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Why do I keep getting an error message when I try to login to my medicare.gov as this just started happening today ?

Every time I try to login to My Medicare. gov I keep getting this message "The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified." I have used this site many times before but today I

ER Contribution for 401K additional medicare

Hi Experts, How to update ER contribution for 401K Additional medicare and Pension plans? Will it be the same as for simple 401K ? Thanks in advance JaneHi, Any idea how to write above query in user-exit in 'PBEN0014' SAP enhancement (SAP function 'E

MyMedicare.gov logon issue

When I log on to Mymedicare.gov with Safari I always get a small window with this notice "You already have a web browser accessing the current web session. Multiple browsers are not allowed to share the same web session. To launch a new web session,

LabVIEW Automation Engineer

Mink Hollow Systems, Inc. is looking for the best and brightest LabVIEW programmers to join their staff in developing state-of-the-art automation systems. Mink Hollow Systems is a Systems Integrator in central Maryland that works closely with Nationa

Firefox SEOQuake returns pagerank as n/a on all pages

I have SEOQuake turned on but it gives a "n/a" value on all web pages, including www.ssa.gov and www.medicare.gov. I know these are high page rank but I only get the n/a value. I also get n/a on ezinearticles.com. I am running Windows 7 with Fir

Medicare Benefit Plan - storing related data in Infotypes

We want to send a medical plan interface (HIPAA 834) to one of our vendors and it is a Medicare plan.  There is specific information required that is currently not stored in SAP, such as the HICN, date of enrollment in Medicare A/B, ESRD indicator, s

Verizon change my plan when I had two phones tied together. Their mistake, but won't fix it. Do I take my 5 phones and go???

Do I take my 5 phones and go else where???? Family dealing with live threatening illness has caused delay in staying on phone with Verizon to clear this up. I've been with Verizon since 2001 and I have 5 phones with them. I had unlimited data on 2 ph

Data Plans and Activation

I know that there is absolutely no way around this; I am merely using a forum run by Verizon (and supposedly read by Verizon staff) to issue a complaint where it should be made. About six months ago, it was time to upgrade my phone.  My sister had an

ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error while executing template in planning

Hi all, I am executing a planning function but I always get this Array error message. The planning function works fine but something is not happening in the web interface.... Below is the error message..much appreciated if anyone could help. The init

Database Refresh errors in Planning 9.3.1

Hi, While refreshing the database in planning 9.3.1, i am getting the below errors com.hyperion.planning.olap.HspVerifyOutlineException: Verify Outline failed with the following errors: **     Error [1042006] detected in member formula for member "Ed

Using attribute variables in the planning folders

Hi all, Is there way to use attribute variables in the planning folders? There is a following situation. We have a number of cost centers (0COSTCENTER). Cost center has responsible person (0RESP_PERS) as attribute. We planning some costs for cost cen

Is FireFox 3.6.6 compatible with Medicare web site?

is FireFox 3.6.6 compatible with Medicare web site? == URL of affected sites == https://www.mymedicare.gov/default.aspxWhat exactly happens when you try to access that site? Try deleting cookies and cache: 1. Tools| Clear recent history 2. Time range

Flash for the Jamaican Gov, anyone?

So I am a Peace Corps volunteer in Jamaica and work in conjunction with the Ministry of Health. We kinda have a problem in our hospitals with people not knowing how to correctly to a toilet. People tear the bathrooms apart for some reason. Anyway, we

AT&T still trying to throttle unlimited data plans!?

I just got a message telling me after 5gb my data plan will get slower. Didn't the Net Neutrality rules eliminated manipulation of data speeds? Specially with the acquisition of Direct tv? ATT calls it "Network Data Management" but the end resul

I have 2 smart phones and one dumb phone. How cheap of a plan can I get?

So 3 members of my family (including myself) share a Verizon account. Here's what the plan looks like: Both smartphones started out with unlimited data, but after the upgrades (and my sister already has), we'll all be downgraded to the 2GB plan. In t

Slow upload on 25/15 plan

I just got the 25/15 plan....http://myspeed.visualware.com/ shows my donwload speed at 26.0 Mbps (of about 67.2 Mbps) dont know why it says of 67.2 Mbps...anyway upload shows 24.2 Mbps (which is the "fluff" ive heard about)....but then on speake

New iphone 5 + $70/month limited tiered 2gb/month plan = no hotspot ?? FCC rules violation?

Hello all, I got a new iphone 5 from the verizon store in michigan. I chose the $70/month plan with 450 minutes + 2gb/month data. So it is a LTE capable phone offered by Verizon on a limited tiered data plan. Now according to the FCC decision, Verizo

Error while updating a plan

Hi, I have encountered an error while updating a plan. While i update the uplan , the grid gets filled but it throws a message stating "Maximum Number of Result Blocks has been reached" Maximum number of Result Blocks has been reached. [Oracle B

Data Back Up Plan

Hi, My internal hard drive, 320 GB, 'fully loaded', on my 2 year old imac crashed 10 days ago. Since I had the extended warranty, the 'local' Apple store replaced the internal drive within hours at no charge and even loaded Snow Leopard and iLife. Wi

BOM is not getting displayed in case of centralized planning plant.

Dear All, there are 2 plants for which we have centralized planning. the users have created Equipment BOM for the two plants. but in case of the second plant for which the planning plant is different from the maintenance plant, the BOM is not getting