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Most Popular Linux Distros 2016


Which Linux Distro Works Out of the Box With the iMac late 2009 (11,1)?

Hi. I use all 3 OSes because the other two OSes have tool and games that are not yet in OS X; best of both worlds. Win 8 on Bootcamp is nice for games and utilities but I'm installing Linux too on a separate external drive. I've tried a lot of Linux

Is There Now a Linux Distro That Works With the iMac 2009's 4850 GPU?

Hi. Is there a linux distro now that have fixed the 4850 GPU (mobility version) bug for the iMac late 2009 model? Thank you in advance. Gbu.You Both can Add one email Account on Both Phones and then sync the Calender With Email - This way when one wi

A Linux distro that teaches the user as he/she navigates?

Hi, I was wondering about this idea I had about making a Linux distro that teaches users how to use the desktop while teaching them the fundamentals of Linux, like installing packages. It would a noob distro. So I wanna get ideas laid out and see wha

Should I use the 64 bit or 32 bit Linux distro for Oracle Service Bus

I'm going to install OSB for the first time on Oracle Linux 5.3 for development use. Does it matter whether I install OSB on the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Oracle Linux? I've had better luck with 32 bit Linux distros in the past, but if there's a be

~~[DONE]~~ Installing Oracle 10g Rel. 2 on linux distros...

Hello guys, I wanted to ask if anyone of you tried to install oracle 10g release 2 for personal use on any linux distro (free distros). If yes which linux did you try? Message was edited by: sysdbaChoose the Linux distribution that makes you feel mos

Ideal Linux distro for a computer lab

I'm looking for a good Linux distribution to install on a ~40 PCs programming laboratory. The desktops need to be user-friendly for both Linux and non-Linux users (which means that's probably a KDE/Gnome desktop). I think that a rolling-release distr

Going to start a Linux distro cd shop...

I'm making (another - my other website is Archux) website for selling Linux distros. I've got information about what I'll need for it, and I've decided that I will install Drupal 5 (past stable release that has support for shopping modules) and I won

Which linux distro for ASM

Hi, I have just purchased a new PC and would like to use oracle ASM, could anyone suggest the best free linux distro for this purpose. I have read recently that there are problems when trying to use ASM on Ubuntu,.... does anyone have any suggestions

Please recommend Linux Distro for 9ids installation

Has anyone successfully installed 9ids (9.0.2) on a linux distro other than Redhat AS 2.1 and SuSe SLES7. If so what distro and version. Any additional packages needed? I have followed the installation instructions and have attempted its intall on se

A short list of top Linux distros, by category

A short list of top Linux distros, by category Ladislav Bodnar, SearchEnterpriseLinux.com distributions advisor & DistroWatch.com founder http://searchenterpriselinux.techtarget - 26,00.htmlI detest gentoo. I used it for a while, and I will admit tha

What defines a linux distro compared to a linux "spin off"?

It's a difficult thing to google - I end up with pages of "how to make your own custom linux" which are commonly just guides to remastering (i.e. adding a few packages and a wallpaper to $popular_linux_distro) Example It's been on my mind for a

Compaitble Linux distro for Tecra520 cdt

Hello all, need a bit of information on what Linux Distro would be suitable for my beast. I know that ubuntu tends to work on all newer tosh machine's my problems are trying to locate a older distro that works on the more antique models, any of the 5

Flex 10 - 32 bit Linux Distros

Hi guys,  I am considering getting rid of Windows 8 completely on my Flex 10 and installing a 32 bit Linux distro, probably Lubuntu. I was wondering if this is possible on the Flex 10?  I have been reading the forums here and see people have problems

Best 64bit Linux Distro

I know Arch64 is pretty good and well under development, but I just wanna play around (not spend much time with) a 64-bit linux.. and I was wondering what would be the best solution (I was thinking of Fedora Core 6 64 when it comes out), but I would

Oracle considering creating its own Linux Distro?

According to this article they are: http://news.com.com/Oracle+says+may+launch+own+Linux+version/2100-7344_3-6061696.html If they do decide to create an Oracle Linux, what Distro would you like to see them base it on? RH? [ a quick scan shows the iss

Oracle on Free Linux distro

Hello, I want to install oracle to study it. You can understand that I'm not really willing to pay money for Red Hat Enterprise version. Is there also a free distro of linux were oracle runs on? ThanxI'm currently running Oracle 9iR2 and Oracle 10g o

What Linux distro did ARCHlinux derive from?

... like is this from Debian? or is it from RedHat/fedora?  or Slackware?  or is it a unique, from-scratch collection? inquiring minds wanna knowArch Linux is an independently developed i686/x86-64 optimized community distribution, based on a rolling

K7D Master Freezing in several Linux Distros and Kernels

It seems that no matter what I do, I can not get linux to function correctly in SMP on my box. It works fine in single processor mode. The only non-user caused problem is that the box freezes in SMP mode somewhat intermittantly . It will freeze for q

Redistribution of Oracle Instant Client in a linux distro

Hello, Im one of the Archlinux TUs (Trusted Users, who are packagers for the community repository, i mean, a repository of users packages). I want to know if that is possible and legal to redistribute the oracle-instant-client in a binary form (in a

Help Configuring Grub for Windows 7 + Arch + Another Linux Distro

I have been running Arch on my computer for a few months now and love it and use it as my main OS. However, I do like to try other linux distributions from time to time, just to see what they're about. My PC has one hard drive and is partitioned like