to Mac Mail?

I have been happy with Gmail: messages grouped into conversations, a message can be stored in different folders and I've had low spam. I'm thinking about switching to Mac Mail since I understand that it includes the three advantages above and adds th

Mac mail now quitting with IMap plug-in

I thought my Mac Mail problems were over. But lately, Mac Mail is now quitting with the IMap plug-in. This started to happen yesterday.  Why is it still quitting with alternate plug-ins.  Here's my console report, like I did last time. 8/14/14 7:13:2

I can no longer use my aol on mac mail. When I set up the aol account name and password I get a message that says "Unable to verify account name or password". This is on all my Apple devices. Seems like an AOL server issue but no help from them!

I can no longer make my AOL e mail work with Mac Mail on all my devices. When I try to set up the account and put in the correct aol account and password I get the message "Unable to verify account name or password". I know the account name and

I want to use Mac Mail for my work email address, which containts multiple outbound options (i.e. hr@, me@ etc). Is there a way to set up Mac Mail to have an account with multiple outbound addresses rather than adding in multiple accounts?

I want to use Mac Mail for my work email address, which containts multiple outbound options (i.e. [email protected], [email protected] etc). Is there a way to set up Mac Mail to have an account with multiple outbound addresses rather than adding in multiple accounts?This sounds

How to add hotmail account to my mac mail?

I want to manage may hotmail account in my mail from my macbook pro. Apparently, I could add the account but it cant sincronize. Could somebody help me?Hotmail.com has now become Outlook.com The nearest thing to an official Microsoft answer I have fo

(Mac Mail) How to obtain Yahoo! Mail when: You're inbox dissapears or does not show after all settings seem perfectly in place.

Hello everyone! Note**: I am in no way attempting to illustrate how to get FREE email listing from Yahoo! Mail, I am only reciting what I have stumbled upon. I do not know if Yahoo! actually wants this to work in Mail. but it does, so if they didn't

Exchange Sync works for Mail, Calendar, Contacts - but not for Notes

Hi, I am using an iPhone 3G (16GB). The sync with my account on an Exchange Server (I think 2003) is working just great. Mail, Calendar, Contacts are all in snyc, but there seems to be no way of synchronising the Notes between the iPhone native app a

Export NOTES from Mac Mail to Outlook 2011 for Mac

I have been trying to get Outlook 2011 to work as my primary Mail, Calendar, Notes, and Contacts.  I have only been successful syncing Mail (except for Notes), which it seemed to do on its own, and Contacts where I dragged an exported VCard file to O

Mountain Lion / Mac mail disconnects from MS Exchange server.

We use an MS Exchange account for our company email. We bought 2 new retina display MacBook Pros running Mountain Lion last Fall. My old laptop is still running Lion. Lion / Mac Mail works fine on the old laptop, never losing contact with the MS Exch

Need reference/tutorial about iDisk (especially .Mac mail) access by iPhone

Greetings, I have started getting quite interested in using my .Mac subscription, especially the iDisk online storage capabilities while being on the road with my MBP. HOWEVER, I am also intrigued with accessing iDisk and .Mac Mail from my iPhone. 1.

Mac Mail deleted inbox messages from yahoo mail, how to get them back?

I recently started using the Mac Mail client with my yahoo-plus email account. What Mac Mail did was delete ALL inbox messages from my yahoo account, after one week from importing them to Mac Mail. The inbox messages can still be found in the Mac Mai

When I send an email from Mac Mail, why does Mail go to the background and the Finder comes to the front? I want it to stay in Mail.

When I send an email from Mac Mail, why does Mail go to the background and the Finder comes to the front? I want it to stay in Mail.Did you check your user name and password in Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars...tap your email account, tap SMTP, then

Mac Mail ToDos not showing up in Mail or separately like Notes in iPad

I use Mac Mail--(love it--so intuitive!) on a Mac desktop. I have had an iPad for only about 2 months, so I'm still learning how to use it. I can't seem to get my "to do" list that is integrated on Mac Mail to show up either in Mail in the iPad

Settings for outlook (formally hotmail) to be used with Mac Mail

Can anyone help please.... What are the correct settings to get my Outlook (formally Hotmail) email so I can use it through Mac Mail. Thanks for any help out there.Why dont it work wrote: Thanks but cant find the info for Mac Mail on there.  Any othe

Is there a best practice for multi location server setups including mac mail server?

Afternoon all, Last year I setup a client with Snow Leopard Server including hosting his mail on the server with Mac Mail Server and calendaring.  He now has plans to open other sites with the same setup, how can this be done using Mac Server?  The i

MS Outlook export to Mac mail

May I know how to export email from Microsoft Outlook to Mac mail? It is because I cannot find a way to do it, please help.Hi wajic, Try http://www.techhit.com/outlook/exportimport_outlookmac.html I had exactly the same problem and frustrations, but

Mac Mail: smpt password not being recognized

Short version: I had to update my ATT modem and this prompted me to re-establish a connection with ATT.net. Given that I never use my ATT browser mail, I called tech support for the password. Once set, I was up and running on the internet. Even recei