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I got a new laptop and now all my music will not sync to my iPod touch. How do i fix this??

My old latop crashed and now i am using a laptop from work. i signed into my apple account. I downloaded 4 cds to my iTunes, and restored and updated my iPod touch 3rd generation. i tried syncing all the music on my account to my iPod, and it will on

On some of my files there is a ! in front of it, if I try to play the song, I get an error message; "The song "_____" could not be used, because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?" Then when I click "Locate", I get nothing.

I'm really dumbfounded on this one and it's driving me bonkers!!!! On some of my music files there is a ! in front of it, if I try to play the song, I get an error message; "The song "_____" could not be used, because the original file coul

Cannot delete songs from iPod Touch

Hi all, I manage my device content manually on iTunes, and I am trying to delete enough songs from my ipod touch to download the new iOS. I clicked "on this device" in iTunes and deleted the songs I didn't want, but they are still on my device.

I want to play a movie from my ipad on my tv, all hooked up and i get an error message that the tv isn't authorized to play it.

I Want to play a movie from my ipad, on a tv but get a tv not authorized message, how do you authorize a tv?I was not complete clear. Since you never changed the settings in the advanced section of iTunes preferecnes, you have to chech that your musi

All the CD's I have imported will not play. The only music that will play is cd's I have purchased from itunes. How can I get all my albums to play, please??

All the CD's I have imported will not play. The only music that will play is cd's I have purchased from itunes. How can I get all my albums to play, please??iTunes Store- Transferring purchases from iOS device or iPod to a computer Downloading past p

Ipod music missing after upgrading to 5.0 os

After upgrading to 5.0 os on my iphone 4 I have had several problems... 1. all my contacts disappeared and then started to reappear when I would open General > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then change the Sort Order and then change it back to what I

I can't sync my music to my iPhone 5 with iTunes on Windows 7

I'm trying to sync my music from my libary to my iPhone 5 on Windows 7. I have the latest iTunes But it only gets stuck with syncing, being frozen and nothing new appears in my library. I've also tried manage music manually and sync only ch

Cannot connect via cable on Windows XP home SP2

Good Afternoon, Maybe you can assist me here. I cannot connect via cable my N91 (4 gb hdd) to Windows XP Home SP2. I can however connect via cable to my work computer which has the OS Windows XP Pro sp2. In both cases both OS's are up to date, I have

How can I use the same apple id on 2 iphones yet have the owner contact different?

My husband and I both share apps, contacts, calendars, etc and use same apple id...We both own iPhone 5's. When we each set up our iphones, on setting in siri setting and mail, contacts, calendars setting we each put contact for our info... Well the

How can I copy albums from itunes to an SD card without splitting the tracks?

I've tried putting albums onto an SD card from itunes on my Macbook Pro by dragging & dropping, but all the tracks have been split up. When I access the SD card the tracks are mixed up and not grouped together in albums. I've also tried to find my it

HT4527 how to move my itunes library from my Ipod to a NEW PC

My Laptop had to be reformatted and as a result I lost access to Itunes.  I was not able to save any of my backups nor my iTunes library. I am trying to sync my iPod and iPhone to my NEWLY formatted hard drive and iTunes wants to WIPE my devices. Is

WMA formats, How do I import into iTunes?

Hi There, This is my first time here... I purchased a new CD and wanted to add it to my library, but I couldn't. So I asked their "tech support". I have cut and pasted their response. My questions: How do I copy the songs to iTunes? and in the l

Family with multiple iPods and multiple iTunes - can we share songs?

I am sure I am not the only one in this situation. There are 4 computers in our house, and 3 individuals with there own iPods. Can one iPod owner who has her own library on her PC go to my son's PC and connect to his iTunes Library to get just one so

HT204053 Hi, my husband has downloaded ios7 and now he is receiving my iMessages/facetime calls.  Obviously we both use the same apple Id.  How do i keep using the same apple id on both devices, but disable my iMessages etc from his phone??

My husband has upgraded ios7.  His iphone and mine have the same apple id.  he has activated "icloud" which i have never activated before.  He is receiving my imessages and facetime calls. How do i disable this yet still continue using our share

Updating my iPod touch 4th gen to iOS5 - I'm having trouble with syncing in general.

I first synced my iPod touch to my old computer on iTunes, and then I got my laptop and I downloaded iTunes, plugged in my iPod, and use it to download music. But the old computer broke, and we got a new one, with a different hardrive and everything.

How can I sync my iPod touch to my new mac, the majority of my music is not apple purchases?

I recently had my macbook stolen so I have purchased a new one. My entire music library is stored on my ipod touvh, I know I should of backed it up somewhere else, but it is too late for that. I am trying to move my music to my new laptop but the maj

HT4914 Can I use iTunes Match when I move to Japan?

I may be moving to Japan and traveleing abroad for 2-3 years. If I sign up for music match, can I still access it internationaly?iTunes Match is currently only for musicRead other 2 answers

How do I remove purchased albums from artist list ios7

In the music app on ios7 under the artist tab, I can now see any artist I've ever downloaded from the iTunes Store. This includes any of the free artists I downloaded such as the free iTunes Gifts during the holiday season. How do I hide artists from

How do I copy my files from an external drive to my new computer

I had all my music files on my old laptop whose motherboard burned out. I removed the hard drive, and would like to copy my old music files from my old hard drive to the internal hard drive in my new computer. I think I can do this one file at a time

How do I make Game Center go away on my ipod touch?

My games run dramatically slower when Game Center opens them. I disabled it, turned off notifications, signed out & it still pops up when i open games & slows them down to where i can't even play. Please advise! I feel like Apple hijacked my devic