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Graph is not getting displayed in R12

Hello folks, Cureently m working on R12 upgrade project. And we have a report which is working fine 12 but the graphs are not getting displayed as like 11i. Could you plz any one help how to fix the issue. Note: There is no error is coming up. But in

Xul runner platform version is not compatible and fire fox will not open - this is after upgrading to v 5

After trying to updat from 4.0 RC2 to 5.0.1 Error message appears error: Platform version '2.0.1' is not compatible with min version >=5.0 <=5.0. Have uninstalled and tried to re install earlier version but now get same error message but now get is

How can I display data gathered in a subVI in a graph of the main VI?

I have written a largish application (~50 VI's) which acquires, analyzes, display and saves data from an instrument with a built-in DAQPad. My problem is that my block diagram is rather messy by now. I'm using an event structure in my main VI which r

How can I print out the graph I need only, without the controls and indicators?

I'm doing some programming in LABVIEW. I need to print out only the graph, without the buttons, controls, indicators. I tried to look for such a function in LABVIEW, but in vain. How can I achieve the result I expect in my programming?Hi Fenny, you s

Hiding a hierarchy column in graph view

Hi All, In an compound layout I would like to have pivot view and bar chart view. There are two hierarchy columns in criteria. These column should display in pivot view. My requirement is to hide the hierarchy columns in Bar chart view and can we app

Silver graph performanc​e (apparent serious 2011 flaw)

I noticed that cpu usage was quite high for some VIs and ended up finding out with simple comparison benchmarks (using performance and memory test) that a VI with the new silver graph runs about 25 times slower than a vi with the old, uh, modern grap

Regarding graph in obiee 11g

Hi All, i have some reports that has graph. in that graphs some graph is coming and some is not coming and giving error shown below. Graphing engine is not responding. A fatal error occurred while processing the request. The server responded with: or

Rwbld60.exe error while calling a graph wizard from reports 6i.

Hi, I have a latest patch 4f installed on my machine for reports 6i. When i call a graph wizard from my reports i am getting a program error saying "rwbld60.exe has generated errors". How do i confirm that my new patch is installed successfully.

Printing problem with PDF graphs from preview

Whenever I print PDF files from preview or from safari, some graphs print incorrectly, although they are displayed correctly on the screen.  This only happens with black and white figures and either a negative image with the black and white are rever

How to change the text in the legend of a graph programmat​ically in labview

I have many graphs in one plot and want to show the legend the name of the graph (i.e. the filename). How do I change the text in the legend programmatically?Create a property node for your graph. Use the property node "Active Plot" to define wh

Fire Fox sent not all the data in text form. Reached only piece of information. Where can I find the cache of sent text?

Fire Fox sent not all the data in text form. Reached only piece of information. Where can I find the cache sent the text? For example, I posted an article on a news site, but found that only a small part of my article was posted.I'm not sure whether

Can not edit data labels in old graph chart objects using Word 2010

In Word 2010, Insert object "Microsoft Graph Chart", go to Chart Options and check an item in Data labels, such as "Series Name", "Category Name" or "Value". Click OK, then double-click on a data label to edit its s

How can i select groups of data for show in graphs

Good morning, my problem is that I have made the connection to serial visa in  labview, but i dont know how display groups of bits  in graph, in serial signal I'm sending four sensors, the signals are in order, first is temperature with a group of 8

How do I display the next segment of an LVM file on a graph?

I have built an application which reads in an LVM file containing 16 waveforms. I am taking 1000 samples at 1kHz. The capture may last for up to 3 minutes, so I generate a sizable file. When I read this file back and display it I only get the first s

Error from reports from ZAM(Graph or PDF) - File does not begin with '%PDF-'.

I just noticed today that any Graph or PDF report I try to view I get the following error - Error from reports from ZAM - File does not begin with '%PDF-'. I tried to just save the file and then open it, but get the same error. I can open other pdf f

Graph in rtf template

Dear All I need to insert a graph in report through XML in RTF template. i am not able insert the multiple values in BI Publisher. when i try to insert the 2nd value it is getting replaced with the 1st value. Kindly assist me. Regards Shaizy Edited b