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The location of the crash reports on the system?

My Mac Pro failed to wake up from sleep (not for the first time), when I pressed a key the monitor did not show anything (apart from a black screen) and I decide to restart it. There was a crash report which appeared after restarting which I was goin

Firefox says archived crash report could not be located. How do I get help?

I have had Firefox crash 3 times today. However, when I try to get details based on the crash ID's, Firefox says "Oh Noes! The archived report could not be located." Can someone help me based on below crash ID's?The first crash report is a probl

All the lettlers on my desktop and in the address bar appear as symbols. Also, I can't run firefox because it keeps giving me a crash report. I'm running Vista, if that helps.

This is my parent's computer. Here are the facts: After using facebook the previous evening, the next time the computer was used all of the desktop displayed symbols instead of letters/words. Upon trying to open Firefox a window labeled Firefox crash

When I click on the Firefox icon to open it, it does not open and comes up with the crash reporter. This happens every time I open or restart friefox. what should I do?

Firefox keeps crashing. I can't get it to open to do any of the troubleshooting steps. I have run Malware and there are no viruses. I have re-installed the latest version and still occurs.Create a new profile as a test to check if your current profil

Firefox crashed when I restarted it to install plugins and the crash reporter is unable to submit a report for this crash. How can I submit this report?

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Firefox won't open I get a "Mozilla crash reporter" message instead.

I bought a new computer and downloaded Firefox. I had brought my settings over with Easy Transfer and everything worked a few times. Now when I try to open FF it immediately shuts down and gives me an crash reporter message. It doesn't actually open

I can uninstall firefox then reinstall it then it opens when i close firefox i get crash report then i have to uninstall then reinstall to get it to work.

I have tried everything. i have installed uninstalled it works the first time then when i close all windows and try to reopen i get a crash report. then i cant even open in safe mode. so i go through the uninstall and reinstall process again. this ha

Firefox crashes as soon as I open it--I cannot even submit a crash report

Firefox crashes as soon as I open it. As far as I know, I haven't been able to submit crash report. I was playing Farmville when it crashed, about a month or two ago, and did submit a crash report then, all this in suppost has been no help, since I c

Firefox is crashing when I load above a certain number of tabs, and the crash reporter is failing to report it. At certain times I can't distinguish, this results in a BSOD too.

I keep restarting a session on my other firefox profile, because it includes posts I haven't finished writing or want to post, but after an indeterminate time firefox either: # Hangs intermittently (3 minute-ish hangs with 30 second unhangs) and gets

Firefox keeps crashing, crash report example included.

Hi, for the last two weeks, firefox has constantly been crashing at random intervals, or sometimes just giving me the spinning loading wheel and jamming up. I tried three antivirus software, Trend Micro Housecall, AVG, and malwarebytes. Malwarebytes

Firefox wont open, it keeps coming up with the crash report, i've eve restarted the computer, it still isnt working?

I was just checking my facebook when firefox unexpectedly stopped, then closed down. i clicked back on it and it came up with the crash report. i clicked restart firefox so many times yet it kept coming up with crash report again. i did quit then tri

Help needed with identifying cause of Google Chrome crashes from a crash report

Hello, I am trying to isolate a problem which is causing Google Chrome to crash. This is happening far too frequently - sometimes on opening, sometimes on web page loads and sometimes when viewing the preferences page. I'm using a 2012 Mac Mini runni

Safari 2.0.4 random unexpectedly quits..w/crash report

Safari on my macbook pro crashes a lot. Mainly when I open Safari it crashes immediately. Then I launch it and it works. Other times, it would just randomly crash on websites. Below is the crash report. I was looking into reinstalling Safari but coul

Firefox will not open, it ask if I want to send a crash report. All the questions I have read on this matter have not worked. I can open your website through internet explorer. What can I do?

When I try to open Firefox from my desktop it will not even open to the internet, it does pop up a box that says "do you want to report this crash" I have sent the report and still can not have any luck fixing this problem. I can go to the inter

Downloaded latest Firefox version. Firefox will not open in safe mode. Consistent crash report.

Responded to upgrade notice for Firefox 11. Downloaded and installed following directions. Message about RealPlayer add in needing manual update. No other errors with install. Displays crash reporter when opening. In safe mode, also displays crash re

Firefox crashes first time only. Afterwards, I can load and use it. I do not receive crash reports but have done all the recommended troubleshooting. Advice?

My Toshiba laptop is only a couple months old. I have checked to make sure everything is updated. Ever since I've installed Mozilla, it crashes when I open it. It will stay up for anywhere between 5 and 15 seconds before it crashes. When I open Mozil

Safari 6.0 5, iCal, Software update, Dashboard have crash reports

Hallo! Safari 6.0 5, iCal, Software update, Dashboard crashing on my MacBook Pro. I have Mac Os X v10.7.5. Should I post here all crash reports? Thanks in advance.Hello ... If Safari, iCal, Software Update, and Dashboard are all crashing, there's no

Minecraft Crashes

Every once and a while minecraft crashes and gives me this. Process:         java [11777] Path:            /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk/Contents/Home/bin/java Identifier:      com.apple.javajdk16.cmd Version:         1.0 (1.0) C

After rebooting or starting my computer, I'll open Firefox and it will close itself (no crash report).

When I open it again it works fine until I restart the computer again, and then it does the same thing. Any ideas why or what I should do to fix it?We're sorry to hear that your Firefox seems to be crashing. Please perform the following steps to give

After installing 17.0.1 on Windows XP, firefox will not start, goes to Mozilla Crash reporter

I installed firefox on Windown XP, Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3... When I try to start Firefox after install it goes to the Mozilla Crash Reporter... bp-549b7e51-5401-46fb-9783-c1b692130103 I've tried starting in Safe Mode, but same resul