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[SOLVED] Setting up Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

Hi, I know it's not the Arch way to ask for instructions but I am very new to Arch and I don't want to screw up the kernel. From the wiki, I read that Arch has removed Apparmor as well as TOMOYO. I have googled high and low, but I cannot understand w

Security advice on mandatory access control

Hi, i'm trying to optimize my arch setup and also want to improve my security so i came across the MAC-stuff and would like to hear your oppinion. My usercase is normal browsing/coding/multimedia stuff so nothing so special. I try to maintain my syst

Mandatory Access Contol/ Trusted Labelling

Hi, I cannot find this in the documentation anywhere but does anyone know if Oracle Server supports Manadory Access Control or Trusted Labelling) following the Bell La Padula model? Our security consultant is assessing Oracle for a secure programme a

Error GRC Access Control 10.0

We have a problem when execute the next steps in GRC Access Control 10.0 SPRO-->Governance, Risk and Compliance>Access Control--> Access Risk Analysis--> Batch RisK Analysis We applied the next note, but problem is the same. 1563583 - SYSTEM_N

How to allow multiple domains under Access-Control-Allow-Origin

Hi, We have a domain where will get CORS request from another domain hosted on seperate DC. We can't set Access-Control-Allow-Origin as * due to security concerns & IIS can't take more than 1 value at a time. Kindly suggest how to pass multiple httph

WRT 120 Internet Access Control Problem for itouch

I've just set up my router. Cannot seem to control access to the internet for my son's itouch. The router recognizes it on the map as a wireless device part of the network, but it will not show up in the menu that allows for internet access control.

Time Capsule Access Control and Extended Network Question

I have a Time Capsule where I have set up a wireless network access list-and extended the network using an Airport Express unit. The Airport Express unit also has settings for an Access Control list. Do these need to be the same as the those for the

How do I set up timed access control for a time past midnight

I would like to set up timed access control for a number of my devices that would stretch past midnight...   An open network from 6AM to 2AM - effectively only blocking access from 2AM tp 6AM in the morning.... Any notion on how to do this?  the time

To run OHS at port 80 using solaris role based access control

Hi. I already know & have done setuid root to ohs/bin/.apachectl to allow ohs to listen to port 80. Now on a new OFM install, I want to use Solaris Role Based Access Control (RBAC) instead. Is it possible? RBAC does work as I can run a home

SharePoint Provider Hosted App (401) Unauthorized Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: The Azure Access Control service is unavailable

Hello, I'm attempting to get a SharePoint 2013 Provider Hosted Application working in a brand new SharePoint environment.  I've created snapshots of both my dev and the sharepoint environments along the way and have meticulously documented every step

ORA-24247: network access denied by access control list (ACL)error-UTL_HTTP

I am getting following ACL error while executing following procedure: create or replace procedure sat_proc as http_req utl_http.req; http_resp utl_http.resp; BEGIN http_req := utl_http.begin_request('www.yahoo.com'); http_resp := utl_http.get_respons

After trying to set up access control, my Airport Utility is no longer able to find my Base Station.  My PC still sees my wireless network but I can't connect to it.

A friend told me he was able to access my network from a different device with no password so I decided to set up an access control.  Following the prompts, I entered my IP address, and then my Airport stopped working.  I tried uninstalling it and re

Access Control Lists on USB drive connected to AirPort Extreme

I have a Seagate 320GB drive mounted in a NexStar 2 IDE drive enclosure and connected via USB to my AirPort Extreme Base Station, running version 7.4.1 firmware upgrade. Every time I restart the computer or unmount the network drive, an access contro

Access Control up grade from 5.2 to 5.3

Hi, One of my client have 1. Earlier Access control 5.2 was installed but only FF are configured and is in use. 2. After some time Access Control GRC 5.2 server (front end) have some problem so they have installed 5.3 to front end level   --no back e

Issue while enabling Access Control for a Coherence server node

Hi Im trying to enable access control for a Coherence server node, using the default Keystore login method shipped with Coherence. When i start the server i get the error "java.security.AccessControlException: Unsufficient rights to perform the opera

GRC Access Control licensing and Sizing

Dear All, I am putting up a proposal for GRC Access Control. Could someone please help me with the calculation of licensing cost and the hardware requirements? 1. Is the license cost totally driven by revenue ? 2. Is there a flat base price plus numb

Access control exception only on Linux/Debian not on Windows!?

We have a rmi server application with a webstart rmi swing client that we have been running successfully on Windows. The client is downloaded and running without any problems on Windows platforms (W2003, Win2K, WinXP). The client webstart jar is sign

How to use "access control - administrator" in SQL

I have a report with checkboxes to select records for delete. Non administrators can only delete a subset of the records. So for some of the records I would like to hide the checkbox if the user is not an administrator. The checkboxes are created in

Is Compliance Calibrator the same as GRC Access Control?

I have been asked to look at<b> Compliance Calibrator </b>and am getting confused about what functionality is offered. I have done the basic e-learning course for Compliance Calibrator (GRC200): this was all about separation of duties etc. Fai

What is better for security?  WPA2 or Access control

I have a Airport express and 2 computers; a Mac and a PC. When it come to securing your wi-fi connection so you don't get unauthorized clients on your network. What is better A- Just using encryption like WPA2 or some other password based system or B