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MySQL Check for null


Check for null and empty - Arraylist

Hello all, Can anyone tell me the best procedure to check for null and empty for an arraylist in a jsp using JSTL. I'm trying something like this; <c:if test="${!empty sampleList}"> </c:if> Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Greesh

Check for null or empty in the functoid

I want to check for null and empty values on input source node. If there exists a null or empty in the input source node, I should not pass that to output destination node. Does the following attachment work? I want to check for null or empty in the

Page Validation - Function Returning Boolean - Check for NULL

I have 3 Page Validations which all fire on "When Button Pressed" = "Submit". <br><br> Number 1 is of type "Item specified is NOT NULL" for "P199_BUSINESS_UNIT1". <br> Number 2 is of type "Ite

How do I check for null date entires using custom JScript on a SharePoint NewForm.aspx?

Hi, I have the below JScript: /*Function to convert the US Date format to UK date format */ function parseDate(input) { var parts = input.split('/'); // new Date(year, month [, date [, hours[, minutes[, seconds[, ms]]]]]) return new Date(parts[2], pa

ViewCriteriaRow attribute to check for null or not null

I Want to apply a view criteria to check for null or not null on a column , i see examples on how to set for value like vcRow.setAttribute("Sal", "> 2500")but i need to check for Sal is null or not null , tried vcRow.setAttribute(&q

How does APEX check for null values in Text Fields on the forms?

Hello all, How does APEX check for null values in Text Fields on the forms? This might sound trivial but I have a problem with a PL/SQL Validation that I have written. I have one select list (P108_CLUSTER_ID) and one Text field (P108_PRIVATE_IP). I m

How to check for null values in bpel?? Please Help! very urgent!!!

Hello Guys, I have a problem. I have an external webservice to which I have to post my request. My task is to create an Webservice and Service Assembly to which others would post request and get response. I have to create SA to deploy onto the bus. T

Checking for null value in arraylist

Hi i have an excel file which i i am reading into an arraylist row by row but not necesarrily that all columns in the row mite be filled. So how do i check for null values in the array list. try                     int cellCount = 0;                 

Check for null in IF statement

Hi, I have a variable of type char(8). I want to check if this field is empty. This is the logic I use right now: condense lv_date no-gaps. if lv_date eq ''. *then some default value endif. Is this the correct approach or there is a way to directly c

Can't check for nulls in a conditional?

Hey everyone. Trying my hand at a text based game but I'm encountering many problems: I have this method in one class that (as you can see) has a conditional that checks to see if 'check' is null, this throws a null pointer exception whenever it is c

Checking for nulls

I have a string variable and I need to check for null. What is the best way to do this? Thanks.You can also do it like this: } catch (NullPointerException e) {or like this: s==null ? <...> : <...>Read other 5 answers

MySQL using Is Null and Is Not Null

Hi I am using mySQL and PHP to design a web site. On one of the pages I want to able to display a list of records based on a date field either having a date inputted or not having a date inputted. I want the user to be able to select these options on

Need To Check For Nulls And Force A Date

I'm trying to check to see if a field is blank (null or blank), if so, force a date into it.  My formula is giving me zeros.  What is wrong with the below formula ? If {Sales_Primary.Type_Of_Sale} = 1  And    Isnull()  Then 1999-01-01My bad. I don't

Why must you check for null first?

Post Author: sliese CA Forum: Data Connectivity and SQL Hi All -I am a bit confused.  If I have a record selection formula like this:isnull({Product.Size}) or ({Product.Size} <> "xlrg")I realize that the null condition must come first in o

How do I check for null parameters in  Process Validations?

I am trying to create a Unit Test that validates that a record has been inserted into a table. However I am having problems when dealing with null parameters. I created a simple table and insert procedure: create table TEST_TAB ( A varchar2 (30) not

How to check for null int/null Date

Heres the situation, there is an interface accepting an int value and a time/date that are not required(and are not set to anything automatically, i have no control over that part unfortunately), but I need to set up some sort of null/has value type

How to check for null values in pl sql?

Hello, I have an sql statement where I read the db column into a number of variables, some of the columns contain NULL values or empty varchars. How can I check if my variable contains any data? Thanks, Jto check if your variable contain null or not

How to check for null value of output parameter?

Hi guys, I get a test procedure with 2 output parameters and do nothing: CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY p_parameters_test AS   PROCEDURE p_null_output_basetype(p1 OUT NUMBER,p2 OUT VARCHAR2)   AS   BEGIN     DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('DO NOTHING');   END

Using '=' to check for NULL column value

We are currently encountering an issue where is happily accepting a check on a column for a null value with what I have always known to be an invalid syntax. For instance: select col1 from my table where col1=null Although this is wrong and

Check for null field

I have a FormCalc script that checks to see if TextField1 == TextField 2 and if it does then set a value of 1, if they're not equal, then 0. However, the form is setting the value to 1 even though there is no entry in either field. I'm thinking I nee