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Maintaining Macs--Why doesn't Apple tell you more?

This is not a problem that I need to solve but just something I've been wondering about. Why doesn't Apple tell people the routines they need to use to maintain their Macs? If you do a search on "maintenance" in Support the fourth item is Mac Ma

Is ther a way to speed up a Mac? Mine has gotten slower and slower over time.  When memory comes close to full would that have an effect on performance? Is there a way to determine unused programs/software to remove and free space?

Is there a way to speed up a Mac (similar to de-fragging on a PC)? Mine has gotten slower and slower over time.  When memory/disc comes close to full would that have an effect on performance? How should I determine what programs/software to remove an

G5 Mac OS 10.5.8 - coreaudio cpu usage out of hand

I have a G5 imac (1.6 GHz ) with 2GB ram. I am running a newly (March) installed Mac OS 10.5.8. My system is patched with all updates. After about 1 month of use, I began to see poor performance. The activity monitor shows that the coreaudiod process

How can I see any files that did not originally come on the mac

I downloaded and erase a few things here and there and ever since I did that I feel a slight differnce in the power of my book.. and I am completely new to mac so I am not sure how to navigate through everything completely just yet. I know how to use

My mac pro restarts when waking from sleep

Hello everyone pls help me. I have a annoying problem and that is that my Mac Pro restarts after it has been to sleep. Last week I updated the system with an update from Apple, safteyupdate 2013-003 version 1.0. I have swedish OsX 10.6.8. After this

Mac running slow, what to do?

My mac is running slow, what should I do to clean it up?Things You Can Do To Resolve Slow Downs If your computer seems to be running slower here are some things you can do: Start with visits to:     OS X Maintenance - MacAttorney;                    

Mac running slow, won't load pages

Mac running slow, won't loadSee: Mac Maintenance Quick Assist, Mac OS X speed FAQ, Speeding up Macs, How to Speed up Macs, Macintosh OS X Routine Maintenance, Mac troubleshooting: What to do when your computer is too slow, Essential Mac Maintenance:

Mac OS restarts itself on its own

2 weeks ago my mac OS has begun to restart itself very often (every 1.5-2 hours or sometime even more often) on its own. If i don't have any word or excel doc opened, Max OS fails to restart as it stops at the moment it asks to save such document. I

Mac Pro Drive Configuration - Home User

Hi all I'm trying to determine the 'best' drive configuration for my needs... I'm not a pro-user (although, I do use DVDSP and Motion for some DVDs I make from EyeTV) and so I don't think I want to set up a RAID or anything like that... here's a litt

Wipe hard drive clean as part of maintenance?

A friend recommended that I completely wipe my hard drive clean and reinstall the OS and all programs from scratch as a way to maintain a smooth running machine. My MacBook Pro is 2007 and gets used pretty hard. I regularly move files to an external

I seem to have a virus in my mac book pro as it is running rather slowly at times.  Also a Mac keeper small window comes up

Virus in my macbook pro - how do I sort it?There are no viruses affecting OS X. See: Helpful Links Regarding Virus Protection An excellent link to read is Tom Reed's Mac Malware Guide. Also, visit The XLab FAQs and read Detecting and avoiding malware

3 year old Mac Book Pro (2.4GHz/OS 10.6.8) running very slowly.

  130 Gb of the possible 248Gb are in use. Is there a reliable way of identifying and getting rid of unused or duplicate files to clear out some room and speed up the processor?Kappy's Personal Suggestions for OS X Maintenance For disk repairs use Di

Mac OS 10.4 Questions

Hey guys, I just got my iMac today and I'm very pleased with it. It seems to be working perfectly at the moment. I'm gonna leave it running for a few days to make sure no problems arise, hopefully they wont. I have some questions which I hope you guy

IMac 21.5 slow after updating to Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5

About a year ago I updated my iMac 21.5 from mountain lion to OS X Lion 10.7.5. Since I did that, it has really been slow. For example - it takes around 5 minutes to start my Mac! And not just that, when I start it (after 2 minutes) the login pops up

HT3770 I have recently bought a external hard drive and I was told to down load a Fat 32 in order to work with my MAC/ Is this right and how do I find the download and how to install to make my new external drive compatible with my MAC?

What is a Fat 32 which I am suppose to download inorder to work on a MAC for external drive to be compatable ?Bad advice. You do not need or want FAT. You want GUID and Mac HFS Standard Journaling. You don't download when you write files, or when you