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Sales tax Diferential adjustments in credit/debit memo instead of F-02

Dear All While creating Sales order we have maintained sales tax percentage instead of 4% we haved maintained 12%. and delivery and billin also been done. after all FI posting to AR we came to know that we have maintained sales tax % wrongly, Now we

Post 3 credit memo by removing sales tax

We have three credit memos that went through for the Tier Rebates and sales tax was added to each.  I need the credits memo to go through without a credit for sales tax.please adviseGo to header level of the credit memo request & change the customer

Credit note for sales tax amount

Dear All, I have a problem, my client is billed the sales tax amount but that customer is not liable for sales tax and accounting document also cleared. Now they want to give the credit note only for Sales tax amount and they wanted only tax account

Free Goods -Sales tax

Hi, I am working on Free Goods determination. The ultimate aim is to capture excise duty and sales tax for materials which is sold as free to customer. I could able to capture excise duties,whereas it is not charged on customer. I could able to sales

Deduction of Sales Tax

Dear All, We have new Tax policy according to which we have to deduct 16% sales tax for the vendors who are not registered with tax authorities. For example we procure services of $100 from an unregistered vendor then at the time of invoice we need t

Sales report: Profit center wise includes net, gross and sales tax URGENT

Helllo Friends, Please help me on the below report Client requirement is: Sales report which includes the below 1. Profit center 2. Net sales 3. Sales tax 4. Gross sales 5. Period Please help me Thanks for your help in advance NarasimHi, You will hav

Business model mapping query (High sea sales) - automatic credit control cn

Our Client imports goods(chemicals & liquids) in bulk... on ships .. (to india) It sells (the sale is made) before the ship enters the indian waters (territory)..  (on the sea itself) Practically this is what happens:  (HIGH SEA SALES) Invoice is don

Crediting sale tax only

Hi How can we credit an invoice just the sale tax back without changing inventory?Hi, Try to create service invoice/Non inventory item invoice. Service Invoice. Create a item in item master with "item type" field as "Labour" (Only Sale

Sale tax setoff

Hi experts Wt  is mean by sale tax setoff and how it is working in SD process. Regards Ishikeshhi There are two types of taxes, Tax on sale or purchase within the State  (Local Sales tax i.e LST) and Tax on sale or purchase in the course of interstat

Sales tax refund

I have been trying since November 19th to get a sales tax refund. Adobe has all of my paperwork and they have confirmed that my account is marked as tax exempt. However every time I call in to customer service and finally get to someone, I am told th

Sales tax when edging up

When I bought my first phone on Edge I paid full price sales tax. When I want to Edge up, I have to pay 50% of the cost of the phone. At that point I'm charged first month (fine) and then sales tax again for the full price of the phone. Something doe

How to refund Sales Tax in 2007 A

What is the best way to refund Sales Tax to a customer that was overcharged in SAP 2007A.  They have not paid the tax yet but I need to give them a Credit memo for the tax. Thanks, Don ShieldsHi I think one of the way is to create a Dummy invoice (Se

Clearing Sales Tax at Header Level in an Order

Hi, I have a requirement to not charge any tax on an order if the credit card used on the order is a government credit card. Currently I have implemented this logic in USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE. I am able to clear out the sales tax at the line l

Tax Credit with Vertex

Hi, We are using vertex. Can some one explain me how to handle Tax credits (invoive corrections for only tax). I will not like to cancel the invoice and then rebook again, I read something about invoice correction, is that something that is used for

Plus sales tax?

I'm confused about the pricing for Adobe Creative Cloud - the initial price states that it is inclusive of VAT but when I go to buy there is a new statement which reads... "Each month during your one year term, we'll bill your credit card £22.23 plus

Sales order credit control area

Hi, How can i identify the credit control area the sales order belongs to? Is there any way to identify in the SO itself? (not checking the sales org and checking the cc ar)Credit Control Settings for determining the credit control area of a document

Sales Tax Refund and Please Stop Charging Me?

Hi, I've tried contacting Adobe about this before but was fobbed off with "Database is 'Down'''. Basically I'm a Canadian client, in Canada paying with a Canadian Company credit card. I've noticed that when Adobe bills me I'm also being charged a US

Photo  Cards sale tax

I want to use the iphoto card templates for holiday portrait sales. I have to charge sales tax, so is there a way to purchase the cards without sales tax (ie. wholesale) so that the buyer isn't paying sales tax twice?http://www.apple.com/support/phot

Calculation of sales tax for free item

Dear SAP B1 Experts I have query regarding sales tax calculation for free item . For EG.  I have two item for sales (A = 1000,  B = 100)   Sales tax is VAT4% But when i am doing sales, i am selling B for free of cost with A for Rs 1000/-  here my tax

A/R Installment Payments with Sales Taxes and Freight in 1st payment

Our sales dept. wants to offer our customers Installment Payment plans (6, 12, 24 mths) for product sales which is easy enough to set up using Payment Terms and the Installment Payment flag. But our Accounting Dept wants to collect the Sales Taxes an