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Medical Non Compliance Definition


Server 2008 R2 bitlocker advise for HIPPA compliance

Hi guys,First, I've done a lot of searching on the weband read a few different threads on Spiceworks regarding HIPPA compliance and encrypting hard drives.Specifically these two threads:http://community.spiceworks.com/topic/596465-encryption-for-hipa

Medical office management software

Hi everyone.  I'm a little new here and I'm in need of studying TSQL. I have used it in the past, but it's been many years, and I barely touched on it. Mostly for simple things for an old project I did in the 90's.  Anyway, I'm trying to help a frien

RS232 optical isolation ... and compliance with IEC 601

Hi. We are installing a system for performing RS232 data acquisition between PCs and a certain medical instrument (an Agilent CMS). We would like to comply with the IEC 601-1/2 standards which require optical isolation for up to around 4000V. We have

GRC Apps and "Sunshine" Law Compliance

Is anyone out there using any of the GRC apps for purposes of compliance with federal and state physician payment "Sunshine" laws or pharmaceutical/medical device industry ethics codes, such as the PhRMA or AdvaMed?It's not clear whether "P

Income tax dedcution is not taking place on medical reimbursement .

Hi SAP-HR Experts . I am facing a issue that for few employees Medical Exemption for incomeTax is not taking place for few employees , like upto Rs. 15000/- amount annually are exempted for Income Tax . a employee whose exemption is taking place /3m1

ADA 508 Compliance Workflow Overview (tab key for navigation / WebAim Toolbar)

Hi,   I've been assigned to update interactive training for a State agency..... with of course, an emphasis on ADA / 508 compliance. So, before I pinpoint my two questions/scenarios, here is a basic, initial attempt at providing an overview of ADA co

Update showing up in "Compliance 5 - Specific Computer" Report even after removing the update from the Software Update before creating Group and Package

So I've created a Software Update Group and I did NOT want anything in there dealing with Internet Explorer 11 since the organization is currently stuck at using 10 as the highest. So I made sure that Internet Explorer was NOT in the list and then I

Best report to check application and package deployment compliancy?

I am looking for the best report to check application and package deployment compliancy. Preferably targeting a collection. tconnersI'm recommending this one: Software Distribution - Application Monitoring folder - All application deployments (advanc

Need to import a Medical Dictionary from Quark to InDesign

Just switched from Quark to InDesign for a Medical Journal and they need their dictionary to be loaded into InDesign. I have their .QUD file from Quark but am having difficulty loading it through the preferences. Any help would be great. Thanks in ad

Is there a way to post an image to the Medical ID other than via the photo on my contact card, e.g. a QR Code?

Apple's Medical ID is handy because it can be shown in front of the lock screen.   But it would be very helpful to allow the pasting of images like a QR code so other people looking at the Medical ID could scan that code and be directed to a website

My daughter has spitefully changed my password and has refused to tell me. I have so much medical information that I can not lose. Is there anyway to get around this problem. Please I need Help fast.

My daughter has spitefully changed my password and has refused to tell me. I have so much medical information that I can not lose. Is there anyway to get around this problem. Please I need Help fast.Connect the iPod to your syncing computer and resto

Creating a medical leave plan

Hi everyone, I'm being asked to create a medical leave plan for the organization im with. No exp in Oracle HR prior to this. The reqs are below. Pro-ration of 7 days for new joiners is based on days of the year served. If employee hire date = 6 Feb 2

"medical id" is missing from my health app on my iPod touch 5th gen running iOS 8

Along the bottom of the health app on my iPod touch 5th gen running iOS 8 I am missing the "medical id" that should be the 4th icon on the lower right of the screenYou can't seriously believe users would be *that* idiotic, even on a sue-happy co

How can I get data, as opposed to compliant/not-compliant, from compliance?

I'm new to configuration manager, but I have been through the 2012 MS training class. My issue is, I'm trying to determine how I can use SCCM in general and Compliance in particular to collect data on the clients.  Here are some examples of the data

Web Dynpro JAVA developer attempting to unravel Environmental Compliance source code seeks guidance from EC NWDS Composition Environment specialist

It frustrates me to have to ask for detailed instruction on this issue, but normal means of importing these Java-based EC software archives just aren't working in our NWDI system. We never moved our production WDJ applications to CE (like so many oth

Java Web Start error message when trying to run vSphere1.2 compliance checker

It installed fine but a javaws usage message displayed when attempting to run. Seems like this might be some kind of Java environment problem on the Windows 7 Pro desktop. Not very familiar with Microsoft, any ideas and/or suggestion?.Thanks for your

USB Medical Device not recognized by iMac or Windows through Parallels 7 Virtual Machine

I have a USB Medical device which initially i was using through a Windows based Laptop, I want to connect it to my iMac to use it through Parallels on Windows 7. The device is not recognized by my iMac therefore it is not recognized by the virtual ma

Sept. 10 - No Phone Service still reported Aug 30 Medical Emergency

My parents are in their 90's and Mom is blind. We reported their outage on 8/30.  It was marked a Medical Emergency and were promised that the repair would be highest priority  - what a joke!!!!   We were told and texted that the repair would happen

What are mandatory fields in ESS Medical reimbursement?

Hi All. Want to know about mandatory fields that should be displayed in ESS and MSS portal during Medical reimbursement claim?Hi Gordon and all, I have a look at the SDk help files and almost cried but am i right in thinking it is Account Code, Debit

SODA - Service Oriented Integration of Medical Devices in Hospitals

In this thread I will write about my dissertation project. It addresses the problem of the integration of medical devices with their proprietary interfaces and data models into the existing hospitals´ IT infrastructure. Interoperability is an almost