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merger of two disregarded entities


Need suggestions for concurrent reads while deleting all entities

Hello, we need some suggestions for the following use case, as we cannot seem to find the correct transaction locking combination to meet our needs. We are using BDB JE 4.1.10, and the entityStore is transactional. In a nutshell, BDB JE is used as a

EntityManager.merge bugged in hibernate??

I found a very strange behaviour using Hibernate as JPA implementation. @Entity public class User {      @Id      @GeneratedValue      private Long id;      @Column(unique = true)      private String name;      @Column      private String password;  

Is it possible to Merge Entities in Logical Model ?

Hi, There is an option to merge mutiple tables in a Relational Model.Similarly is there an option to merge multiple Entities in a Logical Model? Thanks in Advance RegardsThere is no option for consolidating folders into one.  Why would you want to wo

Siebel RecordMerge: How to exclude some entities from merging to the winner

Hi all, I want to merge 2 accounts using Edit -> Merge Records. However, I don't want one of the related BCs (let's say contacts) to be merged to the Winner. I only want to transfer the rest like activities, opportunities etc. How do I exclude a chil

How to create a cache for JPA Entities using an EJB

Hello everybody! I have recently got started with JPA 2.0 (I use eclipseLink) and EJB 3.1 and have a problem to figure out how to best implement a cache for my JPA Entities using an EJB. In the following I try to describe my problem.. I know it is a

Multiple iTunes IDs, multiple iCloud accounts - I want to merge with my wife

I have a couple of Apple IDs. I believe my wife does too.  We each have our own iCLoud account.  This all is very wasteful. We want to merge our music libraries, photos and share a calendar.  I want to stop paying twice for everything.  I spend hours

How to use composite entities which driven by different PU via hibernate

Hi experts, There are 2 different persistence unit in my project. PU_A: Application entities, that can execute all crud operations. PU_B: This one has some views which contains outside data. I can just read data from here But i want to create foreign

Clarifications on company code merger

Dear SAP Experts We need to merge two company codes i.e XXXX & YYYY into one new entity(Thailand). Legally both entities will be closed by 31st Mar 2011 and merged into newly registered entity on 1st April 2011 (FY V3 - April to March). Their existin

Weird issue with merge using JPA...?

Hi all, I have the following code snippet (HsTrans has a manytoone relation with Hss), Hss is the parent             HsTrans hsTrans = new HsTrans();          Hss hss=em.find(Hss.class, studyId);          hsTrans.setStudy(studyId);          hsTrans.s

Retrieving results for comparison in form based authentication with entitie

Hi,Im developing an application using EJB3.0 and at the moment im working on a module involving user authentication.I work with the sun java system appserver 9.1 and netbeans 5.5.2 using the default toplink as the persistent provider.I have problems

Merged projects - topic-level tag problems in sub-projects

I am working on an extensive help file in RoboHelp HTML. It consists of a master project and 15 sub-projects. Each of the sub projects have topic-level conditional tagging, and when each sub-project is compiled, the topic-level tagging works and the

Oracle SQL Data Modeler -COMPARE/MERGE

Hi all, I am trying to compare/merge or just trying to merge a relation model with another in Oracle SQL Developer DATA MODELER. Scenario: I have tried to import from data dictionary the hr schema into 3 parts. Table employee is alone imported in one

Merging of Two Companies in SAP

Hai All, My Scenario is Two Companies are going to Merge as one Company. How to Do the Merging in SAP. Is there any methodolgy or Steps to follow.How the Reassisgments are doing in SAP. Regards Gibi PhilipHi, This is related to Merging of Two Compani

Best method to design a table which can point to two different entities

I have the following set of tables, Dimension1, Dimension2, Dimension3 Dimension1 is dependant on the both Dimensions2 and Dimension3,  however the data mapping with Dimension3 will be very sparse (say only 1% of data will be available remaining will

Problem with merging changes made in Business Catalyst

I put some text frames in my Muse project and now my client try to make some changes in text using Business Catalyst but we have big problem because it is impossible to merge changes back to the Muse project. The site is in Polish language but I also

HTML5 SSL's Merged Projects

My question concerns Upgrading a Merged Topics project into HTML5.  The Help documentation on Robohelp 10 says this on page 299: "Upgraded project. When you upgrade a project, RoboHelp adds screen profiles but does not add any new SSL or screen layou

Account merge across 2 parties?

I have an SR open but wanted to get other input. We have a situation where we have 2 valid parties, call them Org A and Org B. Org A has two accounts, Org-A-Account-1 and Org-A-Account-2. Org B also has two accounts, Org-B-Account-1 and Org-B-Account

Merging C4D 3D objects with AE camera tracked video

I am able to use CC AE's camera tracker track video, create a ground plane, targets, nulls, etc., and get objects created within AE to move along with the camera movement of the video that was tracked. However, after I create a C4D "layer" (file

Business Transactions missing under reference data while account Merge

Hi Experts, I am using SAP Standard account merge utility available in CRM 7.0 . After confirming  Master and Source  account in cleansing report when the overview page opens for confirmation and for address confirmation, i am not able to see Busines

Merging Log Files with same name

Hello, I have log files with same name 00000000.jdb (because created at different machines). I would like to merge data stored in these two files. I tried below approaches which do not work: 1. rename one of the files -> doesn't work as file header h