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Mercedes-Benz Financial Payments w/ Credit Card

So sorry if this has been asked before. I've just done an exhaustive search and the topics only seem to either cover down payments, talk about the American Express MB cards or they're so out-dated, I'm not certain the information is still accurate. I

WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: $200 credit per iphone 5 trade in: Promised by GoWireless in Chino Hills & Verizon Account Manager, But Not Addressed in Over 4 Months

Hello everyone, I just had the WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE with a Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer (Go Wireless in Chino Hills) and a Verizon Account Manager. Through a ridiculous saga of events, I finally had to send an email to a customer service su

My as yet unresolved appalling customer experience

This message presents my appalling BT experience to date. As yet, it remains unresolved and - of course - I cannot reach anyone who can actually do anything about this. On 19JUL13, I placed an order for BT Infinity 2, Phone, and Vision to be connecte

Poor Customer Experience - How to Report It?

Ive spent the better part of the last hour trying to understand how to connect with someone who will discuss my Apple customer experience with me. Everything is organized by product and technical or functional issue. I cant seem to talk to someone ab

Mercedes Benz / C-Class 240 / yr-2002 / Nokia 6233...

Hello, i bought a Mercedes Benz C-240, year 2002, and in the arm rest there is a connection cable (jack). As i can see there is a call option in the audio system. What i would like to do is to connect my nokia phone 6233i to the system so i can use i

Nokia n70 with Mercedes Benz Bluetooth SAP V2

i have a mercedes sap v2 bluetooth device and when i try to connect it, it ask me for a connect code do you anyone know what code.i also can't find How do i activate remote sim active setting on at my n70 where is that am i blinde;Hi daon7800 You hav

Sync only selected contact groups via Bluetooth to Mercedes Benz

Hi I understand that it is possible to create "groups" of contacts in the address book program on my MacBook Pro and then choose to sync either all or just selected groups to my iphone. If I do sync all of these groups to my iphone (which I want

Where is that "Comcast Guarantee" and care about the "customer experience"?

Where is your Comcast Guarantee? Empty words, AGAIN? "We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity, and that includes the customer experience. Our customers deserve the best experience every time they interact with us, and imp

My iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1. does not work with the mercedes benz media interface

I just installed the IOS 5.1.1 on my iphone 4 but it doesn´t work anymore with the Mercedes Benz (2010) media interface, some help!Resetting the Network Settings worked to fix my problem as others have suggested.    To help answer dinpa59, bechic, an

IPhone and Mercedes Benz hands-free bluetooth

Greetings, Have you tried to connect your iPhone to Mercedes Benz bluetooth-based hands free system? Can you make/receive calls? Can you sync your address book? Any information is greatly appreciated. ThanksI have the MB Multi Handset Interface with

Can I use my iphone4 to play music via USB in Mercedes Benz c class 2012

Hi I have an iPhone 4 and a Mercedes-Benz C Class 2012 , I can play music via Bluetooth but when I plug in my phone via USB it says the USB device is not recognised !. So can I change setting maybe to allow me to  play via USB?Did you contact Mercede

Mercedez Benz COMAND System not recognizing iPhone 5 after iOS 8 update, can we expect the same result with iPhone 6 or 6 plus?

Mercedez Benz COMAND System not recognizing iPhone 5 after iOS 8 update, can we expect the same result with iPhone 6 or 6 plus? I'm planning to purchase the 6 plus, but I need to know from where.whom will the fix for this problem emerge.My new iPhone

Why is apple - the most innovative company that pioneered customer experience- not making it easier to find out if Iphone is locked or unlocked? it should be simple to find this status on the phone.

Why is apple - the most innovative company that pioneered customer experience- not making it easier to find out if IPhone is locked or unlocked? it should be simple to find this status on the phone. I have to go thru so much trouble to find out if th

My iphone 5s is connected via bluetooth with mercedes benz e class. I can make the calls and receive the calls but music of my phone can't be play via car music system so pleaase help.

My iphone 5 s is connected via bluetooth system with my car mercedes benz e class. I can make calls & receive calls but my phone music can't be play via car music system. The car muisc system can't find external devise if it is connected with i phone

IPhone cradle for Mercedes Benz

I have bought the original Mercedes-Benz iPhone 3G cradle. I have followed the instructions to pair the iPhone with the Cradle (without the phone being in the cradle and entering the 62872 code). It all works well - but only if the iPhone is IN the c

Bluetooth issue with iPhone 4 and Mercedes Benz

I just received my iphone 4 today and it has a huge problem. When my previous iPhone 3GS was paired with my Mercedes Benz bluetooth telephone system, within seconds the address book was loaded. This continued to work well even after I upgraded it to

Bluetooth connection between iPhone 4 and Mercedes Benz APS 50

I have massive problems to use my iPhone 4 (OS 4.1) together with my brand new car from Mercedes Benz. It is a E class Cabriolet 200 CGI from 2010 with a APS 50 Radio/Navigation/Telephone System. It has bluetooth included and I can connect my iPhone

How to disable PowerPiot Customer Experience Improvement Program?

Hi, I have installed PowerPivot for Excel 2010 32bit via msi file. I would like to disable CEIP from PowerPivot for Excel 2010. So far I have applied HKLM\software\policies\Microsoft\sqmclient\windows\CEIPEnable=0. GP set to disable CEIP. No luck

IPod Touch and Mercedes Benz

Recently obtained a Mercedes Benz with iPod integration kit. Directions indicate that iPod Touch not a compatible item, and indeed it does not work. Does anyone know of a workaround that allows the Touch music to play in this car? Thanks.elkriverken

IPhone 3G Mercedes Benz

So, I just purchased a CLS550 2009 mercedes benz with integrated iPod crap. Turns out that the Mercedes integration works nearly flawlessly. The only challenge is that it won't power up the phone. I was told since the MB didn't support the USB power