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Pages for iOS: possible to have multi-level numbering?

Hi all, I'm a new user to Pages for iPad (my iPad 3rd gen arrived last week w00t) and just imported a word document with fairly complex formatting. First thing i note is thst all my multi-level numbering is gone. Does the app not support this feature

Multi level Group Above Report

I have a multi level Group Above report like this. School name : xxxx Course1 Student1 Student2 Course2 Student1 School name : yyyy etc... No students are enrolled in some of the courses. I used the Outer Query in SQL to include those courses. Everyt

At wit's end. How to map 'List1' to a Word multi-level list style?

My RoboHelp 7 project uses the style 'List1' for numbered lists. I want to map this to a multi-level list style in Word 2008. When I get to the Print Document Appearance dialog (generating Printed Documentation), the Word style does not appear. I ass

Can we use SNP PDS in Multi level ATP ?

Hi All, We do CTM planning with existing SNP PDS In APO and now we want to explore to use the Multi level ATP functionality for GATP.  I know, MATP can create the ATP trees if the stock is not available and these can be converted into PPDS order. My

How to create a multi-level configuration sales order?

Hi,     My client use configurable material to sell computers. And the production mode is MTO. One sales order item correspond with a production order     Now my client also sell array which consist of two computers, two storage, one UPS power etc. T

Multi Level Phantoms

Looking for guidance / lessons learned on phantoms. I have several assemblies that use multi level phantoms assemblies and the problem I am encountering is when the the BOMs all get pushed up to the top level, the shop order cannot be cut due to dupl

Multi level follow up material in BOM

Dear All, Our client have a requirement for multi lvel follow up material in BOM. for example BOM for Finish Good made of A. if material A is depleted then used material B if material B is depleted then used material C if A and B have stock used A(hi

Multi level attribute form LDAP

multi level attribute form LDAP I am trying to write an custom mapping to use to retrieve a value from a multialued field in LDAP (nsRole). Has anyone done this before? Rigth now all my mappings are 1:1. However the goal is to get a 1 : M and parse t

How to create multi level reports?

The report I have created contains 25 columns and is to wide. I would like to create a multi level report in the fashion of below: Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Row1 Row1 Row1 Row2 Row2 Row2 Col 5 Col 6 Col 7 Row1 Row1 Row1 Row2 Row2 Row2 I am assuming this need

How to create multi-level style pulling in a .jpg image as a bullet?

From within RoboHelp 8 HTML, when creating/editing a 3-tier multi-level style, I want to use a .jpg image for the bullet(s).  I can not find a way to point to the image while in Edit mode.  My only choices are predefined bullets for the List Style. W

"Multi-level error propagation carried out" in SCM 5.0

When I use the SNP PPM Generation With Lot Size Margin function in SCM 5.0, I got the following error: Multi-level error propagation carried out Message no. /SAPAPO/OM242 Could you please give me this help? Thanks, LianHi, Thank you for the informati

Multi-level error propagation carried out Error in APO

Dear Experts, We had developed a custom program that is same as /sapapo/rrp3 report, but the issue is when we use planning version other then 000 the custom program is giving the error ""Multi-level error propagation carried out"" but

Error "Multi-level error propagation carried out" when I run a report

Hi All, When I run the report /SAPAPO/CDPS_REPT - Order and Resource Reporting with the below criteria I getting error "Multi-level error propagation carried out" Planning Version - Simulation Version XXX Evaluation Start - 05/03/2011 Evaluation

CIF error-Multi-level error propagation carried out

Dear ALL,     When i am trying activate the integration model for Material transfer it generates queue with status SYSFAIL with message "Multi-level error propagation carried out". and the integration model is not activated.   please help regard

Multi-level error propagation during the execution of CFM2 transaction

Hi, We are implementing SAP SCM 5.0 integrated to SAP R/3 Mills IS. During the execution of CFM2  transaction, while  trying to activate the integration model for the object u201COrdersu201D for the very first time, the following error message appear

Multi level mapping in PI. eg:  A = B= C w/o BPM

Hi All, I want to do multi level mapping withou BPM i.e Structure A to structure B mapping and Structure B to Structure C i.e A=>B=> C. Let me know proc in PI 7.0/7.1 without BPM. Is this possible through Interface mapping or Interface determination

How to commit primary key in a multi level form

Hi , I am using Jdeveloper ADF - Struts jsp application. I have an application that has multiple levels before it finally commits, say: Level 1 - enter name , address, etc details -- Master Table Employee Level 2 - Add Education details --

Rules based on multi-level categorization

Hi all, I want to create a rule for service requests in the rule modeler based on multilevel-categorization. According to help.sap.com this should be possible. But in the context SERVICEREQUEST there is no attribute for multi-level categorization and

Interaction Record and Multi Level Categorization

Hello Forum, I would like to know if any one has implemented Multi level categorization for Interaction record in SAP CRM Web IC 7.0. If so how did you acheive this. I have done the following -     Create Catalogs, Codes and Code groups -     Create

Edit multi-level categorization

Hi All, working on the multi-level categorization for service tickets. There are currently 4 levels and i want to extend this to 6 levels. Want to know how can i edit the existing categorization schema to add 2 new additional levels. Is anything to b