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Can anyone help me with Magicjack? after I purchased US number I am unable to log in on my Iphone, I keep getting an error "YOUR DEVICE IS NOT ON THIS ACCOUNT" I contacted MJ support but they are very much useless and dont know how to fix it!

can anyone help me with Magicjack? after I purchased US number I am unable to log in on my Iphone, I keep getting an error "YOUR DEVICE IS NOT ON THIS ACCOUNT" I contacted MJ support but they are very much useless and dont know how to fix it!The

How can i restore magicjack from my ipod4?

How can i restore magicjack from my ipod4?Hi, Try Target Disk Mode OS X Yosemite: Transfer files between two computers using target disk mode There is also Migration Assistant. OS X Yosemite: Transfer your info from a computer or storage deviceRead o

'El Capitan' Beta and SAV 9.2.7

Hey Everyone, In the last couple weeks I've seen a few folks post about issues with the new beta release of OSX 'El Capitan' which was released a few weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know: A new install of SAV 9.2.7 on El Capitan is currently expect

How do I delete my MagicJack Username/Account permanently along with the App on my Ipod touch 4g?

I don't want my information going out such as my e-mail and home address. Is there a way to delete or deactivate my MagicJack account on the Website MagicJack?Um, this is a support community for Apple prouducts... I would contact MagicJack...Read oth

ITunes Mac launches on its own - interferes with Magicjack and Airport

I have a headless Mac Mini 2010 which I occasionally hook up to my HD-TV that occasionally will launch on its own iTunes a short period after boot. Temporarily I've had to stop this action by compressing the application into an archive.   We are runn

How to remove magicjack plus osx  10.7.5

Hello, I am new to Mac and I am not a Unix system programmer. I purchased a MagicJack Plus for my sister and I set it up using my new iMac for her. Now I would like to remove the setup software from my iMac as I do not like to leave extraneous softwa

I can't get the AirPort extreme to recognize a MagicJack connection.  It's an ethernet cable plugged into one of the lan ports and the led won't even light up.

My wireless network is working fine.  I have an AirPort extreme hooked to a cable modem and all other devices around the house can get into the network.  However, I am trying to hook up a MagicJack to the AirPort via an ethernet cable without success

10.6.8 & Magicjack Plus?

I'm thinking about setting up a Mac Mini 2010 with 10.6.8 with a Magicjack plus through its ethernet port.  Presently I have an original Magicjack working on its USB port, and I'm being offered an upgrade to Plus.   Unfortunately for Plus it must be

MacBook Pro not recognizing MagicJack Plus

I conncected the MagicJack Plus into my macbook pro and successfully registered my product. I went through all the steps and received my phone number. After that it all went downhill. I disconnected the magicjack and connected it to my router. That w

Magicjack USB works on older 24 inch iMac but not on newer 27 inch imac, why?

When i call MAGICJACK and APPLE they tell me that there is not enough power in the USB  connection behind my 27 inch iMac My 24 inch iMac works fine with it any reason why? i went to the apple store and all the new portables work fine with the MAgicj

Screen Freeze with Magicjack and Passport

Both Magicjack and Passport freeze my screen forcing me to turn the computer off.  This happened following updating my IMAC to OS V 10.7.2.  What's my solution?Thanks for this. Just taken a look at the Console log and the following is listed at the t

WD My Cloud Mac software can't access to WD MyCloud EX4 in Mac OS X 10.11 beta El Capitan

WD My Cloud Mac software can't access to WD MyCloud EX4 in Mac OS X 10.11 beta El Capitan.When I used it in OS X 10.10 Yosemite, there was no problem. I think the problem happened after updating to El Capitan.Is it true?The same thing suddenly happen

EA6500 and Media Prioritization (MagicJack)

I just recently purchased the EA6500 (Linksys-branded AC 1750) and have been trying to figure out the Media Prioritization widget. I thought that by adding my two MagicJack devices to the Prioritization list it might help with the outbound bandwidth

No sound after installing magicjack

I installed magicjack and don't get sound now on Flash Player 9. Does anyone know what the problem is?just want to say I have had problems with sound since my magic jack installed a couple of weeks agoRead other 2 answers

Applescript for shutting down MagicJack app

I am trying to shutdown the magicjack app at a particular time of the day. When I run the following script (using iCal) --Quit MagicJack tell application "magicJack" quit end tell The app tries to quit but it throws a pop up asking if I really w

Skype Problems after installing MagicJack

I installed MagicJack on my computer, in that I had no router. Then I could text through Skype to friends but could not call them. The Echo Test did not work. I then uninstalled MJ, bought a router, and tried Skype; no luck. I then put ethernet cable

Mac - 10.11 - El Capitan - Error occurs while using Spotify

While using Spotify on the mac (10.11 Dev preview) an error pops up with the following stack trace:  Exception Name: NSInvalidArgumentException Description: -[SPMediaKeyTap grab]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7f98434166a0 User Info: (null

Magicjack won't work on 10.8.3 must use Parallels.

I just wasted hours on a chat that I knew more than the many persons as I went up the chain of command. And got NO ansswers. I had NO problem with snow lepard 10.6 running magicjack but it will not work with 10.8.3 . It will run on Parallels I had to

MagicJack not recognized by new Toshiba Satellite

I've been using an old Satellite to run a MagicJack quite successfully. But the MagicJack won't install on my new C655D-S5048 Satellite. When I plug in the MagicJack, I get an error message saying the USB device I just plugged in is not recognized. T

I can not make a call on my magicjack

i can not make a call on my magicjack on my iphone.there is a prompt telling visit my.magicjack.com/prepaidYou'll need to contact the magicjack developer directly, nothing Apple can do for you since your using a 3rd party app.Read other 3 answers