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Macbook Pro exterior and scratches? Case questions too.

My parents have a white Macbook and they got the invisible shield as well as the Incase notebook sleeve to keep it in good condition. While I think the invisible shield looks fine on the Macbook it isn't cheap for the full shield and it is annoying t

Early 2011 MacBook Pro- The thermal paste discussion.

It is my goal to clear up the questions and concerns Apple customers have been having regarding heat or fan related concerns with Early 2011 MacBook Pros. If your MacBook Pro was produced within the last few months the thermal issue has been resolved

!!!!!!!!nokia 6233 heating issue!!!!!!!!!!

does this phone get realy warm after a few minutes of talking on it???????????!!!!!!!!!Heating is natural for any electronic device during use, and is more noticable on phones that have some or all metal exterior panels as metal conducts heat more th

Best Practice: Executing the same code from different triggers

Swing supports the idea of Actions, which seems to be an implementation of the "Command" pattern. One can create an instance of an Action implementation and set it to several JComponents, like JButton and JMenuItem. Whenever the button or the me

Hide menu bar and title bar in a JFrame

Hi! I'm using a JFrame for a kind of viewer application. I start it as normal, so the JFrame has a JMenuBar with menus and the title bar with the application name. So far, all right, but at some point I would like to press a JButton to make the viewe

Is anyone having this problem right now?????

Internet is not working. Keeps saying "Loading" then "Cannot Open Page: Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet." There are 5 bars & 3G showing plus the phone works great. I tried turning off and reb

Trouble with subquery

I've been working on a query for homework that I'm very close to getting the desired result, but I'm having trouble finessing the last bit. "Write a query to display the brand ID, brand name, brand type, and average price of products for the brand th

JFrame decorations problem

Greetings: I've found searching at the net, that it is suggested "that the L&F (rather than the system) decorate all windows. This must be invoked before creating the JFrame. Native look and feels will ignore this hint". The command that doe

What is the best way to clean the exterior of the Macbook Pro

The exterior of the my MacBook Pro appears to be an aluminum or silver metal. What is the best way to clean this surface? It seems to become easily smudged.it's not or silver metal it is aluminum. Follow the guidelines by Apple in the MacBook Pro Use

Glass and Metal Photoshop layer styles

Just wanted to share some of my Photoshop layer styles with my fellow Apple users I've been working on these for a while now, building up a huge collection of textures (from my own photography) and turning them into styles. Hope you like them. These

Signal propagation pattern vs metal studs?

We have a building where it's effectively constructed like a warehouse with only concrete exterior walls. Inside, pretty much all the hallway and room walls are temporary metal stud walls with sheetrock. I have been trying to better understand the ef

How do I transfer data from one exterior harddrive to another?

How do I transfer data from one exterior harddrive to another when they are both connected to our Imac Desktop?Depends what you want to transfer... A few more Details about what you are trying to achieve would be good.Read other 4 answers

NF-e 3.10 - NF writer com informação de comércio exterior

Boa tarde, senhores. Estamos implantando a NF-e 3.10 em minha empresa e estou com uma dúvida quanto ao preenchimento das tags de comércio exterior: Tags Descrição UFSaidaPais Sigla da UF de Embarque ou de transposição de fronteira xLocExporta Descriç

521 Rejeição: CFOP não é de Operação com Exterior e UF destinatário é EX

Olá, Bom Dia a Todos Foi criada uma nota fiscal writer com a categoria I1, saindo de São Paulo para um cliente do Rio de Janeiro, na operação foi utilizado um CFOP incorreto, de dentro do estado, ou invés do interestadual. Neste cenário a SEFAZ retor

****URGENT HELP NEEDED**** unable to print on metalic silver paper

I am in DESPERATE need of help. I am trying to print on silver metalic paper using my Photomart C3180, but it wont print.  It will printon white paper but not this stuff.  I need urgent help as I am trying to make my own wedding invitations that i ha

Undecorated JInternalFrame becomes decorated by itself.

Hi, I’m facing a problem with JInternalFrame implementation. I have made the JInternalFrame undecorated, so that the title bar and border of the JInternalFrame gets removed. The problem occurs in the following scenario. *1)     Execute the program in

How do I get rid of the underline in text - tried   style decoration:none

I am trying to get rid of the underline on some text which is not a link. I have tried putting style decoration: none in various places and I still can't get rid of it. Any ideas? Here's my HTML <!doctype html> <div id="businesscircleportfol

Mid 2011 macbook air. command key has popped off and is now missing the 2nd metal bar. can this be replaced?

The command key popped off my mid 2011 macbook air. It is meant to have two metal bars but can't find the 2nd one. I have clicked it back into place but if I press the button at the bottom the top pops up and I'm worried that if I don't fix the probl

Metallic blips interrupt playback, cause computer lag, iTunes library gradually depleted

I didn't realize there would be a comment box here's the story friends, perhaps you can help me! This has not been an issue with any of my other pcs. I am running Windows 7 on a (cheap) Gateway I bought this summer. I keep ALL of my music on an exter

How can I make a decorative page border in Pages?

How can I make a decorative page border in Pages?Hi Janet, I suppose that you are asking how to include a decorative border of your design into a pages document. How you design that border is rather out of the range of these discussions. So, let's sa