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Make a Linux Boot CD


[SOLVED] linux: /boot/vmlinuz-linux exists in filesystem

I have had this issue for a while now. I ignored it but now I'd like to be able to upgrade. Pacman throws this error: error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files) linux: /boot/vmlinuz-linux exists in filesystem Errors occurred, no packages

How to start OC4J at Linux boot time

Hello, I am using Linux AS 3.0 and i have installed OC4J ( 9.0.4) ok, and OC4J also work fine.But each time i want to start OC4J , i must execute command java -jar oc4j.jar at console. Now, I want to start OC4J automatic at System startup ( ie: Linux

[SOLVED] Arch Linux Boot from USB fails while loading kernel

I am attempting to get arch linux booting off my usb. I use cfdisk to create a /dev/sdb1 partition then use mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1, mount the usb, pacstrap it, use install-syslinux_update -iam, generate fstab and then attempt to boot from it. The boot e

Arch linux boot failure

I am new to arch linux, and linux, I am trying to install arch linux into my virtual box which is hosted on window 7. I followed the steps of installation guide, but when I finished, and tried to boot the new system, it blocked by this failure: :: Ch

Debian or? Linux Boot Disk?

Would like to install a "free" version of Linux on my machine, but the standard 2.4, 2.2, 2.5, etc., versions of Linux hang in the middle of the first (rescue/boot) disk on "unable to identify IDE driver" or something similar.  Short o

Linux boots after few reboots

Hi. Subject is kind of confusing, but i'll try to explain. How i boot my pc: press start button. Wait until uefi loads, os select menu, select arch and... It freezes. Press reboot button, load again, stuck. Press few times reboot button so uefi tells

ASUS "Express gate" for Linux /boot partition

Hi there, First let me introduce myself. I'm a newbie on archlinux or even one level below, cause I don't have it installed on my computer, cause it's still in pieces on the coach. I came from Gentoo/Kubuntu and hope this version will work fine for m

Dual linux boot after ubuntu

i have ubuntu 10.4 and tried to install mandriva 10 but after i found i couldnt get to ubuntu from bootloader - so i deleted mandriva and put back ubuntu from a clone : is there a way these two can appear on bootloader and choose between them at star

Thinkpad 21 / Xubuntu Linux boot problem.

I have two 800Mhz  T21. One with 256Mb Ram / one with 512Mb I loaded Xubuntu on the hard drive on one and it works fine.  I then tried to install it on the second and it did not work. I swapped the hard drives over and installed Xubuntu  on  the seco

[SOLVED] Arch linux won't boot after pacman -Syu

So yesterday I upgraded the packages on my system along with installing steam. There was one conflicting package but I don't remember exactly what it was (something containing usb?). I just hit Y to continue but in retrospect maybe should have invest

Dual Boot Linux and Windows problem with HDDRecovery

Hello I`m using dual OS Windows Vista and Linux open SUSE distribution on Toshiba Satellite A350-10z, everything is working great except Windows Recovery. I have Linux (boot:dev/sda6) and Windows Vista (boot:dev/sda2). Windows has 2 partitions, Disk

[WORKAROUND] rEFInd doesn't boot new linux 3.8.3-2

Hello! Today I updated linux to 3.8.3-2 and rEFInd stopped booting. Instead I was stuck with the rEFInd screen (the one saying: booting vmlinux-linux). Before you ask: Yes, I did copy the new kernel and initramfs to /boot/efi/EFI/arch by doing sudo c

[Solved]dual boot windows 7 and arch linux

I have successfully installed arch linux dual boot with the original win7 on my PC. If I only use linux, then the system works well. The problem is that once I boot into Win7 then after reboot, the linux boot manager will stop working and the system

EFI partition deleted after removal of dual boot of OSX10.8 and Ubuntu/Linux Mint - using rEFIt

so, i recently installed ubuntu to check out the advances in the linux world since i last looked into them 10+ years ago... very impressed, but when i tried to delete ubuntu and remove the various partitions (which i was able to do just fine using gp

Solaris 10 and Linux dual boot

I currently have Linux installed and would like to install Solaris 10 on the same system via a different H-drive. I would like to have both OS fully functional. I have loaded Solaris 10 CD1 but unable boot into solaris to complete installation. I hav

Linux not starting with fsck.ext3: Unable to resovle 'Label=/boot' error

I tried to setup fs by following this http://blogs.oracle.com/AlejandroVargas/2006/12/how_to_create_configure_and_mo.html now i restarted & its not staring , i think if i change /etc/fstab and put the setting back i will be able to start it, But new

Grub & error trying to boot other linux partition

My 40 gig hard drive is partitioned like this hda1 = Arch Linux partition (XFS file system, Grub installed to MBR) hda5 = swap partition for Arch hda6 = Vector Linux partiton (Reiser file system, LILO installed to superblock) hda7 = swap partition fo

Need to boot Linux from USB

I have been trying to get this to work for a while now but it appears with the current firmware it is just not possible to boot a Linux OS from a usb drive. Is this true? or is there a way it can be done? Basically I work in a forensic computing lab

Boot floppy for Arch Linux....HOWTO ?

Hello Guys, Bad things happen, so I need to install Windows to my PC again. Luckly I do have a First partition I can spare for this OS, but AFAIK windows will erase my MBR, so I need a Linux boot floppy so I can boot Arch again... is there a way to c

Triple boot MacOS/Windows/Linux

I managed to install triple boot environment: MacOS 10.7 (Lion) + Windows 7 (Ultimate) + Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). If someone wants to know how I managed it I explained i below and my questions will come at the end of this thread. Installation o