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manual journal entry definition


Manual journal entries created in Ap did not see in Accounts Payable Trial

Hi Experts, Report Accounts Payables Trial Balance, with parameter Include SLA/Manuals/Other Sources Flag set to Yes, does not show manual journal entries. These Manual journals entries are created in AP Navigation: Payables -->Accounting --> Subled

Exchange rate differences posting failed due to manual journal entries

when i run exchange rate differences and try to post the result, system shows "No matching recording found 'journal entry' (OJDT) (ODBC-2028) [message 131-183]" at the bottom panel ane the posting was failed. then i found the problem is actually

Audit Report Fix (Manual Journal Entries for Inventory)

Hello! Curious if anyone has been able to fix an inventory audit report using journal entries? For example:  if an item was on inventory account 1500 based on it's item group assignment, then say 20 items are received for $1 each, then 5 are sold at

Manual Journal entry limitations in sap b1

Hi friends,                We are creating Manual JE in sap b1. We give the access only two users for creating Manual JE. Now we will plan one more thing . Limitation of JE .  it is means, per user we will go to allow only 1000 manual journal entries

Park and Post management review step for manual journal entries

We are implementing SAP and want to discuss the best way to automate in SAP a high dollar/value (maybe $100K and above) "park and post" management review step for posting manual journal entries. I believe SAP does not offer dollar/value limits a

CENVAT utilization by Manual Journal Entry

Hi All,          Can anybody explain me the process of cenvat utilization by passing Manual Journal Entry. Please reply fast Regards, AbhishekPlease read the following document which explains answers to your questions [https://websmp205.sap-ag.de/~sa

FC - Cross-category validation in Central Manual Journal Entries

Hello experts, At a client site we are implementing several different reporting categories.  There are requirements to validate certain accounts between categories. Within the packages this is working fine - example: But when used in Central Journals

Is it possible to automatically trigger a Manual Journal Entry?

Hi Forum, This could apply to any situation: Suppose when I create an A/R invoice, I would like another manual journal entry to be created automatically. Is this possible and how could it be achieved? Thank you.Hi Mahendra and Gordon: This is the sit

How to identify manual journal entries

Hello, In the GL tables, GL headers and GL Lines, how can we identify if a journal entry is an automated entry or a manual entry. That is, entries can be made into the General ledger through Interface programs or other import methods. We describe the

How to reverse a manual Journal Entry Voucher created via Custom BO

Hi All, I have created a custom BO for triggering a Journal Entry Voucher for each and every Customer Invoice created in the system.Normally all Customer Invoice will be having a corresponding Journal Entry document ,apart from the default JE documen

Currency conversion rule not executing for manual journal entries.

Hi, We have currency conversion business rule set in our project. THis business rule is not converting LC to other currencies for manual journal posting entries. i.e, it is audit id with DATASRC_TYPE="M". Can any one let me know if any specific

Is it possible to make the attachment icon on my journals form a compulsary step when creating a new manual journal entry?

Good day, Our company uses EBS The company has a policy whereby any new manual journal needs to have the supporting documentation attached to it, using the attachment icon in the task bar. Users sometimes forget to do this, though. This ha

Is it possible that Manual Journal Entry go for approval

Hi All, If it is possible to Journal Entry go for approval. I see in Approval Template there is no Document like check box Journal entry, so please any one can help in this. Regards, Arbaaz.Hi, Use Journal Vouchers instead of journal Entry. For Ex :

Validation rule on Cost Object for Manual Journal Entry

Hi Experts, We have an issue regarding General Ledger Account to be posted manually (FB01,FB50...). For this posting the busines required only one Cost object (WBS or IO or cost center) is needed. The problem is that I can not define a Field status g

Post journal entry automatically when a certain account is posted

Dear all, Thanks for your attention. I would like to post an Journal entry automatically at the same time (or just after) a certain account is posted. Certain account means an account ID for Payment Difference of Payment for Invoice. I would like to

Serie of Journal Entry

Hi, I have a question about the operation of the selection automatic entries in the series in journal entry. When a document is posted in the posting period 2009, for example, the documents of sales or purchase, the series is selected correctly. Howe

Requirement for add a journal entry of unbalnce FC  amount

Hi,expert ! I want to add a journal entry of unbalnce FC  amount. for example: assume the exchage rate is 1.5 AccountNo  Debit(FC)          Credit(FC)  Debit Credit 1001                usd 100                           150 1002                       

Ensuring Manual journal cannot be posted to the AR sub ledgers

How do i ensure that manual journal entries cannot be posted to the AR and AP sub ledgers? Thanks!This will depend on roles to which a user(s) has been assigned. you take out GL specific roles from user. Then you have to make sure that AP-AR roles as

BOFC: Delete reversed manuel journal entry?

Does somebody knows how I can delete a reversed manual journal entry or how can I revoke my action to reverse it? It was just a click on the wrong button.Hello,<br> <br>Once a  journal entry has been revoked, it is not possible to reverse the

Manual Document Number for Journal Entry

I tried to upload invoices via DTW. I used manual doc. series for those invoices. SAP automatically creates a journal entry for every invoice but with it's auto numbering series. How can I use manual number for journal created by system? Thank's a lo