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WORKAROUND! - Sluggish Motion V 4.0.1 on Mac Pro Nehalem 2.97 GHz 16 Vcore

Hi guys, like several people on this forum and others I been very frustrated with the performance of both Motion.app version 3 and now Motion.app V4 .0 .1 (latest update) on my 2009 Mac pro Nehalem 2.97 GHz 16 Vcore 12GB with the ATI Radeon 4870 grap

Mac Pro 2.66, Recent Upgrade to 10.6.8, Video Problems?

All, I have an original Mac Pro 2.66 GHz that I recently upgraded to 10.6.8 (about a month ago). Since then, I've had to hard reboot it a number of times. It sometimes doesn't wake from sleep properly (don't know if the computer doesn't wake or the m

Mac Pro 2.66 Xeon: dual graphic cards problem, caused by Firmware fault?

strange bug with Mac Pro 2.66 Xeon: I have two Displays, 20 and 23". When both connected to the standard NVIDIA card in the Mac Pro, evreything is fine. I ordered a second NVIDIA card wich I installed in slot 4, using 8 lanes for this card. Now, when

Mac Pro to Samsung HDTV - "Mode not supported"???

Alright, so I have just received my new Mac Pro in the mail yesterday and wanted to hook it up to my television - a 1080p Samsung (Samsung LN-T4671F) HDTV. I am using a DVI-to-VGA cable. I feel I should probably explain the entire situation so that i

Mac Pro 2008 randomly starts up

Hello: I searched the forums and found only one similar but unresolved question. Subject says it all. Problem started and slowly got worse post 10.6.1 (I think) Alex Salerno's Computer 11/9/09 4:04 AM Hardware: Hardware Overview: Model Name: Mac Pro

Deciding on a Mac Pro

I am curious to know how anyone out there goes about making a final decision on a Mac Pro (or MacBook Pro) purchase. Not so much the ''want vs. need'' debate, because we all grapple with that. But directly dealing with the fact of buying a computer a

4x NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT cards in a Mac Pro run below max supported speed

Hi, We have 4 "identical" NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256MB cards in one Mac Pro (to support 8 DVI monitors for a Network Operations Center). One card came with the system, the other cards were purchased from Apple at the same time. This was a refurb

Mac Pro with Wake on Demand enabled wakes up but never goes to sleep again

Hey, i was using Wake on Lan since OS 10.5 Leopard for waking my Mac up with a Magic Packet. Since 10.6 this brilliant feature was removed and replaced by "wake on demand" wich lets your computer wake up every 2 hours for a few seconds (very ult

ISight attached to Mac Pro: microphone no longer working

Hi all, Recently my PowerMac G5 died (coolant leak) and I've had to replace it with a new 2.8GHz Mac Pro. I have an original FireWire external iSight camera that I got off eBay fairly recently, and which I'd used (briefly but successfully) with the G

I have a mac pro g4 when i load a cd or dvd there is no start up noise from drive and icon will not show on desktop or in itunes. How should i troubleshoot? pioneer 105 mirror door

I have a mac pro g4 when i load a cd or dvd there is no start up noise from drive and icon will not show on desktop or in itunes. How should i troubleshoot? pioneer 105 mirror doorPIONEER DVD-RW  DVR-105:   Firmware Revision:          A506   Intercon

I have an Earlly 2008 Mac Pro running Mavericks. I recently upgraded to Mavericks; downloaded software for a new Brother Printer; CleanMyMac 2., and Open Office.

This is my first post. Hope I am entering it correctly. Open Office requires Java which exposes Macs to Hackers. A recent MacWorld magazine recommends removing Java which is not loaded with Mavericks. Could my Mac Pro been comprised with Java being p

Mac Pro keeps crashing - Error report included

Hello! My Mac Pro keeps crashing, especially when using iPhoto.  I've pasted the error report below (which is the same in all crashes); any ideas or help is very appreciated! Anonymous UUID: 4C525199-69C6-71DC-C013-E851F4607A14 Sun Mar 22 20:39:55 20

Slow Mac Pro

We have a MacPro 3,1 Dual quad core , with 6 gig of memory. The start up takes about 9 minutes.  I understand that it is probably becuase the computer is trying to load some old software package.  I have unintalled anything that looks suspicious, but

Mac Pro Thunderbolt, USB3, etc. hardware upgrades...

Feeling a bit left out in 2 years since I bought my Mac Pro with no real hardware upgrades for my Mac Pro. Can anyone comment on what they've done to keep their Mac Pro updated with the latest? - Thunderbolt.  I was surprised this wasn't in the updat

Mac Pro Early 2008 crash after gear on boot

Hi. I have a Mac Pro (Early 2008), with Mavericks installed. A couple of days ago, it crashed hard (in Portal, as it happens) and then wouldn't boot. When it was crashing it showed full green in various (dark? or random?) areas of the screen, and the

Mac Os 10.6.8 Crash and video freeze, Mac Pro

Hi, I just installed Mac OS 10.6 on my old Mac Pro, early 2009 (8 gib of Ram installed). I still have my old Mac OS10.5.8 on another internal boothable disk. It went well the first day or so but now I'm experiencing some major video problems: picture

Bootcamp - Windows 8.1 - Mac Pro (Late 2013) -- ATI Driver Crash

Hi All, I have a open case with Apple as well on this but i can not seem to locate any information on this issue on the web at all. Case: 601052633 Basically, we received a new Late 2013 Mac Pro, and out of the box proceeded to install bootcamp and w