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Infotype 0008 - Wrong Salary Calculation

Hello, We are having a problem with Infotype 8 annual salary calculation in 4.7. We have 173.33 working hours per month and Capacity utilization level 100%. The way It is calculating annual salary below.. Monthly Salary = 5000 It's multiplying workin

Duduction WT (10% of Monthly Salary)

Hi All I have a deduction Wage Type say 7000 which is 10 % of my Monthly Salary Wage Type 1000. I enter my Monthly Salary in IT 0008. So 7000 should automatically be calculated & included in Payroll Log RT. What setting do I need to make for 7000 to

Hi need help to change logic of IT0008 annual salary calculation

Hi friends I am an HR ABAPer. I need to do following modification to IT0008 annual salary calculation. currently in the Annual salary is calculated from PFREQ feature . In PFREQ feature we have only Company Code Personnel Area Personnel Subarea Emplo

How to Get Previous Month Salary for a particular employee?

Hi I am developing a report to get the Net Pay Difference from Previous month. I am using logical database pnp. My question is how can we get the last month (Previous from current selected month) salary of perticular employee. I read the thread which

Unable to find the column pay value and monthly salary in element entries

hi, iam unable to find the payvalue and monthly salary in element entries form. people enter and maintain> assignment > entries >entry values.. please tell me the table and column where the payvalue and monthlly salary is going to get populate. T

HR - Get Monthly Salary

Hi All, I have to create a Report based on Montly Salary by employee; so i will report based on 0EMPLOYEE ; but here it come the "Anual Salary". My question is : Which is the best approach to get the exactly monthly salary ? RegardsHello Sab, in

LTD- monthly salary cap

We have a requirement at my company related to LTD, whereas anyone making an annual salary of $120,000 or more would have a monthly salary cap of $10,000 (12 x 10,000 = 120000). I have tried defining this in the coverage rules but this does not seem

Any DBA job for 11 months Exp in india

Dear All, Are there any DBA job for 11 months Exp in india. Cities like Pune,Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida. If all u ppl have any requirements in ur company plz do inform me. I am also an OCA 9i ie SQL, PL/SQL Developer , but i have been w

Two months salary comparison

Dear Gurus, Please guide me for how to comparison of two month salary.  what is T-code.  Basically this is for monthly salary comparison & found any different then why made the different in monthly salary. With Regards, Santosh R. Shivane Core Team M

Benefit Salary calculation

Hi guys, I have a requirement which is like this: Benefit Salary to be calculated as of Oct 01 of previous year. For example, if I am enrolling for 2009 then the Benefit Salary should be as of Oct 01 2008. However, the issue is that when I run payrol

Tax depreciation calculation - India

Hi, For calculating Tax depreciation for India, we use group assets in asset master (dep area 15). SAP standard report J1IQ is obsolete and can not be used. How to calculate tax depreciation for India. Requirement for India tax depreciation is : An a

Config of Group assets - Tax Depreciation Calculation : India

Dear Seniors, can you please explain the configuration of the Group assets and how exactly the tax depreciation calculation in India happens for the individual assets with scheme of entries. Thanks and Regards SathishHi, In India, depreciation on ass

Crystal Reports monthly revenue calculation

Hy I would like to create a cross tab from B1 data sources to show the monthly revenue. I use SBO 8.8 and CR 2008. My problem is that I don't know exatly how the SBO is calculating on the sales analysis. Normaly is working like this: (oinv.doctotal-o

Salary Calculation/Load

Hi, We are using System 11, version 1.1.1, and I have a quick question regarding a salary member. In workforce, this member is stored and has a member formula. I don't want it dynamic since I have a calc script that specifies the order for the accoun

BB admin and monthly salary?

Hello,  I am working in a Company and am administering two Blackberry Servers with 96 BB Handhelds.  In addition, I am Administering some 30 Notebooks (with the purpose to lend them temporary to those traveling out of office), and some 54 Internet Da

Calculate Monthly Salary Without Refresh

hi, i have to calculate salary .i have two select list one for emp_id and second for month. when i select emp_id then Emp_name and Salary are coming into text field. i want to calculate Advance Salary of Employee ,which is he take in between month an

HR Cube having employee wise monthly salary.

Hello, I want to get monthly Employee wise Salary (i.e actual paid). So please suggest the proper Cube name. Regards SatyaHi Satya, Refer to the HR BW Content Help. You may use  0PY_C02 InfoCube . [http://help.sap.com/SAPhelp_nw04/helpdata/en/bb/3b1d

How much worth a gift card will I get it I recycle my iPad 2 3G+ WiFi 16GB (8 months old) in India?

I was very dissapointed when I realised that Apple has omitted some serious updates from my iPad 2 like SIRI and facetime over 3G. So I am seriously conidering to switch over to iPad mini as it supports facetime over 3G.That's a seriously good questi

Subscription Issue - 3 months calling to India 120...

I have subscribed for 3 months plan on 28 th Mar 2015. But it did not add calling minutes for may'15. Can I know why i did not get calling minutes for May?I need a mod to fix my account asap. Or I walk away and ask for a refund.  And Take my number a

Use 0fiscper (only month) for calculation in a formula

Hi experts, i have a BEx scenario and i need your help. i wanna create a key figure based on a formula. Content of the formula: 1.) Key figur "TB" = Total Budget 2.) constant value e.g.'12' 3.) Variable 0fiscper; it is a user input variable e.g.