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mac stuck in target disk mode


Using Mac Pro in Target Disk Mode Connected to MacBook Pro

Hi all, I am trying to set up two macs to run off of the same monitors/keyboard/mouse/etc. I know about KVMs, but they are too expensive for my current setup. I want to know if it's possible to run a 2006 Mac Pro in target disk mode connected to a br

Power Mac G4 stuck in Target Disk Mode

The other night I put my Gigbit Ethernet into Target Disk Mode so I could migrate my files to a newer machine (a mirrored drive door G4 with dual 1.42mhz processors). After the migration was complete (which took 9 hours), I tried ejecting the target

Mac OS X Target Disk Mode Security Hole?

I just put my iBook in Target disk mode (as in held down T while booting, so that it appears as an external disk on my PowerMac G5 via a firewire cable) and my G5 has root (well, unlimited) access to the iBook's hard disk! No passwords asked! I could

How do I back up the Mac Pro with Target Disk Mode?

My Mac Pro's partition has become corrupt, and will not boot. After trying to resolve the issue, it would seem the only solution is to reformat the computer, and start again. Nonetheless, I would still like to back it up. I have a MacBook Pro, a fire

Mac Mini won't Boot after Target Disk Mode

We just bought a new iMac and used target disk mode via firewire from our older Mac Mini running OSX 10.4 to transfer data.  Now when we go to restart the mini, the grey screen appears with apple logo and it seems to try to boot up but after a long t

Using a Mac mini as a target disk for a G4 Powerbook

Hello, I saw a post that dealt with the above issue but i would like to get a bit more specific. I bought my Powerbook in 2005 and by now it's a bit dated. I use it to run Logic Pro, but also love games... So would it be possible to get a Mac mini In

Can u boot from a Mac in target disk mode

I'm wanting to know if I put a Mac mini in target disk mode, can I boot from that Mac mini from my MacBook Pro. I'm wanting to set up a mini as a server but it may have to be the basic and ill install server on it but I prefer to do it without using

Target Disk Mode Backup

The hard drive on my 12" powerbook g4 is failing and I need to do an emergency backup. I've pulled all the important data off and now I'd like to make a disk image backup so that I don't lose my preferences, fonts, etc, etc. I'd thought to do this by

Help with Target Disk Mode

I'm having some problems starting up a Power Mac G4 into target disk mode. I've done it before, a couple weeks ago, but now every time I try it instead starts up into open firmware mode. I can't figure out what's going on, any help would be greatly a

Target Disk Mode with RAID Volume and Macbook Pro

I just received a MBP which I today intended to use to pull a netrestore image off our lab server. The latter is a Mac Pro with 2 RAID 1 arrays. I started the Mac Pro in target disk mode, hooked it up to the MBP and was expecting to see the RAID volu

Mac won't startup after Target Disk Mode

Hello all, i recently purchased a G5 Imac and attempted the Target Disk Mode for transferring files from my old G4 PowerPC Quicksilver. It took a very long time to get the disk to mount itself during this process but when it was there i did all my tr

Mac mini won't boot into target disk mode

Hi I just bought a Mac mini on eBay. I'm not sure of the spec but I think its a G4. When it arrived I plugged it in and switched on to find the question mark folder appear. I put in a 10.5 disk but it would not boot from it. [this was a disk I got wi

Can you install tiger on a power mac g4 with out a DVD drive if so how, I do have have a 2011 iMac can I use that in target disk mode with a FireWire cable any help would be appreciated

Can you install tiger on a power mac g4 with out a DVD drive if so how, I do have have a 2011 iMac can I use that in target disk mode with a FireWire cable any help would be appreciatedHello, You need to put the Tiger Install Disc in the 2011 iMac, b

Can a Mac Pro boot off a MacBook Pro in Target Disk Mode?

Summary: "Are you able to boot a Mac Pro off of a Mac Book Pro in Target Disk Mode?" OR "Will a Mac Pro boot off an OS X install that was made on a MBP?" Details: I'm finishing a music project that was created on a PPC G5 Quad computer

Connect 2 Macs w/ Firewire. Not Target disk mode.

I have a PowerBook and an early 09 iMac 24". I used to connected them via firewire to transfer files. Suddenly... the iMac won't recognize the PowerBook... but the Powerbook will recognize the iMac. Actually, the iMac does recognize the PB, but only

Firewire Target DIsk Mode Mac partition not Boot Camp partition

Hi I'm having issues starting up my Mac and would like to Firewire mount the drive then image it. However, when I do so the Boot Camp partition mounts instead of the Mac partition. I've tried using Disk Utility on the host machine to mount the Mac pa

Disk Permissions changed after connecting mac via firewire on Target Disk Mode.

I have connected 2 macbook pros using firewire in target disk mode and the permissions on the destination macbook pro have changed. Now when I try to start the macbook pro, it stays on the grey screen and the apple sign changes to a prohibitory sign,

Restoring my mac book pro after copying the files off via target disk

Hi guys any help would be great. I had a problem with my hard drive in my early MBP, after seeing an apple genius, who said it was mostly likely a software issue and wiping the disk and reinstalling everything shoudl fix it. So as i didnt have an up

Spotlight searching a Mac that's a firewire-connected Target Disk?

I was interested to know if Spotlight can search on another Mac that's in Target Disk mode. It seems to me that it does not, but perhaps there is some way it could?Hi Lunchbox, I did a quick search in the Apple Help Viewer by typing in: migrating in

Using my Mac G4 OSX 10.4.11 as a Target Disk

Is it possible to access the HD on my Mac (G4 w/ mirrored doors, OSX 10.4.11) as a target disk from a Windows computer?  The reason I ask is that my HD is over 99% full and my Finder is not responding.  I do not have access to my desktop, my trash or