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Mini DisplayPort HDMI Cable


Mini Displayport/HDMI cable & Audio Y cable to Vizio. No sound!

13-inch MacBook Pro, mid-2009 Vizio E320i-A0 I connected a mini displayport/HDMI cable and a audio Y cable (Dynex 3.5mm RCA) from my MacBook Pro to my Vizio TV and I can't get any sound through the TV; however, I do get a picture.  Called Vizio and,

T520 DisplayPort -- HDMI cable recommendation needed

I just purchased a T520 with discrete graphics (nVidia NVS-4200M) and would like to use my HDTV as an external monitor at its native resolution (1920 x 1080). The DisplayPort --> HDMI cable I plan to use should carry both graphics and audio. Since I'

Mini Displayport HDMI 5V?

Does anyone happen to know if this cable (http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?cid=102&cp_id=10246&cs_id=1024603&pid=5995&seq=1&format=6) will send 5V over the 5V pin at the HDMI end? I am not sure if the Mini Displayport is c

No Audio using Moshi mini display + HDMI cable

Hi Guys, I now have video but no audio when connecting my macbook pro to my digital TV.  TV is Teac HDMI and using moshi mini-display and HDMI cable.How old is your MBP?  MBP's early than mid-2010 do not support audio through the mini-displayport.Rea

Pb screen fuzzy plugged with mac mini and hdmi cable

Hi all, I bought my first mac yesterday and I plugged it it this morning on my tv screen with an hdmi cable. I saw that the screen at the bottom where all the icones are is fuzzy. We set it up at the apple store and it was working well. Could you ple

Mini-DisplayPort Extension Cables

Many, like me, discovered the cabling on the back of the 24" LCD Cinema Display is no where near long enough to reach a Mac Pro positioned underneath the desk. Not to fear ... you can get Mini-DisplayPort cables from both DataPro and Dr. Bott. I pick

2nd Display not working (mini displayport - HDMI)

I have just upgraded to Snow leopard and I can't connect to my TV anymore. It kinda worked the first time, but i did fullscreen on an internet tv show and it zoomed in, so I could only see a closeup of about 1/2 of the video. I also was unable to acc

13" MacBook Pro (Early 2011) doesn't detect display over mini DisplayPort HDMI adapter in Mountain Lion 10.8.2

Hi to all. I have a problem connecting external display (Dell U2311H) to my 13" MacBook Pro (Early 2011). I use Tecklink Mini DasplayPort to HDMI adapter (http://www.techlink.uk.com/products/wires_cables/wiresmedia/wiresmedia_media/wir esmedia_mini_d

Audio through Mini Displayport (HDMI Adapter)

I'd like to connect my MBP to my amp using a HDMI adapter. Will any audio pass through this? Enabling a 5.1 output? CheersOkay, now I'm confused. I always understood the digital audio limitation on the mini display output to be the result of stepping

My MacBookPro 10.7.5 had been streaming tv thru the mini port/HDMI cable. Suddenly it stopped working. My tv screen is now black. I have tried restarting the computer with the cord connected. The computer is otherwise working.

I had been streaming tv with my MacBookPro 10.7.5 for several years using a cord from the mini port to the HDMI plug on the TV. Suddenly it stopped working. My computer otherwise works fine but there is my computer screen image is no longer being tra

Mini displayport HDMI adaptor doesn't work

I bought a mini display port to HDMI adaptor for my Macbook Pro. But every time i plug it into my tv it only shows the default purple sky background and none of my actually stuff. I don't know why it's doing this. can anyone help?It's working.  That'

Im trying to hook up my macbook pro with Lion os to new tv with Kanex mini displayport hdmi with no luck, any help?

I'm trying to hook up my macbook pro to my new LG tv, I have the desktop screen on my tv (I was told I had to open a 2nd desktop and then drag my dvd screen into it, it still doesn't work.ok so you have a macbook pro with minidisplayport and you can

MBP 2009: Audio over Mini DisplayPort

Hello I previously ordered a Mini DisplayPort -> HDMI cable (http://www.amazon.co.uk/1-8m-DisplayPort-Adapter-Unibody-MacBook/dp/B003WVC8R2/r ef=sr1_fkmr01?ie=UTF8&m=A1T39SA8AUFT6J&qid=1289477962&sr=1-1-fkmr0). It's been working great with

Tecra A11 - No Video via mini DisplayPort

Hi There, I just recently purchased a mini DisplayPort -> HDMI cable to be used with my Tecra A11 Notebook. My intention was to run two external displays by running a VGA cable to my LG W2242 Monitor and run the mini-DP to HDMI cable to my HP 2509m M

Mac is not connecting to TV after using Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Cable?

Macbook Pro is not connecting to TV after using Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Cable. 2010 Macbook Pro, just purchased Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Cable from Amazon. Link here: http://www.amazon.com/Mini_Dis-HDMI-CB6-Mini-DisplayPort-Adapter-C

Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter plays video but does not do Audio

Ok I was told by someone at the Apple Store durring my one to one secession that I could get a mini to HDMI cable and the video and audio from my laptop would be displayed on the TV. This was the cable I was told to get http://www.amazon.com/gp/produ

How do I connect my MacBook Pro to a monitor or tv via a Thunderbolt to hdmi cable?

I have an early 2011 model MacBook Pro 15in. I purchased this cord to use the Macbook with my tv and my monitor. I've tried the detect display option, I've also tried different hdmi ports on my tv but it won't display for whatever reason. http://www.

Use Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter to connect Mac Mini to Cinema Display?

Hi I have a new-to-me current model Mac Mini and want to use it with my 20" Cinema Display (model A1081). The Mac Mini instructions say to use the HDMI port on the Mac Mini with a DVI>HDMI adapter cable. I seem to have only a DVI>Mini DisplayPo

I would like to watch videos on my tv from my mac, but no hdmi connection on my mac.  Is there a usb/hdmi cable available to my mac?

I would like to connect my MacBook Pro to my tv to watch videos, but I only have a usb connection on the laptop.  Is there an adapter to go from usb to hdmi for the mac?You will need a cable such as this for video: http://www.amazon.com/Mini-DisplayP

Mini displayport not working for DVI (VGA works)

So I've just received my new MacBook Pro, I ordered it with a mini displayport to DVI dongle. When I plug this in to my known good DVI monitor, nothing happens no video is sent to the display and the preferences do not show anything. However when I c