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Minecraft Crashes

Every once and a while minecraft crashes and gives me this. Process:         java [11777] Path:            /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk/Contents/Home/bin/java Identifier:      com.apple.javajdk16.cmd Version:         1.0 (1.0) C

Safari and other web browsers quit. Can anyone help with a crash report?

Can anyone help point me in some direction to why Safari keeps crashing on me. Sometimes it's watching video, but sometimes it's just in the middle of reading a webpage. I've tried repairing permissions, deleting the cache and history, deleting the p

Had a crash at the login window and want to make sense out of the crash reports. Can anyone assist?

Hello, Yesterday, I seemed to experience a crash in the login window in OS X. The way the crash showed on screen was when the user accounts appeared on screen, then clicked on my name, typed my password and hit the "return" key. After hitting th

CEPServiceManager crash reports

I use imac, 10.8.5, photoshop CC. Creative Cloud shows all apps up to date. I have multiple crash reports each day. Not certain of cause. Have added long crash report below. any help to save what is left of my hair? Process:         CEPServiceManager

Crash when trying to print (incl. crash report adobe reader)

When I try to print something (PFD/image etc.) using every program (Adobe reader, preview, chrome, safari) the print tab will not open (preview) or the program crashes (adobe reader). The only thing that is working is printing in Photoshop CC. Who kn

I am having problems with Safari.  It will not open and "Quits Unexepectedly" every time I try it.  It gives a long crash report.  Is it safe to post the crash report to get help?  Thank you.

Please help.  I cannot get Safari to open.  It is saying it quits unexpectedly every time I try.  Is it safe to post my crash report to get help?  Thank you.Process:     Safari [226] Path:        /Users/USER/Desktop/Safari.app/Contents/MacOS/Safari I

Help needed with Safari Crash Report Please

I cannot visit the Apple Store site along with some other sites (My Amazon Login Page ) without Safari 4 crashing. This is happening on two computers and I have tried the following with no success..... Repairing permissions Removing plist file Runnin

Safari crash report

So I think a faulty extension was downloaded, no idea how because I don't download any extensions. It had something to do with internet explorer but I deleted it in hope that it would stop my safari from crashing and so I forgot the name of the exten

Safari 5 crash report, having issues since i downloaded it...

hey guys - i don't know which part of the crash report can be of any relevance, so i've postet all of it - sorry for that. im having some issues with my mac ... (late 2008 mbp - all software up to date) i installed safari 5 via the internal softwareu

HT203353 safari crash report. Help!

Hi everyone I really hope you can help me here. I can not access safari at all. I seam to be getting the same crash report every time I attempt to open the browser. If you could please help me I would appreciate it. I am imagining that something has

Instant logout (WindowServer crash report & info inside)

Ok, there are several people that have this problem it seems.  I can't figure it out.  It's the WindowServer, but why?  Here are some points: - usually (always?) happens when I have my Dell 24" LCD hooked up - usually (always?) happens when I'm runni

After quitting Safari I receive a crash report referencing cloudd

After a browsing session with Safari and upon quitting I receive an error dialog that references the cloudd process. Does anyone know what this is how to fix it? I also see in the console logs many references to problems with apple.com.webkit as well

Safari Crashing when plug-ins are enabled - Crash report attached

Hi guys Safari is crashing whenever I have plug-ins enabled. Its says it's a flash player problem. I've uninstalled and reinstalled flash several times to no avail. Updating to the new safari has made no difference either. I've been trying to resolve

Can anyone help me decode this crash report please?

My 2008 MacBook is becoming increasingly prone to crashing, and I wondered if this crash report from iMovie might contain a clue as to how serious the problem is, and the possible cause. I'd be very grateful for the advice of anyone who understands t

Help needed with identifying cause of Google Chrome crashes from a crash report

Hello, I am trying to isolate a problem which is causing Google Chrome to crash. This is happening far too frequently - sometimes on opening, sometimes on web page loads and sometimes when viewing the preferences page. I'm using a 2012 Mac Mini runni

Safari 2.0.4 random unexpectedly quits..w/crash report

Safari on my macbook pro crashes a lot. Mainly when I open Safari it crashes immediately. Then I launch it and it works. Other times, it would just randomly crash on websites. Below is the crash report. I was looking into reinstalling Safari but coul

Photoshop CS5 crashes every time I open more than one image, why? (crash report included)

The process is, I open up my tiff file that's i'm going to paint on. I go to window, arrange, new window for ____.tiff so I can see a mini version of it as I paint. I then open a picture (also in photoshop) for my background, to use that as reference

Safari crashes every time I open it (crash report included)

Hi, every time I open Safari, it crashes. Actually, it doesn't even really get to the "open" part-- each time I attempt to do that and click on its icon in the dock, I get a crash report and a prompt to reopen, and then the vicious cycle continu

Crash report reproduced here - feedback appreciated

From the following crash 'report,' can anyone see what led to the crash? I was at a 'flight search' website, and search results from my input (departure and return dates) were being computed. Suddenly, crash to desktop with SAFARI gone. Replies appre

Crash report for message below re updting iweb/crashes/iphoto also crashes

Here is the crash report for the 'problem' with iweb & iphoto - under question below this one..... updating iweb/crashes/iphoto also crashes.... Date/Time: 2007-05-03 16:07:41.295 +0100 OS Version: 10.4.9 (Build 8P135) Report Version: 4 Command: iWeb