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msconfig closes immediately windows 7


Error message RunDLL while booting up the Windows 7

Hello, when i start my laptop i get following error message: RunDLL Problem beim Starten von C:Users \ name of my laptop \ AppData \ Roaming \ shell32C.dll I am afraid maybe this is virus. My anti-virus programm found 2 virus and stored them. Thanks

After installing PSE 8 Windows 7 no longer generates mpg thumbnails

I recently noticed that Windows 7 was no longer producing thumbnails of .mpg files in Windows Explorer.  Much troubleshooting produced no solution.  Finally I un-installed PSE8, and immediately Windows was able to generate mpg thumbnails again. Has a

Windows 2008 Server boot loop and unable to log on in Safe mode

The Situation: I used msconfig to reboot Windows 2008 Server r2 into safe mode. On rebooting, boot progresses ok and the log in screen appears very quickly, then disappears and the machine reboots. I've tried typing the password very quickly and whet

Cant get itunes to open on windows

i downloaded itunes and when i tried to open i got an error message that says itunes is not a valid Win32 application. does this mean i should return my ipod? what can i do to make this work? any help is greatly appreciated!This is what I post when h

Z10 - MSCONFIG for BlackBerry - Auto Kill running apps

Hello, is there some way or Application which is capable to automatically Kill running tasks or which is blocking selected apps from self-turning-on? I have few Androind apps, like Google Maps, T-Mobile User App, Google Goggles, HERE maps and even no

Windows : Creative Cloud installation / vieux produits désinstallation

Salut à tous, J'avais des vieux produits Adobe installés sur la machine et j'ai tout désinstallé en mettant tout à la corbeille. Maintenant je ne peux ni désinstaller depuis le Panneau de Configuration, ni installer mon Creative Cloud.Je me réponds à


ok so i put this in another post, but it wasnt mine so i dont think all of you helpful people saw it. here's the deal: everytime i try to open itunes it doesnt open and this pops up : so i tried to maybe fix it but quicktime is completely gone and it

I downloaded an album from iTunes and some of the songs downloaded but others didn't there was an error message 8003 Unknown error occurred. While I downloaded the album to my phone, it wouldn't download to my mac, what am I doing wrong???

I purchased an album on ITunes store, while the items downloaded to my phone, it didn't download to my mac. Some of the songs downloaded but not the majority, when I try to download the songs, it gives me an error 8003 Unknown error occured. What am

Itunes wont open-reinstall doesnt solve

itunes wont open and when i try it says it cant open b/c some of its required files are missing and to reinstall itunes. so i went to this website and d/l it again and clicked repair. that didnt work. then i tried uninstalling/deleting everything and

HELP! ITunes wont open after Upgrade.

I upgraded the new version of ITunes our of stupidity and it ruined my life. Itunes now wont open. I have tried removing it and re-downloading. I have restarted it and tried everything possible that the support screens say. PLEASE HELP!Well I don't k

PLEASE HELP Itunes wont open after downloading v6

COMPAQ Presario R3000   Windows XP   Please help, i have just downloaded itunes (v6) and when i try to open it, nothing happens (no error) it is in processes in task manager (as itunes.exe) but it is not actually open. I have spent many hours trying

ITunes won't open, but there are no error messages

Hi, I just downloaded iTunes 6.04 and now it won't open when I click on the icon on the desktop or try to open it through programs. No error messages were given. It simply won't open. Thank you for your help. Martin Pittmantop fixes for a new iTunes

ITunes will not start...

I have installed and uninstalled iTunes numerous times and followed the troubleshooting guide on the support page. Every time iTunes is finished installing it says "iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to close" and then I have the option

Mt iTunes won't open at all! someone help me please?

Basically,I click on my iTunes icon on the computer,and it won't open. Why is that happening?This is what I post when hardly any info is given. top fixes for a new iTunes install/upgrade are - turning off security software such as Norton before the i

HT1414 i am getting a -5000 error while my phone is backing up in the process of updating to ios 5. what can i do to fix it?

I start the update process to get version 5.1.1 but the error -5000 pops up during the phone being backed up. It says if I hit continue all the contents of my phone will be erased. Some of my apps are not working because of needing the new update. Wh

I keep getting the follow error messages when I try to sign into iTunes store or redeem a song code: We could not complete your iTunes store request. The network connection could not be established. There was an error in the iTunes store, please try again

I keep getting the following error messages on my Mac when I try to redeem a song code: "We could not complete your iTunes store request. The network connection could not be established. There was an error in the iTunes store, please try again later.

Itunes 10.5.2 upgrade will not run

I just upgraded to Itunes 10.5.2 from 10.5.1 on Windows XP.  Install went as expected.  Click on Itunes icon or select from Programs and immediately window pops up with error message saying Itunes had to shut down... Sorry for the inconvenience.  Thi

Can you import a DVD of your own into iTunes?

I know you can choose from a very limited selection of films from the iTunes music store, but can you import one of your own films in the same way you import a CD and keep it on iTunes? And, of course, how would one go about doing this? When I insert

ITunes won't open on my computer...

Running Windows 7. Have been using iTunes without issue for quite some time but it has decided to cease functioning for the past few days. It will open on OCCASION after initial startup of my computer but typically locks up and I'm forced to end proc

Acrobat XI Pro not launching in win7x64

I've installed Acrobat XI Pro via the Creative Cloud App Installer, it has a green check and says Up to date. When i try to run the program, an error dialouge pops up immediately: [Window Title] E:\Program Files\adobe\Acrobat 11.0\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe