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MySQL Add Unique Index


Access path difference between Primary Key and Unique Index

Hi All, Is there any specific way the oracle optimizer treats Primary key and Unique index differently? Oracle Version SQL> select * from v$version; BANNER Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production PL/SQL Release 11

Can we change the fields of database unique index in a customised table?

Hi all.. I want to know that can we create or change or delete the database unique index of a customized table? In my case, there is a customised table with 4 primary keys with all the records to be maintained thru transaction code SM30. There is dat

Error while creating the Unique Index of the Primary Key of an Item

Hi all, I have deployed a new item (CO_CONTRACTUNIT_PRODUCT) in my publication. The deploy appears to be successfull as the item can be seen in the repository through the Mobile Manager. The problem occurs when i sync my local DB to get the item offl


Hi Friends, I am confused about primary keys. What is the purpose of this key again? I know it is used for unique constraints. Supposing I have a table with two (2) columns which are each indexed as unique. Then they can me both candidate at primary

The record has duplicate key values - "Include in Unique Index" checkbox missing

I have a Silverlight client app that I'm developing in Lightswitch in VS2013 Ultimate Update 1, and have run into a problem when adding records. I am working against an external SQL Server 2008 database, and the table in question only has the primary

Auto increment the unique index node

Hello, I dont know if this has already been discussed before - searching the forums did not return anything interesting. Sometimes you need to have some relational-like functionalities that you would normally have in a hybrid relational/xml DB, where

Constantly inserting into large table with unique index... Guidance?

Hello all; So here is my world. We have central to our data monitoring system an oracle database running Oracle Standard One (please don't laugh... I understand it is comical) licensing. This DB is about 1.7 TB of small record data. One table in part

Primary Key supported by a non-unique index?

Encountered a weird situation today. A utility we setup which allows Analysts to restore data into their tables, started failing when it attempted to drop an index. The index was supporting a Primary Key. Makes sense. But our script was supposed to o

Create Unique Index On Flow does not work for table names 23 characters

I have a "create unique index on flow table" step that is dynamically generated by the IKM. The index name that is generated by the IKM is based on the table name except that the created index name is prefixed with "I$_" and ends with

Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.NavNodes' with unique index 'NavNodes_PK' when trying to update quick launch menu sharepoint 2013

When we try to deploy a wsp to sharepoint containing code to generate quick launch menu we get the following error messages when running the last enable-spfeature command in powershell. The same code is working in the development environment, but whe

Need help with select stmnt but not loosing unique index scan...

it's 10 g any way to get this faster using uniqe index? select * from my_test3 where c1 = :a_value and c3 = maximum value by c1.... Any work arround so that i do not loose my unique index scan.. i know I can use subquery or some..but that is not a go

Adding Constraint add extra Index....Why?

Hi, I am creating an index with a field that is function based: CREATE INDEX vicc_veh_info##code_year ON vicc_veh_info(UPPER(car_code), model_year DESC, PROGRESS_RECID); Now when I create the following constraint: ALTER TABLE BILLITEM ADD CONSTRAINT

Difference between Unique key and Unique index

Hi All, I've got confused in the difference between unique index & unique key in a table. While we create a unique index on a table, its created as a unique index. On the other hand, if we create a unique key/constraint on the table, Oracle also crea

Difference between unique constraint and unique index

1. What is the difference between unique constraint and unique index when unique constraint is always indexed ? Which one is better in this case for better performance ? 2. Is Composite index of 3 columns x,y,z better or having independent/ seperate

Difference Between Unique Index vs Unique Constraint

Can you tell me what is the Difference Between Unique Index vs Unique Constraint. and Difference Between Unique Index and bitmap index. Edited by: Nilesh Hole,Pune, India on Aug 22, 2009 10:33 AMNilesh Hole,Pune, India wrote: Can you tell me what is

Unique index vs non-unique index

Hi Gurus, I'm getting lots of "TABLE ACCESS FULL" for lots of columns which have non-unique indexes is some queries. So my question is does optimizer does not pick up non-unique index but only pickes up unique indexes for those columns. Thanks A

Unique Index vs. Unique Constraint

Hi All, I'm studying for the Oracle SQL Expert Certification. At one point in the book, while talking about indices, the author says that a unique index is not the same a unique constraint. However, he doesn't explain why they're two different things

How to add an index to a materialized view in Data Modeler 3.3

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a how-to to add an index to a materialized view in Data Modeler, as I coudn't find a way to do it so far. I looked here: Relational Model Physical Model Oracle 11g Materialized Views "my_mv_name" "I

Unique Index Error while running the ETL process

Hi, I have Installed Oracle BI Applications 7.9.4 and Informatica PowerCenter 7.1.4. I have done all the configuration steps as specified in the Oracle BI Applications Installation and Configuration Guide. While running the ETL process from DAC for E

Add unique title and description to other Blog pages

Hi, There's a few pages that I cannot work out how to add a unique title and description tag within the Blog. These are: The page numbers - in the footer of the Blog if you click page 2, 3, 4, etc eg: http://www.cardiotech.com.au/_blog/Latest_Fitness