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No such method error when launching the Interactive form

Hi Experts, I have developed a simeple Java Webdynpro application and added an Interactive form without any controls in it. Created the context with one value node and a binary value attribute. I have assigned  value node to datasource and binary att

Abstract Method Error and XML Parsing

I am using wl6sp1. I am parsing an XML file from within the servlet using jaxp1.1 and crimson. Following is code: 1- SAXParserFactory spf = SAXParserFactory.newInstance(); 2- sp = spf.newSAXParser(); 3- xr = sp.getXMLReader(); 4- xr.setContentHandler

Abstract Method Error in retrieving Blob

Hi! while (rs.next()) Blob blob=rs.getBlob(1); throws Abstract Method Error why? Thanxs in advanceYou'll probably find that the JDBC driver that you are using doesn't support blobs. Check the documentation that comes with your driver, it should tell

Server error: Class: UCF Acroform Method error Message: Could not send mess

Hi Gurus, I'm having a problem with displaying PDF file in the portal. I tried reinstalling Adobe 9. Tick and untick the option Display PDF in browser. But still encountering the error. Is it something to do with IE version? Please Help. Thanks in ad

HTTP GET method error

I've created a simple web page that contains a text box in which the user enters an URL. And also have a servlet to take this address and do something "useful" with it. The Servlet has a doPost method to get this address, and the web page also h

Organization Payment method Error

Dear All, When I trying to attach a bank account in cash management Tab im getting following error. APP-PAY-34070:the bank account does not uniquely map to cash management account If anybody faced similar issue please let me know the solution you hav

Is not abstract and does not override abstract method ERROR

Hello. I'm new at all this, and am attempting to recreate a sample code out of my book (Teach Yourself XML in 24 Hours), and I keep getting an error. I appriciate any help. This is the Error that I get: DocumentPrinter is not abstract and does not ov

"Your payment method was declined. Please enter another payment method" Error

Hello, I've been trying to download an app for about two hours now. I recently got a new Macbook and iPad, my iPhone is a bit older and has been used frequently. I have only bought paid apps with my iPhone (and other iPad -- not usable currently). I

No such method error

Hi, I'm getting a message that reads: exception occured during event dispatching: java.lang.nosuchmethod error. Here's some of my code for a game of blackjack when I press the start game button everything works fine the textfield displays 2 cards and

Getting no such method error   when calling  getEnvelope()

I getting this error java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.xerces.dom.ElementNSImpl.<init>(Lorg/apache/xerces/dom/CoreDocumentImpl;Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;)V      at com.sun.xml.messaging.saaj.soap.impl.ElementImpl.&l

Failed to invoke end componentFailed to invoke method error

I am getting this error while invoking a web service in weblogic. What is root cause of this error...? Error Description:- <remoteFault xmlns="http://schemas.oracle.com/bpel/extension"> -<part name="code"> <code>Serve

No Getter Method Error

I had a working JSP/Struts application. I added a new data page and struts forward, and started getting: No getter method for property Fullname6 of bean org.apache.struts.taglib.html.BEAN errors. I have confirmed that the Fullname6 is referenced in t

Secondary methods : Error when starting submethod

Hi, I have designed a workflow for payment request : For the approver i am displaying  the document in edit mode thorough standard method .I am calling that method ( Edit method ) in the secondary method of the decision tab( METHODS tab)  .But i am g

Payment Method Error.

Hi Experts, the go through the error message: No G/L account has been specified for x/usd for the bank. Message no.FZ018 Diagnosis A specification has not been made in the system as to which G/L account is to be posted for the selected payment method

Abstract Method Error

Hi All .... i m having problem when i call the method Connection.createStatemen(int,int). it gives the error java.lang.AbstractMethodError. i m calling from inside servlet. same error occures when i call method getRow() of ResultSet. here is all the

Getting missing method error - first attempt at arrays

I'm trying to work with arrays for the first time ever - I understand the concept, but can't quite get the syntax down. Here is the class which won't compile and is giving me a missing method body or declare abstract message - please help me understa

Return outside method error

Help me with the following problem please - import java.util.*; class TComp implements Comparator      String a,b;      public int compare(Object a,Object b);           int i,j,k;           String aStr,bStr;           aStr=a;           bStr=b;       

Unimplemented method error in Date

I am using jDev 3.0. In the entity objects set and get methods, for a date attribute, i am trying to use the functions like getCurrentDate(), diffInMonths() etc. The code is getting compiled, but when i test the application module, i get the error "U

OLE objects and OO methods - Error using OLE automation

Hi, I'm developing an class to read/write excel sheets and i'm getting an error on the OLE method that is: on this instruction call method of l_obj_excel 'WORKBOOKS' = l_workb_col. i got a dump that give me the following error UC_OBJECTS_NOT_CONVERTI

Undefined method error in custom package even with proper import

I edited the title of this thread to be a little more descriptive about the help I need. The background: I have a multi-file Flash application that allows users to navigate through multiple pages (similar to a website). I realized yesterday that with