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How do I use a precompiled dylib in my xcode project?

Hello all you brainiacs out there! I want to use mongoDB as my database for my iPhone projects. I have compiled their code, with instructions from http://api.mongodb.org/c/current/building.html... successfully. I ran all the tests, successfully. I ha

Following web-sites-nodejs-store-data-mongodb tutorial get azure.err when execute site create

I encountered azure.err message when executing site create while following tutorial from following URL http://azure.microsoft.com/zh-tw/documentation/articles/web-sites-nodejs-store-data-mongodb/ execution stop at executing git init within powershell

Open project cancelled or unable to load database...

I have been running version 9 sucessfully and moving projects around with no errors.  Today, I cannot load any of my projects. I have been through the threads and deleted the .cpj, moved the project to the root of my hard drive, etc. Something else i

I create a birthday calendar in iCal and then click on it in iphoto at the begining of the calendar project each year.  Some how the birthday did not populate the photo calendar.  Is there a way to add the birthday iCal calendar into the calendar project?

I created a birthday calendar to use in iphoto for calendar.  When a new calendar project is started each year, I click on it in.  Some how the birthday did not populate the photo calendar this year.  The photo calendar is almost complete.  Is there

Error in compiling Photoshop CC 2014 sample project

Hi, I am trying to compile SDK sample project "outbound". but it is showing errors, as "Parse Issue: Unknown type name 'DialogPtr' " in DialogUtilities.h . DialogUtilities.h file is in "Adobe Photoshop CC 2014:photoshopsdk:plugins

How do I use my third computer with cloud. I am rendering a project in Avid Media composer

How do I get my third computer to work with when I am rendering Avid project on the other two computers computersHi, Running creative cloud on third machine will prompt you for the deactivation from last 2 machines. As per EULA for Creative cloud you

Mid month joiners PF Projection Issue

Hi Team, We have an issue with respect to PF Projection for the employees who joined in mid month. We are on actual basis as an income tax projection. Employee joined on 16.04.2014 and his basic is 20,000 rupees. Since he joined in mid month his PF w

New Project - New Problems or The day the Reaper died

Ok, this is more like telling a story than a cry for help. The story is about a new project, new (great) results and the disaster that followed. Well story starts October 21st with me upgrading rig 1 with new parts. They came for my Opteron165 setup

COPA reporting with open and closed projects

Dear All, I am designing a COPA solution for an infrastructure providing company using project systems and posting to/settling out of projects on a monthly basis. Projects run for long periods and continually incurr costs and earn revenue untill they

Sale Order Status Change after delivery of materials from projects

have ETO sccenario which consists of all modules such as SD,PS.PP etc. Materials will be procured from external vendors & manufactured inhouse through project systems. After delivery of materials from project systems, billing & invoicing will be d

Sale Order Status after dellivery of materials from Projects

Hi, I have ETO sccenario which consists of all modules such as SD,PS.PP etc. Materials will be procured from external vendors & manufactured inhouse through project systems. After delivery of materials from project systems, billing & invoicing wil

Open Other Project Feature Follow up ?

I just posted a question in regards to "Open Other Project" button giving me inconsistent results. I was reading other posts to try to find an answer when something I read made me question myself. When I am setting "Open Other Project"

Open VI Reference for a Project Library VI

Hi, my code calls some subVIs by reference by using "Open VI Reference" and "Call by Reference" VIs. Now, "Open VI Reference" expects a path to the VI: When the SubVIs sit in the same folder as the calling VI, it is easy to s

Unable open Project details or a project from PWA Project server 2010 with Alias name

Hi, I am unable to open the Projects from Project center with the Alias name with the server name i am able to open the projects, version is  project server 2010, My system is ABC.DC.IN  alias name i have given is DEF.AD.COM   With the system name i

Unable to load project after cut

Hi, I've a new (few days old) iMac, 27inch i5, 24G Ram, OS X 10.9.1, Logic Pro X 10.0.6. Interface is M-AUDIO - Fast TrackUltra (latest driver) I had a project that seemed fine until I did a Cut/Insert->Cut Selction between Locations. The cut was fin

Unable to load project (prel file)  into Premier Elements 7.0

just installed 7.0 ..when attempting to load a project (slide show for play back on a DVD) created in Elements 3.0 .. get error that "The project could not be loaded, it may be damaged or contain outdated elements" .. I have no problem loading t

Unable to load project after delete some path with files but not used at all

Im using the demo of Premiere Pro CC last demo download today. All the fuc**ng day editing some videos, and saved, then I deleted som efolder containing some video files (almost not used) then when I try to open premiere the project I were working, p

Unable to load the project. latter is probably damaged or contain outdated elements

any one can help me with this problemeHi, I am the one with the problem wich kaderdz exposed. Sorry for my English writing, my first language is French! I still have the same problem and some of my projects won't open (months of work...). The few pro

Project canceled or unable to run project ....cpd

Hi, Since this morning, when I try to open my project (RH 7 Html) I've the message "Opening project has been canceled or application is not able to open project d:\........... . cpd If I reboot Xp, I also loose my connection to RoboSource control 3.1

Open project was canceled or RoboHelp was unable to load database

I have Robohelp 2002r2 and am creating Robohelp HTML help. The project was ok yesterday but today when I try to open it I get the error message "Open project was canceled or RoboHelp was unable to load database". I tried the solutions in the kno