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OS command before file processing in Sender File adapter

Hi there, I'm having troubles running a os command from the sender file (NFS) adapter.  The batch file which I try to run is not getting executed at all. When I manually run the same batch file from the command prompt then it works perfectly. The OS

FTP - Run OS Command before file processing

Hi, I have a requirement wherein I need to FTP a file from XI to a folder in a FTP server . Now FTP Server is set up in such a way that I cannot put the file directly. Before transferring the file , I have to use CD ( change directory command ) to ac


hi. just i want to know what is the purpose of run operating system command before message processing,after message processing under file sender adapter. waiting for your great answer. bye. regards. seeta ram.Hello Seeta, let me see if I give it usin

OS level command before message processing

Hello I am getting the files from the SFTP server through the shell script and expecting to be processed by my File sender adapter. I have configured my File adapter which will poll the directory into which the shell script gets the file and it is sc

OS command before msg processing: In sender FTP

hi all,            i have a file-to-file scenario.Now i have to pick the latest file from FTP folder based on timestamp.All the files are named in yyyymmdd format .I came to know that i can run an OS command before message processing to delete the ol

How to display error messages and output from Matlab (which Matlab would typically send to its command window but no longer does when called by Labview) into Labview or allow it to be dumped into Matlab Command Window?

Using Labview 6i and Matlab 6.1. I want to be able to see Matlab warnings and error messages either in the Matlab Command Window or in Labview itself. Currently Matlab is called by Labview (which is working). However I would like to debug and/or modi

FTP Adapter with Runtime OS Command before Message Processing

Hi PI Techies, I have a confusion in using Sender FTP Adapter with Runtime OS Command before Message Processing. Scenario is like this: Ftp Adapter has to pick a file from FTP server after it checks that a Blank Marker file exists on PI server AL11 d

Runtime OS command before Message processing

Hi all, I have a scenario where the input file from a particular FTP server has to be moved to XI server and then process the message from there. For this I am trying to use "Runtime OS command before Message processing" My problem is that how d

File-FTP command before message processing

Hi experts, my requirement is as follow : i have 5 files on my FTP server. All are named FILE_hhssmm.xml In the configuration of my CC out, i have put as specific file name to get picked 1*.xml I need a command line in the 'run operating system comma

I am trying to connect my iMac with my MacBook What is the command keys and process in doing so. Have firmwre in place.

I am trying to connect my iMac with my MacBook What is the command keys and process in doing so. Have firmwre in place.Here's the Apple Support article on Target Mode http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1661Read other 4 answers

Photoshop Elements 7 Command Line Batch Processing?

I program in C# or VB .NET using Visual Studio 2008. Q. Can I program or write Photoshop command line batch processing scripts? I need to take several hundred photos and convert them as follows: 1. Import .jpg 2. Resize image 3. Convert to layer 4. D

BACKUP LOG suddenly failed with Msg 35250, Level 16, State 11 The connection to the primary replica is not active. The command cannot be processed.

I have AlwaysOn SQL 2012 Enterprise set-up using Windows Failover Clustering Services (not FCI), and have 1 Primary node (P), 1 Synchronous Commit Auto Failover (SC), and 1 Asynchronous Commit Manual Failover (AC) node.  It is set up to prefer second

File Adapter: Run OS command unix after processing message

Hi, in file adapter configuaration, after processing message, I've configured the channel that it has to call an unix script. The sintax in configuration is: sh /XS0/usr/sap/XS0/DVEBMGS01/work/TEST_FILE_XI/OUT/rename_lib_contabili.sh <variable>. I t

Operating System Command After File Processing in Sender File Adapter

Hello guys, actually we have different interfaces, and the client to take all the files from only one directory, for example D:/DPI. Unitl now we had one adapter for every file with the content conversion, so we didn't have problems with that. Now we

File Adapter OS Command Line After processing (UNIX)

Hi guys, I want to run only one line after message processing: compress -f %f It must be compress seeing as this is the way we use it on our legacy system where it adds the extension .Z. It seems crazy to write a shell script for only one line. Is th

File Adaptor....... system command after file processing

i am creating 2 files with file adaptors.. lest say a1.txt and a2.txt.. in the file adaptor i am specifying the path of a batch file which is located at the same location where these 2 files are created......this batch file should run after message p

Use of OS command after message processing in sender MS Access

Hi experts, My scenario is as follows : how can i trigger a macro in ms access?...do we have OS commands ? as XI will be 64 bit compliant , and the MS access will be 32 bit complaint...will the OS command work in the sender channel?.. The other optio

Operating command before message processing

Hi experts, i have a file to jdbc scenario. My problem is that i want to send files that are generated on a ftp seperately. To do so, i wrote a .bat script to rename the files the way I want, and then the CC takes the file under the specific name I s

How to execute more than one command in a Process

Hello all, I would like to change the user in my application by using the unix command su user and then execute some commands as this user.My code is the following, my problem is to execute other commands after execute the su command. public static v

Need to add a command file in process chain

Hi, I have cmd file on the network that will be used to specify which staged data has been successfully loaded to BW.  At the end of the process chain which loads our daily data, this cmd file should be executed. I have never done this before, does a