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PHP MySQL Event Calendar that's DW friendly

I've tried ExtCal 2.0 and I'm not satisfied. It's loaded with features, but I want something that I can use my own page layout template and drop in the calendar page code. DW can't preview ExtCal pages properly in Design view to edit. I know PHP MySQ

Recording events in mySQL database?

I am new to Java and would like to know if the following can be done: We have a web page where the user chooses to watch different Windows Media Files using a Java menu system (not written by me). Is it possible to record what the user is doing (i.e.

Need to re-download PHP Event Calendar with MySQL Database

How do I re-download PHP Event Calendar with MySQL Database purchased earlier.  I need link without having to repurchase.This has nothing to do with Adobe or Dreamweaver.  Contact the company from whom you purchased your extension or widget. Nancy O.

How can I execute an external program from within a button's event handler?

I am using Tomcat ApacheTomcat 6.0.16 with Netbeans 6.1 (with the latest JDK/J2EE) I need to execute external programs from an event handler for a button on a JSF page (the program is compiled, and extremely fast compared both to plain java and espec

How can i access a mysql table without putting the data in a datagrid

I developed my air app with a datagrid which uses a php service to display all data from a table of strings in MySql. I now do not need the datagrid, how can i get the data from my database without putting it into a dataGrid? Do i need an array? how

Can not get data from mySql

I prepared a GUI user connection application in NebBeans 5.5 accessing mySql database in the company server. The application run very well in desktop. However, when I post it to the company server web, it gets nothing from the database. Can any one g

How to store an image into MySQL db using BlazeDS and Hibernate?

Hi! I am using Flash Builder 4.6, BlazeDS, and Hibernate. How to store a webcam snapshot into the MySql Database. I stored Form Items by using RemoteObject into the database. But I failed to store webcam snapshot. I captured that image on Panel compo

MySQL Database Connection (two databases at the same time)

I have never had to open more than one MySQL database from within the same website before, but I do now.  The website I have is designed where all the content comes from within the main database.  I am building an Inventory system that I want within

Weird problem with mysql query and data table buttons !!!!

Hi, I'm using jsc 2 update 1 on windows and mysql 4.1 . I have a page with a data table. One column of the data table contains "Details" buttons. Source query for the table is : SELECT tbl_tesserati.idtbl_tesserati idTesserato, tbl_tesserati.num

Business Event System in Workflow

Hi, I am having difficulties with the Business Event System (BES). Actually, I've read the Oracle documentation about BES. Still I don't understand much. There are little documentation about the BES, and I still get blank point. Here are my questions

How to use Add Query Criteria for the MySQL data Base in Netbeans ?

How to use Add Query Criteria for the MySQL data Base in Netbeans Visual web pack. When the Query Criteria is add like SELECT ALL counselors.counselors_id, counselors.first_name, counselors.telephone,counselors.email FROM counselors WHERE counselors.

Develop node.js on Lion, but not install mysql-libmysqlclient

I am developer, my apple is MacBook Pro MD313CH/A, system is Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3, Xcode 4.3.2, installed Command Line Tools, mysql is 5.5.21. I installed Node.js on MacPorts, node -v 0.6.17, npm -v 1.1.21, I want to install mysql-libmysqlclient(http

Voting poll using PHP & MySQL TypeError: Error #2007: Parameter text must be non-null.

I am getting this back: TypeError: Error #2007: Parameter text must be non-null. at flash.text::TextField/set text() at AS3_Flash_Poll_PHP_MySQL_fla::WholePoll_1/completeHandler() at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction() at flash.even

Error while importing the tables from MySQL using the data source connection

Hi, I am trying to import tables from MySQL into Powerpivot using the data source connection, if use the import using the Query option its working fine but not with the select list of table option. when i click on the select list of tables option, i

Storing Uploaded Image Path into Mysql

Hi I am developing a cms and am using the code David gives in his book PHP Solutions,  everything works fine but I can't work out how to extract the uploaded path so that it is stored in my table. Help would be really appreciated, I am making good pr

Servlet doesn't write to mySQL DB, why???

I made a servlet that should write a string to a MySQL DB but it doesn't. I have coded the entire DB writing process before the servlet and it worked OUTSIDE a servlet, I mean, it writed to the DB when it was ran in a JAVA API apart from servlet. Now

Why are all the events in the XML SAX parser not activated?

Hi everyone, I have written a mini server that parses XML files into SQL queries. Below is a segment of my code;           try          {                                                                       Class.forName( JDBC_DRIVER );             

Huge Problem: How to get Information out of the SAP System into MySQL?

Hi all Im totally despaired... So im comming here, hoping to find ANY solution. I wrote a Program, which creates a internal Table wich some information from many DDIC-Tables. The internal Table is about 7 Columns, with only char fields. Also I have a

Does Time Machine back up MySQL database?

My medical practice billing software runs on MySQL. I upgraded to Leopard specifically to enable Time Machine backups - more frequent than nightly backups, with recovery much faster in the event of problems in the middle of a busy day. The software v

How do i install mysql on my mac mini lion server?

How do i install mysql on my mac mini lion server?I have this error log May 27 07:06:35 server servermgrd[13454]: -[AccountsRequestHandler(AccountsSystemConfigurationObservation) registerForKeychainEventNotifications]: SecKeychainAddCallback() status