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Which is best remote software to access Windows 2008 Server from Mac Air

Hi Is anyone using, succesfully, remote software to log into a Windows Server 2008 network from a Mac. I use Wyse Pocket Cloud Pro on my iPhone but there doesn't seem to be an app for a Mac Air. Any suggestions or help appreciated?Ummm... Microsoft's

Getting a hp mce remote for touchsmart 300-1125

I want to add a remote control to my HP Touchsmart 300-1125 and am thinking to order the 5070-5600 HP remote (random link: http://cgi.ebay.com/HP-COMPAQ-5070-5600-Media-Center-Remote-Control-/330414657906#ht_805wt_911). I wonder about two things: 1)

Remote control and MCE remote on Windows

I am having issues with the remote control app on the Tablet S1 and MCE remotes on Windows 7 (64-bit). After learning the buttons for the MCE remote, pressing the same button more than once from the app does not do anything. For example, if I press t

ITunes windows short cuts outside of application? / MCE remote?

I've always wanted to know if there was a way to get shortcuts for iTunes from anywhere on windows provided that itunes is running? This is possible on a Mac and when using windows media player / media centre & a media centre remote? Currently, my Me

Where can I find a "Legacy JAVA SE 6" download? This allows me to use Harmony Remote software on my MAC.

Where can I find a "Legacy JAVA SE 6" download? This allows me to use Harmony Remote software on my MAC.Java for OS X 2014-001 For how to uninstall the current version and install 6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g401fnOnro http://www.youtube.c

Remote Software Access SharedMovies

Just started using Remote software on my iPod to control by Apple TV. Works great, but I can only see the movies that are on the Apple TV disk, not those that are shared on the network (have most of my movies on my MacBook Pro and Timecapsule). How d

Remote Software Update

Hi I'm having trouble getting ARD to do remote software updates. By default, my users are all Standard, and I set auto updates off on each client. I can interrogate each client by sending a UNIX command (as the ARD user): softwareupdate -l -a and thi

Keyboard input allowed with iPhone/iTouch remote software?

I have searched through the posts but haven't seen a definite answer: Can anyone confirm if keyboard input via the iPhone/iTouch remote software is available with the ATV 2.1 update? I don't have an iPod Touch (yet) so I can't test this out. Utilizin

ITunes interferes the use of MCE Remote

Hi There, I am using a computer as a Windows Mediacenter. (Windows 7) Everytime, iTunes is open, i cannot use the STOP, FORWARD or BACK buttons on my MCE Remote.Eventhough MCE is on top of all other windows, i can tel iTunes is open because these but

Can my Windows MCE Remote control iTunes?

I have an iPhone so I want to use iTunes as much as possible to make myself as familar witht he program that I can. I would really love if my Windows MCE Remote can control it. I used the up and down arrows and it seemed to scroll through the song li

MCE Remote Control support ?

Hello I have a Hama MCE Remote Control Is it possible / planned that we can use the stop / play / pause / next / back functions ? This would be really great. Regards, MrX1980You can vote for it here: https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=3

MCE remote with Vista Ultimate T60

Hello there. new to this community and want to see if it can help with this question. At the moment im tryin to get my IR reciver on the t60 laptop to work with media center in vista ultimate. I have my mce remote that i used with my xp mce pc. it is

Want a Remote software

This might be a stupid question, but..... I want a software to use to be able to login into my studio from other locations around the country. My need is to be able to access my images on my desktop system from other locations. IS Apple Remote softwa

[solved] LIRC + MCE Remote not working

I have a Mediagate GP-IR02BK USB MCE remote / receiver. Back in 2009 I got it working by doing the following: $ sudo cp /usr/share/lirc/remotes/mceusb/lircd.conf.mceusb /etc/lirc/lircd.conf $ sudo modprobe lirc_mceusb $ sudo /etc/rc.d/lircd start $ i

ARD remote software update download source?

When we use Apple Remote Desktop to get the client to download software updates, like with this UNIX command softwareupdate -i -r What download source does the remote client use?  does he download via his own gateway direct from Apple,  or does the A

Remote Software Installation

HI Experts Recently I am assigned a project. I need to design a tool that can install software on remote client machine. Sure it s a challenging project for me . My company doesnt have any tool like that .So I am in the play. My System admin doesnot

Tx2z Disabling MCE Remote Control

HI, I have a MCE computer (not my laptop) and when I use my remote for it my laptop detects it and launches mce. I though bout disabling mce in the laptop but im pretty sure it will still detect the up and down and stuff from the remote. So what serv

Xp MCE Remote Control

Hi Guys! Is it possible to get the Remote Controler of an Mega 180 working with the xp Media Center Edition? I have installed the Girder with the MSI Mega Plugin, this works very fine. The MCE always says that no Remote Controler was found. Thx for y

Remote Software Updates and Sending Task Status to User

I am updating user's machines using ARD 3 with the unix command 'softwareupdate -i -a'. With some updates, a restart is required and ARD posts this within the task status column. I was wondering if there was a way to grab that task status of "restart

[Athlon64] RS482M4-ILD MCE remote problems

Built a htpc based on the RS482M4-ILD which is working great. The only problem I've got is that when the board is brought out of S3 standby using the MS Media Centre remote, it stops working - its like the USB ports aren't being re-initialised proper