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Modbus ASCII software protocol with 8 data bits

Hi All, I must communicate (serial) with a Handheld 3016 device (a particle counter from LightHouse). It uses Modbus ASCII software protocol with 8 data bits. Every Modbus ASCII software protocol, I have been looking through use 7 data bits. Any kind

Open-source java polling/survey software??

Hello, Does anyone know of a good open-source java polling software (web-based)? Thanks in advance, Julien.javacardsign is a signing applet, and yes it tries to be pkcs15. With respect to opensc compatibility we still have to test and see what else r

Using labview to read from flow computer using modbus

I am doing a project for my final term in instrumentation and attempting to create an HMI in LabView to interface with a Floboss 103 flow computer through modbus.  All I need to do is display temp static and pressure like a meter run.  I am using the

Process Failure when communicating over MODBUS using LabVIEW 2011 and DSC

I'm currently trying to read from a PLC's holding registers using MODBUS/TCP. I've confirmed that the PLC is updating the values and responding to MODBUS communication correctly using a third party program called Modbus Poll. However, when I try to p

Modbus Ethernet read and write to a Eurotherm 6180XIO Modbus server using LV8.2 shared variables

I am having EXTREME difficulty trying to establish communications with a Modbus device using LV8.2 shared variables.  The device is a Eurotherm 6180XIO Datalogger configured as a Modbus master.  The PC and a cFP-1804 are slaves.  All IP addresses are

Is it possible to STOP Polling?

I have created a system with 14 sites. Each having its own Modbus address. All the sites are not ACTIVE. They will be installed at a later date. As the customer installs RTU's all they need to do is flip a switch to enable it. Right now there is only

Modbus Help!

Hi, Firstly i keep getting a timeout error  6101 when i run my code, i have read the threads and i still keep getting this error. Perhaps it is the data i am inputting i am not sure. My device is an ADAM 4024. I perhaps need help with my configuratio

How do I disable Modbus Ascii in my ini file.

I need to disable the Modbus ASCII protocol in my Modbus polling. How do I do this in Lookout 6.0?See this KB. http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/2E64D5CF87CA6A1086256BB30070DC1A?OpenDocument To only use RTU, Protocol=RTU Ryan Shi National Instru

Proper routing for lan through verizon private network (GRE) to airlink gateways

Okay, I give up, and think I have done my due diligence (I have been engrossed and fascinated spending many more hours than allotted to try and learn some of the finer details).  Time for some advice.  My usual trade is controls engineering which gen

Polling variables using Modbus IP and labview 8.2.0 shared variables

I'm using shared variable in order to read/write register on a Watlow PM controller over Modbus IP standard. Once I make a change to FP control, the shared variable polling starts and I no longer get update of any controls or indicators on the FP. Ju

Software to develop a Modbus serial interface on a PC to comm with an HMI

The system consists of a text terminal (HMI) as a master, communicating with a Motion Controller, Modbus RTU (fast peripheral) protocol. I have to have a PC connected sometimes to the second serial port of the HMI, in order to download/upload variabl

Poll - Which Version Control Software Do You Use With LabVIEW?

I wish the forums had a poll feature. I created a poll in the developer community - Which Version Control Software Do You Use With LabVIEW? http://decibel.ni.com/content/polls/1818 Edit: I just saw that there already is a poll for that http://decibel

What is minimum poll rate for lookout protocol drivers using modbus ethernet

When configuring the device in lookout protocol drivers as modbus ethernet, what is the fastest update rate that can be used. The default value is 1 second and if I try to enter 0:00:500 the computer beeps and will not accept the valueIt's possible t

LMS 4.0 poller issue and software down.

I am doing an evaluation of LMS 4.0.  I have loaded the system on Windows and manually added my core 3750 switch into the system.  Device availablity is showing the device as available.  However, the other pollers like link utilization, error count,

Lookout 6.0.2 modbus rtu problem?

One of our customers has Lookout 6.0.2 communicating with several CMI Scada Packs over wireless modems using Modbus RTU protocol. Suddenly last Friday night he got comm fail alarm pages on all but one site. The  Modbus statistics window revealed that

Help with MODBUS! IRP_MJ_Dev​ice issue

I'm trying to implement a LabVIEW system to control a 5kW stand alone fuel cell. The existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system, supplied by the FC's manufacture, is closed and we obviously don't have access to the source code. We have

Lookout modbus plus performanc​e

I'm running 9 Schneider Electric PLCs Compact 265 connected to Lookout v5 PC via modbus plus. I have cyclic stalls of transport, each 50 secs or so, which last for 3 or even more seconds. I've tried all the settings there are on modbus object in Look

Things and Software to avoid when authoring for DVD-V

This one is always in the earlier, 1.X FAQ, but is so important it should be repeated here too. There have been so many posts along the line of "I cannot burn my DVD in Encore, but Nero works well" that I thought I should share this info with yo

Software Development Engineer positions at Hysitron, Inc. in Minneapolis (LabWindows CVI exp preferred)

Software Development Engineer Hysitron, Inc. is a premier scientific instrument manufacturer. Founded in 1992 with headquarters located in Eden Prairie, MN we are committed to promoting nanotechnology by developing advanced transducer and control tec

I have just fixed my screen flicker (Software only)

First of all, please note the below procedure is to be tried at your own risk. The basic idea is to add a custom refresh rate to the system (70Hz Vertical) and use it instead of the default one (60Hz). What was my flicker like: Continuous, felt like