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Item Supply Demand and Purchase Orders

Hi All, I am facing strange issues - 1: Purchaser changes Need By and Promise Date in Purchase Order. But when we query item in Supply/Demand, it shows old dates. 2: There are few items where purchase orders are not shows. I verified that - 1: Planni

Item - Supply demand Concurrent program error

I wish to find out the supply and demand for the item, like how it is displayed in the VIEW SUPPLY/DEMAND form of the inventory module. I have read the below thread and modified the code that I got from it. item supply/demand - basics on calculation

Report for Supply/Demand informaion

Hello, we need to know all items which are listed in the supply/demand form. I already checked the tables mtl_supply and mtl_demand but without success. Does anyone has a sql query for this issue or does ther exist a standard report? Thanks in advanc

Regarding tbale so the report(supply demand fulfilment report

Dear Members Here i got 1 Requirement  to prepare report in that they mension that gett the matner value from Materil no :(J_3ADBBA-MATNR)       Requiremnt                              J_3ADBBA-BDART       Mrp Satus                              J_3AD

Projected on hand quantity calculation logic

Hi , I am trying to extract information for projected on hand quantities. Here were my findings 1. MTL_SUPPLY_DEMAND_TEMP this table has one column called ON_HAND_QUANTITY which stores Projected on hand quantity based on accumulating supply and Deman

Supply/Demand Form showing Closed Work Order

Hi, I closed work order.But it is still shows up in Oracle Inventory>on-Hand availability>item supply/demand I am looking for a data fix to clear the record. (table MTL_SUPPLY_DEMAND_TEMP) Please suggestClosed or Complete? I know that if there is re

Item supply/demand - basics on calculation

Hi, can anyone help me find out more documentations or understandings on Item Supply/Demand form in the Inventory, like how the calculations are done in that form, where it's pulling the data from, which tables,...things like that. Is it available in