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How to create Protein or Chemical structures in .pdb or .mol format for use with iBooks Author. Please help.

Dear Community,        There are a large variety of software packages used by Chemists and Biologists to view and manipulate Protein and Chemical structures in 3D. They typically have formats such as .pdb, or .mol. I have looked around and none of th

Playing Whack-A-Mole in List View

Got a folder with hundreds of files in it. Like, say, the Downloads folder. And I'm downloading lots of files. While downloading, I go into this folder and try to select 20 items by clicking on one and dragging through the rest. Works fine, unless wh

Mac not booting/running slow as molasses

Alright. This is going to be a large and multi-scope question, so please bear with me, everyone. Here are the (general) specifications of my MBP: Mid-2012 15.4" MacBook Pro 500GB HDD, 4GB of RAM (I believe) OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) Now, for the question

SDK component Runtime.apk is out of date export captive build for Kindle Fire

Hello Kindle fire only supports AIR 2.7 and I'm trying to export a build release in Flash Builder 4.7 with the AIR runtime included (captive build). Whenever I build I get the following error: SDK component at air/android/device/Runtime.apk is out of

How to install an apk file in macbook pro using bluestack software?

can someone please tell me how i can install an apk in bluestacks in macbook pro... i read somwhere that this should be pasted in Terminal ~/Library/BlueStacks\ App\ Player/Runtime/uHD-Adb install path-to-your-apk but i didn't get it done... my app's

Error when trying to sign a .apk file

I am having a problem with signing my unsigned .apk file. When ever I try to enter this command "`jarsigner –verbose –sigalg MD5withRSA –digestalg SHA1 –keystore my-release-key.keystore AmazonInAppSample-release-unsigned.apk alias_name`" I get t

Where can I get an APK file to install Firefox Beta? I don't use Google Play.

I'd like to test Firefox Beta but I can't seem to find a direct link to download the APK installer. It seems to be only available from Google Play but I prefer not to use proprietary software on my devices. My test devices are Galaxy SIII and Kobo Ar

I wish to get the game Word Mole on my Blackberry Pearl

I wish to get the game Word Mole on my Blackberry PearlI know that Word Mole is included when you buy a BlackBerry Storm, Bold or Pearl Flip 82x0. I do not know about the Pearl 81x0. The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and t

Word Mole for Mac

Anyone know how I can download Word Mole for my Mac?Not from this BlackBerry site, no. You might check any of the Mac software forums. 1. If any post helps you please click the below the post(s) that helped you. 2. Please resolve your thread by marki

How to make an apk from an indesign document

hello, I made a newspaper in indesign. And it works fully on the Ipad. now is my question if you can make an apk file from an indesign file so you can see my site on a android tablet. My android tablet doesn't have an android market so I can't downlo

Changing Package Name of an AIR apk

Hi. I have created an AIR app that is currently in the market. To update the app, obviously I must keep the same package name. My first version's were packaged using Eclipse with the ADT plugin. Now to use AIR 3.0 Native Extensions (ANE) which were n

Flash Builder 4.6  differences between debug version and apk release version

I've been struggling for several days now.  I have a simple swf file that just says 'hello world' on a green background. It is written in Flash 8 actionscript 2. I've used the Flash Builder  actionscript mobile project and flex mobile project in both

Pdf with audio to air to android (apk)

Hi, I need from my PDF (with incorporate audio) to convert in air application and from air to apk (android application: on froyo  2.2) Somebody can help me please? MDear Pat, I try to write it again. Unfortunately installing Flash doesn't solve the p

Android res/layout Folder not included in the APK file (but included in the ANE)

I'm having a problem with resources on an Adobe ANE Android extension:  [email protected]:  id.viewView I have a xml layout file, which is included in the ANE file (checking by unzipping the ANE file and looking into MET

Creating an apk

Hi, I'm new with Adobe Air and I got a problem with creating an apk. I use the xml and html files from the sdk tutorial (HelloWorld), yet I get an error when creating the apk: HelloWorld-app.xml: error 304: Initial window content is invalid What am I

Problem compiling APK with flash

Hi I wrote an app for iPhone and wanted to put it on android, changing the settings in flash.But when I compile to get an APK the compilation stop just 10 or 9 second before the end I hear the warning sound of my mac and then nothing. When I compile

Trouble with Word Mole app

Disappointed to find that Word Mole doesn't work properly on my new BB Bold 9790.  This is the second handset within  two weeks as it didn't work on that one either!  Worked fine on my old 9700. What happens is the cursor disappears every five levels

Google app renewed issue. Your APK's version code needs to be higher than 1000000

Hi I am updating a previous AIr based Android app with a new version. I had the following error Your APK's version code needs to be higher than 1000000. The issue is that I have carefully override the app version number but it keep given me this addr

Air 3.5 APK file for androids.

Where would I find a copy of Adobe Air 3.5 in a apk file.  ThanksThis is a User2User forum for Acrobat Forms. Have you looked at the Air Forum? Have you tried Google Play store?Read other 2 answers

Get apk infromation using c#

apk file (android application package file) : equivalent to executable (exe) files on windows aapt.exe : A command line tool which comes with android sdk in order to fetch information of an apk file (It obviously has other usages) An apk file has a n