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SkillBuilders Modal With Chart

Using Apex 4.2 I am trying to open an interactive report in a modal window by clicking a bar in a chart. I am trying to use the Skill Builders plugin, but not getting very far. Has anybody got an example of how to do this Thanks in advance GusGus, If

Skillbuilders modal from chart link

I'm at a loss as to how to call the skillbuilders modal from a chart link (click on point in series). I'm able to call a classic report residing in another page but I can't figure out how to get it to appear in a modal. I created examples on apex.ora

Can't display CR Charts on Server

Hello, I've created a number of reports that all run fine on my local machine and all is fine on the server except that reports with a Chart do not display. The CR toolbar and treeview pane are rendered but the chart shows up as a blank image or an "

How to right click chart and copy

In my page I display charts which I need to be copied when the client right clicks and chooses "Copy image", to paste in other tools like MS Word. However, i'm not being able to do it, what gets pasted in Word is just a blank picture. If I actua

Modal Help

I've followed the modal examples from http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=45420:2:2670751925295405 and have managed to get this working fine when wanting to open modal window from link within report. Now I'd like to do similar from link with a chart

Not able to view data in Aria People search Org Chart

Hi, I have uploaded my data into aria_tmp_people, aria_people_a & aria_people_b. While doing the search from Aria poeple, the uploaded data is not displaying in org chart. Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks AneeshHi Aneesh, First be more clear a

Open Skillbuilders modal page from report

I want to open the Skillbuilders modal page from within a report. The first column in a report represents the primary key of the table the report shows. What is the best way to do that? The idea is this: in the report region, there's a button CREATE

Not able to open Modal Page through a report attribute link

Dear All,      Not able to open Modal Page through a report attribute link, kindly help me...   I am using skill builders modal page plugin ... Thanks and Regards, MadonnaHere's what you have to do. You set up your column link like this: Link text: w

How can I represent more than one plot in an only one chart?

Hello everyone, i got a code where I don't understand how to represent more than two plots, with different scales each, in the same waveform chart. As brief review: * 2 adquisition data wired to Bundle * wire from Bundle to waveform chart. * options

How can i display Waveform chart in a subpanel using Vi templates.

Hi All I am new to Labview hence need  some help. I am trying to develop an application which reads some data from a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). The WSN consists of base station connected to the USB port which recieves data from other sensor nodes

Adding a single quote in the flash chart legend

Hi all, I am using a following code to create a line chart. SELECT null link ,TO_CHAR(monat, 'MON-YY') ,ROUND(No_of_hits/1000) "No of Clicks(''000)" FROM SELECT DISTINCT TRUNC(ref_month,'MONTH') monat ,SUM(no_of_hits) OVER (ORDER BY TRUNC(ref_mo

How can i print out the waveform chart?

  hello everybody, how can i print out the "waveform chart". can i do it just push the button. ( example; stop button is stop the program etc..) i checked the NI examples but i can't understand. i'm new to the Labview. pls help me. i added the m

SSRS 2008 Column Chart with Calculated Series (moving average) "formula error - there are not enough data points for the period" error

I have a simple column chart grouping on 1 value on the category axis.  For simplicity's sake, we are plotting $ amounts grouping by Month on the category axis.  I right click on the data series and choose "Add calculated series...".  I choose m

SSRS show trend chart over column chart per series groups

Need help in designing following report in SSRS, where I have a chart report with 2 category grouping fields and 1 series group field (as with category grouping, the reason being, i need to show columns in group of 4 joined together based on their gr

SSRS Chart group dataset by Year (series groups)/Month (category groups) force intervals to start at JAN?

Hi all, trying to figure this out in REPORT BUILDER, but I guess I can go to VS if needed... I've got a data set that says "sales" and its basically order summarycontaining: id, dateplaced, and other stuff... I want to use this dataset to show t

Error while assigning Chart fo dep to Company code.

Hi, I am getting an error "Inconsistency between FI company code PJP1 and chart of deprec. ZJCD" when i am trying to assign chart of depreciation to company code. The details description is below: Inconsistency between FI company code PJP1 and c

Chart of accounts

Hi, While creating PO, i'm getting following error. Define a chart of accounts first for company code MP00 kindly give the menu path for the same.Hello, A chart of account is nothing but a list containing all the G/L accounts. Every company code shou

Windows 7 and Windows 8 Driver Availability Chart for Creative's products

Hello Everyone, There is a Knowledge base article that contains the Windows 7 and 8 Driver Availability Chart for Creative's products. Thank you. Mod Notes: Updated the link and include Windows 8.For Windows 7 To run the Hardware and Devices troubles

Mandatory fields while using Group chart of accounts

Hi, Which are the mandatory fields while maintaining GL accounts in FS00 if i am using Group chart of accounts. And how attached these group chart of accounts gl to the operational chart of account GL. rajHi, the assignment from operational chart of

Help Needed in Crystal Reports 2008 Charting - XY Scatter

Hi, I need to create a XY Scatter plot using CRYSTAL 2008.i have to create 7 graphs of same XY Scatter plots in one single report.the 7 graphs i said because i have a Cost category object which will have 7 categories.so for each category i have to sh