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MIPS Data Bus Error


Bus error - Help!

Hi, I've been asked to see if I can fix a C program so that it will run on a mac. It currently compiles and runs perfectly on a linux machine, but as soon as you run it on a mac, it will compile, but quit with a bus error very early on. The full code

How do I fix: DirectoryServices: Job appears to have crashed: Bus error

Can anyone help with this problem? The only solution I have found is to erase and reinstall the OS. A reinstall alone will not fix it. I have experienced this problem on 3 Macs now, and Apple Care has virtually rebuilt my mini attempting to fix it. H

ATA bus error

Hello, I have some problems with hard drive on my laptop. Sometimes everything freezes for few seconds (usually during start-up, but sometimes after I login) and I get some errors. After that, everything seems to be working fine. Part of dmesg with e

Bus error in the Forte executable

Hi, We have an environment with forte' (ver. 3.0.G.2) running on AIX 4.1 (The name of central server is cld_app1 and the nodemgr start with the name cld_TDR). In our environment we are using two differnet repository. In rep1 we have a very simple pro

Bus error in starting Xorg

I've been trying to get Xorg to work, but I've been having some issues. I worked out all the warnings indicated in my /var/log/Xorg.0.log but the main issue seems to be in line 112 to 115, Bus error at address 0xb73c88c0 Fatal server error: Caught si

OSB: Cannot acquire data source error while using JCA DBAdapter in OSB

Hi All, I've entered 'Cannot acquire data source' error while using JCA DBAdapter in OSB. Error infor are as follows: The invocation resulted in an error: Invoke JCA outbound service failed with application error, exception: com.bea.wli.sb.transports

I am getting ORA-01403: no data found error while calling a stored procedur

Hi, I have a stored procedure. When I execute it from Toad it is successfull. But when I call that from my java function it gives me ORA-01403: no data found error - My code is like this - SELECT COUNT(*) INTO L_N_CNT FROM TLSI_SI_MAST WHERE UPPER(CU

Data length error in record 86.

Data length error in record 86. Message no. FV147 Diagnosis An error occurred in the processing of the data to be imported. It is highly probable that this is a data error. Contact your data provider. System Response Any account statement processing

OraRRP Error with "Unable to copy data file;Error code 2, check disk space"

Hi, Some users get this message -"Unable to copy data file;Error code 2, check disk space" when run report with orarrp, but most users do not get it. I check free space at both server and client side, they are very sufficient. I also checked dir

Data network errors when manually switching from 3g to 2g

Hi everyone, Apologies if this has been posted before but im running out of ideas! - Got my iphone 4 a couple of weeks ago and have noticed a rather irritating problem with it. For some reason, if i manually switch from 3g to 2g the data connection d