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Crash report when i sign out from app store after finish install mountain lion on my macbook pro retina. please fix this

Hi, I already finish download osx maountain lion after 2 attempts for my macbook pro retina. and when I want to sign out from my account at app store, it crash and some crash report show up. and if I sign in it happen also, but the app store still ca

Updated to Firefox 4.0.1 5/21/11 on Windows 7 (64 bit) system. All worked until yesterday. Now Firefox crashes immediately when I try to launch it. Crash report gives reason as "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_READ". What is happening and how can I fix it??

Immediately on attempt to launch, Crash Reporter pops up.Hey Guys, I managed to fix this issue myself..I can access the home page as normal. This is what fixed the issue. Step 1 : Un-installed Oracle XE while logged in to the domain. ( Made sure it c

Read the fixes and still having problems. Firefox will not open at all and I receive a crash report upon launch. Have restarted, shut down, run virus and malware checks and even tried downloading and reinstalling with no response. Please assist.

Read the fixes. Cannot open Firefox in safe mode. Have tried reinstalling Firefox. Crash occurs each time I try to launch Firefox. Have run scans, checked for malware, spyware, installed all windows updates and still no luck. Have accessed my crash r

For 2 wks get a crash report when I quit photoshop.  report sent whynothing fixed?

for 2 weeks get a crash report everytime i quit photoshop.  crash report submitted everytime with details on when this happens yet nothing has been fixed. what is purpose of sending crash reports if they are ignored and problem continues?yet nothing

Firefox 5.0 Crash Report @XPCWrappedNativeScope::TraceJS(JSTracer*, XPCJSRuntime*) What is this and how do I fix it???

Can't open my email or firefox...went through dialogue and received crash report...now what??? HELP!!I downgraded flash to 10.3 and it fixed the problem. Everything works fine now. I suggest everyone do this until Adobe releases a fix for 11.7.Read o

Cant get online. Keep getting mozilla crash reporter. How to fix?

Everytine I try to get online thru firefox on my home computer, I get the same error message: Were sorry firefox had a problem and crashed. Well try to restore your tabs and windows when it restarts. I check the box for Tell Mozilla about this crash

FIX CRASH REPORT SEND!!! It will not turn off by unchecking in options.

Windows 7 x64 crash report off does not work!!!I have that problem. Is this new? As in the past 24 hours or so? I just finished a clean install of Windows 7 and found this suddenly happening. Update: It's fixed for me. If you have by any chance an ad

Firefox is constantly comes to stall and there is nothing in my crash report, how can I fix it?

<blockquote>Locking duplicate thread.<br> Please continue here: [[/questions/919870]]</blockquote> Firefox is constantly comes to stall and there is nothing in my crash report, how can I fix it? It stops working for about 2 to 3 min., th

Fall Mazila, and the emergence posts by Crash reporter, the latest version of your program.How do I fix this problem?

Welcome to the fall issue of your program, occurs at a frequency of 5-10 minutes. Ways to solve this problem, such as updating drivers videkarty, updating software and hardware not help how to solve this problem, I do not know ID: ddc4b35f-ebe5-4c39-

Hey Apple---what does this crash report mean & how do I fix it???????

Any ideas be a big help as Apple don't make it easy to figure these things out. Happens when rendering, or exporting to Compressor or just editing. Tried the usual: -deleted prefs -re-set PRAM -changed drives to render to Here's the crash report, and

Safari Crashes Need to fix the problem (crash report included)

Recently my work started using Stixy.com to collaborate on projects. However after spending 5 min on the site safari always crashes. I figure It is most likely due to a third party plugin because the site is said to be compatible with Safari and most

My browsers keep freezing up until I have to forcequit. Firefox freezes at start-up and safari works for a bit but usually freezes when opening tabs. When I try to submit a crash report in either case, it always tells me "submission failed".

This started yesterday night. I tried to restore firefox to yesterday morning's time machine version, but no dice. No idea what's causing it, I haven't installed anything. The refusing to submit my crash reports really confuses. I don't know if it's

Firefox keeps giving me a crash report.. even though its working fine

Firefox in my pc is working just fine. but when i close all the open firefox windows, it gives me a firefox crash report and asks me if i want to submit it to mozilla team to fix the issue... i dont see any issue with it .. i tried by disabling all t

Firefox crashed when I restarted it to install plugins and the crash reporter is unable to submit a report for this crash. How can I submit this report?

# This file is in the UTF-8 encoding [Strings] # LOCALIZATION NOTE (isRTL): # Leave this entry empty unless your language requires right-to-left layout, # for example like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian. If your language needs RTL, please # use the untransl

Everything including my AVG software that refers to firefox or mozilla garnets a crash, I cannot even load the software from the AVG disk without the crash reporter and no sucess loading

I bought and installed the new AVG software for 2012 as soon as it was installed I began to have issues with the system, all regarding Firefox and Aurora, it seemed to work at first but then started to slow down the second monitor. When I purchased t

Since the last upgrade, FF no longer runs on my laptop! I get the crash report box but it never restarts upon pressing that option. I can't try the safe mode or the other self-help options because no FF browser window opens.

FF worked fine before I accepted the latest update just a few days ago. My friend who lives far away said that she also has problems since the upgrade. When I click on the thumbnail to open FF no window opens, all I see is the crash report. Without t

ESET NOD 32 cannot scan past this point. I keep getting stuck at 56% at the following; C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\ Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports\Pending. Is this a problem with NOD32 or with Firefox? Thank you.

I ran into a glitch on my system that I tried to fix myself. My NOD32 was always showing the yellow warning circle as my protection status when I started my computer. I tried to fix this every way I new how. Then I started to get pop ups asking me to

Firefox crashes on start up, won't go past crash report box

So I've just had my computer attacked by multiple trojans and viruses. I tried to use Firefox to get online to look for a specific way of deleting them. However the crash report box comes up, if I try to continue the a new crash report opens and keep

Firefox will not open, it goes right to crash reporter, and it will not open in safe mode(crash reporter again).

I added adblock, that seemed to work OK. The same day I was tracking down slow download speeds with my ISP and they had me go to, I think...I can't remember to well, the tools menu and erase cookies, passwords, etc. I don't remember what else was era

Safari crash report endless loop - Please help

My safari crashed at some point. Now whenever i open it, it has the window to restore them etc... But then emediatly open the crash report sumission window, telling me to chose re-open. I click it, it reopens safari, only to open the crash report win