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mysql event scheduler examples


How do I have a calendar event schedule to the day rather than date - like the third Tuesday instead of the 17th?

I'm trying to schedule a regular event on the third Tuesday of every month, and can't seem to find a way to do that.Unfortuneately, there's no way to do that directly on iOS Calendar, which has fairly limited functionality.  It can be done on compute

How to create an Event & schedule a rpt based on results of that Event..

Help, I need to schedule a report, that will run after an event is done. I only want the rpt to run if the event produces more than 1 record. I dont know how to create an event? I am assuming I can use a SQL qry as an event. I would like to use: sele

How to schedule a background Job based on events

Hi, We are on 4.6 C. We have a background job that has two ABAP programs. We need to start the 2nd ABAP program only after the first one has run successfully. If the second ABAP program does not run, the the job should have a status "FINISHED".