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MySQL Error Message


[Help] Replace MySQL error message

In insert form, I want to post a especial error message, instead of mysql_error here an example: if ((isset($_POST["MM_insert"])) && ($_POST["MM_insert"] == "insert_form")) {   $insertSQL = sprintf("INSERT INTO s

PHP/MySql Error Message

I've posted this before and didn't get the answer that I need, probably because I didn't post all of my codes. I am using PHP/MySql.  I created a website that has several forms.  When I process three of the forms, I get the error messages below: You

MySQL Error Message

Just learned the basics of dynamic content within the last week through resources here at Adobe and really dont know where to start looking to fix this error so I came here. The error keeps coming up when I try to edit a table's query. SQL query: A M

Mysql error message on installation?

when i installed mysql i got this message: WARNING: The host 'ArchStigma' could not be looked up with resolveip. This probably means that your libc libraries are not 100 % compatible with this binary MySQL version. The MySQL daemon, mysqld, should wo

OT: MySQL Error #1064

I used phpMyAdmin to insert several new rows in a database table, then I suddenly hit a brick wall with this error message: MySQL said: #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for t

Error message when I run searches on my website (PHP/MySQL help)

Hey guys, can someone tell me why this is happening in my PHP? I run a search on my website and get this error message ye sI filled the hostname, username and password) Results for PHP Error Message Warning:  mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is no

Error message when trying to access mySQL DB

Dear forum, i am getting the error message below when I try to access the mySQL DB on localhost. I hat copied the jdbc driver mysql-connector-java-3.0.15-ga-bin.jar to the lib folder of the project. This is what my web.xml file looks like: <!DOCTYPE

How to get mysql error as a message on java

hi, can any one please tell me how we can get the error generated by Mysql database during runtime as a message on a java program form. thankstry   aSQLMethod();//this method is capable of throwing an SQLException   catch(SQLException exc)     String

Error Message in mysql

I tried to import my file into mysql I got the error message below.  I have no idea what this means or what to do.  Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you. There seems to be an error in your SQL query. The MySQL serve

Error Message in Terminal: unknown variable 'datadir=/usr/local/mysql/data'

Hello, I'm on a Mac Pro Quad Core Intel Xeon (64-bit) using OS 10.6.4. I have mysqlnd 5.0.5-dev - 081106 - $Revision: 289630 $ and PHP Version 5.3.1. I have also installed phpMyAdmin 3.3.1 and have set up the relations tables in a pmadb within mysql;

MySql connection error message "An unidentified error has occurred"

I am trying to connect the Mysql database with dreamweaver but I keep getting the following error message: "An unidentified error has occurred". any idea what is wrong? Any help will be appreciated. SC XiouSCXiou wrote: > I am trying to conne

Error message when populating drop-down list with mysql DB

Hi everyone, i'm having an error message which gives zero result on google... here's the context: i have a drop-down list called "Patient" in the template pages of a livecycle form. The binding is set to Global so that the value is the same on t

When connecting to a database, dreamweaver gives the error message [MySQL Error

When I try to connect my MySQL database into dreamweaver, I insert all of the information (name, server, username, password), and when i click on select database, it reads: MySQL Error#:1045 Access denied for user 'mresnik_mresnik'@'' (u

No error messages in php

Hi! I have an old computer witch I have installed apache, php and mysql. Every thing is working except from one thing (so far). I have tested that php works, but my problem is that I don't get any error messages back from the server if there is an er

Error Message in CF Admin CF 8 on Mac OS 10.5.7

For some reason my connections to my local database don't work anymore. I keep getting this error message in CF admin when I verify my connection, any help would be appreciated. Mac OS 10.5.7 2.4 Ghz 4 GB RAM CF 8 MySQL 4/5 Connection verification fa

Database link Oracle to MySql Error [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]

Dear all: I need your help, I want to access mysql database from oracle 11g r2. When I try to connect mysql database from oracle database I'm getting the error shown below, kindly help your help will be appreciated, thanks in advance When I excute: s

Dblink from Oracle to Mysql error PLZ HELP!!!

Hi All, I am getting the following error when i am creating a databaselink to connect from oracle 10g to mysql 5.1. SQL> select * from [email protected]; select * from [email protected] ERROR at line 1: ORA-28545: error diagnosed by Net8

JSP Error Message Problem

I keep getting the following error message when I click login on my sample login page: Error: 500 Location: /examples/jsp/gcdBB/Login.jsp Internal Servlet Error: javax.servlet.ServletException: Syntax error or access violation, message from server: "

MySQL Error# : 2002 in Dreamweaver CS3

I created a database in PHPMyAdmin for my site and when I try to connect to the DB from Dreamweaver I receive the error message # 2002 "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock'(s)" Does anyone have any idea

Problems with java and mysql error: 1064

Hello, I have been struggling with the following java code for a day. I ALWAYS get the following error code : 1064 and I just can't figure out why. I am trying to insert data into a mysql table. Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance, Julien. pack