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minimum steps to reach a destination


Minimum steps required for Change Management and Incident management

Hello experts, Does anyone have a check list of the absolute minimum steps required for getting Change Management and Incident management functioning in Solution Manager. I just need it to function with creating changes and incidents and be able to a

Some emails not reaching their destination

Since moving from MobileMe to iCloud some emails are not reaching their destination.the same way! Some letters do not reach the destination with iPad iCloud mail. In iCloud they fall into the "Sent", but do not come to a different destination so

Steps to create  rfc destination

hi, what are the steps to create rfc destinationFollow the following steps : 1. Create RFC destination for both the systems on CRM and R/3 in SM59. 2. Create the logical systems and assign clients to logical system in SALE transaction both on CRM and

Exclude condition from sales order when minimum  vale not  reached

Hello, what  would  be  the  best  way  to  exclude/include  the  freight  cost  condition  from  sales order  when  minimum  order value  is  not  reached? Thanks and  best regards LHi, If you want to be it should be automatically then follow what R

Error while executing template installer: Step 14 Maintain JCO Destinations

Dear all: We are applying Template Installer to perform post installation for BI-JAVA in NW2004s SP09. Onto step 14: Maintain WebDynpro JCO Destinations, we faced the following Error message : Element 'SAPConfigLib.BW8.Unclassified.maintainJcoDestina

How do you erase and reinstall a hard drive without a disc? I bought this mac book pro under a year ago and am pretty sure i downloaded mountain lion from the app store. Basically Im having startup issues and this is the final step Ive reached

when I start my laptop it loads a third of the way and shuts down automaticallyI've tried to safe boot, repairing discs and clearing RAM but nothing has worked. basically I've come to the final step of having to a erase my hard drive and reinstall mo

Output file is not reaching the destination

Hi,   I am doing a simple file to file scenario using SAP PI 7.0. I am posting my input file in one location and after a simple mapping I need to receive my output in another location.My file is getting picked up and I can see that in the message mon

Sent mails from CRM are not reaching to destination..

Hi experts, good afternoon. I have configured an action to trigger an email when the document is saved.  But the problem is action is shown as executed in transaction level, even in SCOT it is showing as completed but in SOST sent mails it is not sho

Minimum steps of conversion from YouTube to PPro CS3

I have PPro CS3 on Windows XP.  I also have AE CS4, if it would be of any use for this problem. I got permission from an owner of some YouTube video clips to use them in my video - I normally never do this (I'm very picky about using my own prosumer

Sent messages not reaching destination

Mail sent through .mac account does not reach destination, but everything looks completely normal. Messages sent using mail but from another mail account reach their destinations just fine. I still have tons of space on my .mac mail account and absol

Email is 'Sent' but does not reach destination - Please Help

Hi Guys, Need some help with this. I have recently discovered that all emails I have been sending from Mail over the last month or so have not reached their destinations. I get no error messages when sending from Mail - the email is dispatched as usu

Outlook 2013 sent email not reaching destination

This is a first for me! Since early yesterday morning any email sent from Outlook 2013 (pop3) does not reach its destination that includes btinternet addresses. Outlook receive works on messages coming from other clients. Outlook send appears to work

Mail sent does not reach destination

I am able to send mail from smtp.mac.com, or at least that's what it looks like, but the mail does not reach its destination. I tested it on myself. I have two accounts, .mac and another one. I sent mail from .mac to my other account and it didn't re

Problems reaching 1 specific host

Hi, i have a strange issue reaching my mail/webserver. Since a few days, I've had connection errors with Apple mail on my IMAP accounts. Digging into the problem revealed that executing a traceroute to my server (eros.lunarpages.com) hangs 1 step bef

No destination disk seen when trying to re-install mac os on powerbook g4

I wiped my drive clean and want to re-install mac os. When it gets to the screen with "select destination" there is no drive displayed. Please help!Again, you haven't said which model powerbook you have, so I don't know what version disc(s) you

Runtime Steps

hi, when the scenario runs wat will happens in background( internal process). other than the execution  routing rules, collabaration agreements, wat will happen in back ground. how the file(file >xi->file scenario) picks and where it stores, after m

Time step error

HELLO SIR, I am doing my M.E.,project in  power converters area.i have successfully designed my converter in multisim.For designing a PI controller i had linked my multisim model with labview.As per my design my switching frequency is 10KHZ.In multis

Applying Extended ACL close to Destination

                   Hi Everyone, Need to share something here.Mostly we use extended ACL close to the source. Here is this scenario i need to use the extended ACL  close to destination to fix the issue. Here is info Server 1  connected to interface X 

MSA step by step guide

Dear Colleagues, I installed MSA on laptop, setup the communication station adn Conntrans. But conntrans gives me the error when I try to run it. I checked the commnication station, anmd it says "can not reach to destination server, server is unavail

Calling Remote enabled Function module in java using RFC Destination

Hi We are on Portal 7.3 ehp1 sp9. Steps followed are : RFC Destination called "SAP_RFC" has been created as below : Configuration -> Destinations -> RFC Destinations Connection and Transport: Load balancing :Yes Provided : SystemID / MS Se