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PHP/MySQL field recognize carriage returns?

I'm a novice PHP/MySQL database driven site builder. I need to have users enter text into a field with carriage returns and have the database recognize and store those carriage returns so it displays when the data is displayed on a PHP page. How do I

Need Advice! MySQL Field Type and data display

DW8/PHP/MySQL This is a two part question. First off I am builing a database (mySQL) driven review site with PHP. I am working on creating my database, however I would like some input/advice from others. Below are some example fields that will be in

Insert multiple choices into mysql field

I have a form that inserts a record into mysql. it's working fine except when i changed the pull-down menu to a list allowing multiple selections, it only inserts the last item selected. I know it should insert the valuse as comma separated. Here's t

Procedure and syntax for placing image paths in mysql fields please

I set up a directory type data base with 10 varchar fields. This directory presents info on the people at the company in both a master and detail display. Works fine. Now I want to add a thumbnail photo to display on the master page and a larger phot

CURDATE() as default for a MySQL field?

I can do this, right? ALTER TABLE `tblClassDetails` ADD `detailsStart` DATE NOT NULL DEFAULT 'CURDATE()' AFTER `detailsDate` ; Murray --- ICQ 71997575 Adobe Community Expert (If you *MUST* email me, don't LAUGH when you do so!) ================== htt

Exporting a MySQL table to Excel

My users have asked for the ability to download a MySQL table to an Excel spreadsheet. Being an amateur at all this PHP stuff I googled around and found a script that is supposed to do this. It's failing with "Couldn't select database: Access denied

Inserting multiple records into a single mysql entry

I am creating a glossary for a website. The main database table for this glossary includes fields such as the term, alternative names (for the term- synonyms), and the definition. Some terms have multiple alternative terms. For example, term=x altern

Storing Uploaded Image Path into Mysql

Hi I am developing a cms and am using the code David gives in his book PHP Solutions,  everything works fine but I can't work out how to extract the uploaded path so that it is stored in my table. Help would be really appreciated, I am making good pr

MySQL Varchar not matching Java String

I am using MySQL 4.0.16 with jdk1.3.1_01 and I have a strange occurance going on with comparing Strings from the mysql database with Strings entered from java, coming from a JTextField. The mysql field in question was created like this:- CREATE TABLE

Add to mySQL data item

How do I add data to existing data in a mySQL field? For example, user is entering a number in a form on website, let's say '25'. Now I want to add this to an existing mysql field value of '30' and then update the table with '55'. What is the best wa

Hide bank number field from all transaction code

Hi ABAP Gurus, we have requirement to hide bank number from all sap transaction codes in display mode only. Is there any way we can do it through configuration . Thanks, Troy,On 13 Dec 2006 in macromedia.dreamweaver.appdev, AdonaiEchad wrote: > How d

Displaying rendered HTML text in spry detail region

Hi, I have just started to play around with DW CS3 & spry and love them! I have a Master/Detail spry going from my database, but am having a problem displaying the detail the way I need it. The mySQL field is a BLOB for some HTML formatted text (I ge

Date insert problem m/d/yy not working

I am trying to set up the 'birthday' date like in the 'contact management' tutorial in my user account section... For some reason, although my birthday set-up is just like the tutorial (MySQL field 'date' set as DATE, ADDT date setting is m/d/yy) and

Using variables in a url

Hi I have the following code <tr>   <?php $lat=$row_DetailsRS1['Latitude']; $long=$row_DetailsRS1['Longitude']; ?>     <td>Local Accomodation</td>     <td> <?php     <a href="http://www.booking.com/searchresults.ht

Dynamic ORDER BY clause

Hi all, I'm creating a webpage using jsp thats accessing a mysql database. When I get a ResultSet from a query, I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on how I could sort the results based on a field name that someone clicks on. For ex

Input stream with control characters

I am using the HTTPRequest to get data from a MySQL varchar(3000) field. when I read the data I get the following error message. Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" (1,670) com.sun.javafx.data.pull.impl.StreamException: Control character is n

Drop Down in PHP

I know in Coldfusion you can place a list in your form that shows a drop down of all your uploaded audios in a folder. <cfdirectory action="list" directory="/audios/productAudios/" name="rsAudios" sort="name"/>

James Mail Server Password Encoding From PHP

Hi, I am writing a PHP website server administration component for the MYSQL database used by James Mail server. When I encode the password in PHP using MD5, Crypt, SHA, SHA1 or use MSQL encoding functions (MD5 or SHA) when I try to send mail to the

Casting issue

Hello Forum, I am retrieving records from myslq database to oracle database, in mysql, i have a date field and a time field for each record, in oracle i have a timestamp field, what i am doing is extracting the two mysql fields, then parsing to a jav

Php & query string variables in a url

I've been scratching my head for a couple days now. What I'm trying to do seems soooooo easy but it doesn't work. Maybe someone can spot my problem in the code. What I'm doing is breaking a single blob mysql field into multiple "pages" by insert