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OEM Events Not Running at Interval

I have about 1/2 dozen events setup to notify me of different things. All of the events run when first registered and I get the notifications. After they run once, they never run again despite the interval setting of, say 15 minutes. If I deregister

Trying to get Apache, PHP and MySQL up and running

I have just bought a new MacBook and I want to set up Apache, PHP and MySQL in order to create a local mirror of a website I have in my 'Sites' folder. I fall at the first fence!! To get Apache, I switch web sharing on in System Preferences' and I ge

[GeForceFX] Event: Silent running: Stress test transition: L2 - L1

    I'm using 71.25 nvidia drivers (from MSI), and I activated with the coolbit the hidden features. So, cheking the hidden features there is one called: Debbugin... and I've never seen any issue there. But this message apeared: Event ID: 106 Event:

Error "No extraction structure for event I3" running set up 2LIS_17_I3HDR

Hi, Experts: I am trying to activate and run set up datasource for PM 2LIS_17_I3HDR, so that data can be extracted from R/3 into BW 3.5 system. In R/3 environment, we have 2 clients. client 200 for configurations but has no data, and client 230 has d

How to trigger another events during one event is running?

dear all, i have two events. both of them are triggered by pussing two different buttuns. one has been triggered and at running status. right now i can't not trigger the other events. clicking the buttons doesn't give my any response. does any one ha

PHP MySQL Event Calendar that's DW friendly

I've tried ExtCal 2.0 and I'm not satisfied. It's loaded with features, but I want something that I can use my own page layout template and drop in the calendar page code. DW can't preview ExtCal pages properly in Design view to edit. I know PHP MySQ

Why does my event structure run a single click when I double-click?

I would like to treat single-clicks differently than double-clicks but it appears that when I double-click an item on a Front Panel control it runs the single-click event once before running the double-click event.  I would like the single-click even

User logout event bundle running shortly after login

I have created two bundles that run on User Login and User Logout events. The login one works fine, and so does the logout one but at the incorrect time. On average the logout event bundle is fired about 40-60 seconds after login, whilst still logged

Fire events with run-time menu

Hi, I developed an application based on an event structure. Almost all the events are fired when their corresponding controls are modified. I'd like now to alternatively fire an event by selecting an item in the run-time menu.  In the 'Menu Selection

Can't get mysql admin tool runs on its own schedule for backup

I'm trying to schedule a daily backup of all of my databases. It looks as if I have everything configured correctly within MySQL Admin tool, however the backup job never runs. The backup WILL execute if I click the "Execute Backup Now" button. I

Shutdown script in iCal event keeps running at boot

I'm using 10.7 I created an Applescript to force shutdown at a given time. It goes like this: do shell script "shutdown -h now" password "adminpassword" with administrator privileges When I boot the computer again, the script runs agai

Why event handler runs after reconcilliation

Hello, I had done flat-file full reconcilliation where users mentioned in file are inserted in OIM but before starting my reconcilliaiton task i had created an event handler as seperate task whose purpose was to write group name,userid,first name & l

JVMPI enable event during run failed

Does JVMPI supports calls to JVMPI_Interface::EnableEvent() in the middle of program execution? I tries to avoid JVM from running slowly before it executes the code of interest. I use an external file to control when method trace should be enabled. I

JTabbedPane Problem - Hidden JButton event is run.

When we switch tabs, if the mouse doesn't move and the mouse is clicked it will run the action performed for the non-visible button if it happened to have been over a button (or any other object). If the mouse is moved a pixel then the correct button

Connect an iPad to MySQL running on a NON SERVER Mac

For 3 days I have been trying to connect my nice new ipad to a MySQL database I'm running on my iMac. I have done 4 TOTAL wipes of MySQL from my iMac using: First you need to edit the file in: /etc/hostconfig and remove the line Since this is a syste

Event case: number of runs of a single event ?

Hi everybody, I'm working on a CCD acquire system, and I developed the control software using an event structure. Every event controls a setting function for my system, and placed in timeout event fucnctions to get the status of my detector. Data acq

Getting MYSQL running properly in OS X Mavericks

I have mysql isntalled for the purpose of running "MailSteward Pro". The preference pane that turns the mysql server on/off isn't turning the server on anymore after moving up from Mountain Lion. I removed mysql using these instructions: Use mys

Successive run - Event Structure

Hello... I have a simple question. Sometimes we want to use Event Structure and put only a piece of the code in each case. The problem is that a case might have only math code, without any control, indicator or array. Because of this, this case will

Run-Time Menu and Event Structure~~HELP~~

Hi, brothers, I'm new user for LabVIEW. Use the version of LabVIEW is 8.6 One problem describe as below: Can Run-Time Menu and Event Structure exist simultaneously? Without Event Structure, Run-Time Menu works well, but Run-Time Menu works abnormally

Are there potential security issues if I run MySql Server?

I am learning MySQL and PHP, and have followed the instructions to download and install MySQL server on OS X Lion. As I am beginner I am not sure if by enabling this I am leaving my system somehow more exposed to potential attack (I have selected the