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Hi I want to know whether i can use Business Rules with Synchronous BPEL process. Actually i developed an example synchronous BPEL process but while invoking decision service it generated an error stating RECEIVE TIMEOUT fault. But when i created ide

In support project which type of requests can be send by users.

Hi All,      Give me some examples of user requests and solutions.      Thank You.Hi, User Requests/Tickets are raised to address an issue (eg. data load erros/ data reconcilation / data missing issues /incorrect data in reports) or to perform some e

In cloud for service, is there a way to generate RMA's and decision trees?

Also, where can I find more information on the field service capabilites?Yes it is supported via HCI configuration. C4Service provides a standard iFlow that creates a follow-up SD Order (Billing Request) from a C4Service Work Ticket. You can easily r

Getting "SYSTEM ERROR" while generating a PDF in a Workflow method.

Dear All, I'm getting a "SYSTEM ERROR" when I'm calling the below function module in a Workflow BO Method. CALL FUNCTION wa_funcnm    EXPORTING      /1bcdwb/docparams  = fp_docparams      invoice                     = invoice    IMPORTING      /

Error while doing the Usage Decision in transaction QA32

Hello Friends, While doing the goods receipt for customer returns from customer, system generated a inspection lot with inspection type 06. So in QA32 transaction, system is showing that inspection lot, but in same screen, against the column InspPlan

Automatic TO Creation for QM Usage Decision

Dear Gurus We all know WM TO to releasing stock from QI to UU or return goods to vendor can be created automatically, My question is, when the usage decision is split into two, some material going into stock, and some returned to vendor. for return t

Decision Step In Work flow

Hi Workflower's Thanks a lot for all your reply! I'm having one problem in Decision step when work item is generated and placed under SAP inbox while user select particular work item then decision option "Choose one of the following alternatives"

Error while deploying decision services on server "bg1ws0044"

hi' I have followed tutorial provided in the sample in the SOA suite "C:\product\\OracleAS_1\bpel\samples\demos\ExpenseRequestApproval" for integrating BPEL and business rules, however the after deploying the ant is giving following belo

Decision service deployment issue

If I create a simple decision service based on the CreditRating rules repository, and I deploy it, my decide actvity fails with the following error: <operationErroredFault xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/BPELProcess1/DecisionService"> - <

BPEL Process Manager Generated WSDL

We are working on an ant build framework for a Oracle SOA Suite project, consisting of a main BPEL process that is synchronously calling another BPEL process via an ESB. This second process uses the same ESB to call back the original proce

Problem while generating Update progam for a Change Document Object

Hi, I'm trying to deal with Change Document concept in a R/3 4.6C environment and to establish new Change Document object for my (Z)-table. I haven't using any namespace and created object with name ZTEST. Following the online documentation I came to

SQL Developer 1.5.1 - warning messages generated by CREATE TABLE

Hi, Have an issue with a CREATE TABLE statement - it works correctly, but generates a warning message when used in SQL Developer (1.2 or 1.5.1). Full test case below: Setup: drop table samplenames; drop table customers; drop table phones; drop table

While doing F-32 residual payment - Two documents generated AB and RV

Hi all, While Clearing partial payment with respect to Invoice thorough F-32 ( As residual )- Two documents generated AB and RV in development system. where as in Quality and Production system there is only one AB document generated. Is it standard b

Issue while generating Webservice Stub

Hi, When i tried to create a Webservice stub using Stub Generator available in Sun Java WTK 2.5 Beta, it created a Stub java file with operatons(methods) missing in it. It displayed following warning while creating stub: warning: ignoring operation "

Export of PDF errors after the PDF generates on the server (File I/O error)

We have Crystal 9 reports engine, developed with VS2003, which is being called from a VS2008 web app on a 32-bit server. The reports have been working okay, unless the file is of size > 600K. Then, right after the PDF is created in the C:\Windows\Tem

Business Rules Error when Decision Function surfaced as WebService in BPM

To use a BusinessRule as from a Business Rules activity,it needs to be surfaced as a WebService. I've run into an issue where as soon as I check that box and save, the BusinessRule in question goes into a error mode when viewed from the BPM Project M

Decision Service calls failing with connection refused

Hi All, Breifing of the bpel process - Async bpel process XX_BPEL_ASYNC_002 calls decision services and a sync bpel process XX_BPEL_SYNC_001. We have moved to cluster from and the deployement of the bpel process and the decision

Url link in User Decision workflow step

Hi Experts, I had created a workflow for "Employee transfer" process using SWDD tcode. I had a created a workflow step with type as "User Decision".I had included "Approve" & "Reject" decision options. Now i wan

Tcode in user decision step

Dear experts, I have a user decision step. Before the approver can approve or reject the workitem i need to show a tocde screen to him. Say for example CN25. My workitem will be generated only after initiator makes changes in that tcode. I want appro

Error in Fork Step causing issue in generating next work items

All, We have ECC 6.0 with the following SP: SAP_BASIS     700     0012     SAPKB70012     SAP Basis Component SAP_ABA                     700     0012     SAPKA70012     Cross-Application Component I have this strange issue. In one of my custom workf