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Mounting USB devices in arch guest

I'm new to virtualbox, but not to linux.  I have been using arch for at least 3 years, so I have some familiarity with it.  I have recently installed arch as a guest OS on virtualbox (on OSX host).  I am having some trouble accessing an attached USB


Hi, I just tried to mount USB Storage to my host with linux version. I detect it with fdisk -l and esxcli storage core device list | grep -i usb, after stopping usbarbitrator Result: /dev/disks #dmesg ScsiDevice: 3385: Successfully registered device

Pcmanfm is "Not Authorized" to mount usb drives

Hi, I recently installed arch linux it's a nice distro but I got a few problem with it. The biggest one is that I am actually not able to mount usb drives with pcmanfm this means that I am not able to use my old debian /home so far. I tired multiple

[SOLVED] Cannot mount usb (as normal user)

Hello I'm facing this problem for the first time, but can't tell if it came after an update or an unexpected reboot (light went out). I'm using latest kde (4.9.2?), and the latest kernel, Linux gantz 3.6.6-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Nov 5 11:57:22 CET

Problem mounting usb stick with ISO installed on it [SOLVED]

I'm experiencing a weird problem regarding mounting usb sticks. Archlinux stopped auto-mounting usb sticks on my machine, but only those that contains an operating system.  Empty or data usb sticks mount without problem. A few weeks or month ago, I d

Front-mounted USB problems on KM2M Combo

I'm using a KM2M Combo series motherboard with an Athalon XP 2000+ processor.  One of my front mounted USB ports either reports an "unknown device" error or completely ignores the device whenever I plug something in. Now here's the weird part: a

HAL mounts USB flash devices without support for non-latin characters

Hey folks! How can I make HAL mount USB flash devices with support for German characters such as ä, ö, ü, ß, etc? At the moment there's only a silly question mark instead: http://www12.file-upload.net/20.08.08/3cpcpx.png . Can anyone help me? Thanks.

[SOLVED] How to automatically mount USB drives with custom mount point

edit: Original title was : 'Unable to mount USB disk via /etc/rc.local', but got changed since the /etc/rc.local problem isn't relevant for me anymore. Hello, Since I am new to this forum, I'll start off with this : Thanks to archlinux, its founder a

Can't mount usb devices as a normal user

Hi. I woud like to ask for help. I've been struggling with some "bug" that i came with Arch and usb devices (disks, pendrives). I can't mount it as a normal user using KDE default mounting software (Dolphin, for an exmample). I can mount it only

Help me, why i canot auto mount Usb harddisk?

hi all, i have install a new archlinux, but i found i cant auto mount Usb harddisk Canot mount volume Canot get volume.fstype.alternative i have install hal,dbus , ntfs-3g, and add hal,dbus to rc.conf, why it still donnot work?yes, i add to storage g

KDE mount USB device fails

Hi, I am running KDE and having problems mounting USB devices via the KDE Device Notifier in the task bar. When I insert the USB stick there is the normal little popup giving me the option to open the flash drive in dolphin. When I click it, I get th

[SOLVED][XFCE] Cannot mount usb disks & manage network connections

Hi guys, I'm using XFCE with 3.3.1-1 kernel. Since yesterday I'm not able anymore to automatically mount usb disks,  manage my WiFi networks (networkmanage connects to the default access point but I can't select another AP nor editing my settings). I

Password required to mount usb drive in linux

Hi all. Hoping someone can help me with a problem I have trying to mount a drive connected to the USB port on my BT Homehub 4. I have a Toshiba USB drive connected to the USB port on the BT Homehub 4. I can access this drive from any windows device b

Mounting USB drives in general

Hello, I am having trouble trying to figure out how to mount a usb jumpdrive or similar product in Solaris 10. I have a good understanding of the mount command, it is just trying to figure out what I am supposed to mount. I can't seem to find what wa

How to mount USB Flash Drive

Hello again Arch-Linux users, I always search google very hard and for months (off and on) I search for how to mount a USB Flash Drive.  Nothing ever work so I give up than try again months latter.  I don't want to give up anymore and that is why I j

Mount in linux

created a directory /oracle/apps/vIs to mount this directory is this the correct command mount /oracle/apps/vis(unless i didnot understand you correctly) if you create the directoy and you can access it there is no need to mount it. mount is to mount

[SOLVED]Can't mount USB Flashdrive.

I cannot use my Flash Drive in Linux anymore. I've flashed Arch using Win32ImageWriter, installed it, but now, a few days after, I wanted to use it for something else, but it does not mount. I've opened KDE Partition Manager, my Flash Drive shows up,

Mount USB stick manually

Hi there! I'm new to Darwin and I'm wondering how to mount a USB flash drive manually. Actually I got the problem that my USB MP3 Player (Fat32 formatted) is being mounted read-only. So I'm looking for the device which has to be mounted. Something li

Mount USB, Shutdown,

Hello, I'm not very new to Linux and switched to arch after using Ubuntu and a little bit gentoo and Mandriva. So I know how to mount beeing root, howto modify confugration files (fstab), But here is some things that not works, probably a configurati

French locales on mounted usb

I use french locales (fr_CA-iso9985-15) and I have no problem, but when KDE automounts my USB keys. It seems then that it ignores my locales  and the display is awful (no accents at all, but %?%"[email protected] instaed!). Any idea please?Yeah. I've installed SP1,